Nourishing Foundations


I am currently in a series explaining the foundations of nourishing cooking, so watch my home page for new articles on this topic, and feel free to browse the following.

Why Traditional Food?

This post gives the basic premise for the reason I eat why I do. This is a good starting point for someone new to traditional food.

Soaking Grains (Part One and Part Two)

Learn why you should soak your grains for better nutrition! This traditional practice is found worldwide, and has only recently been lost.  To find easy to follow recipes using this method, feel free to browse through the recipe index.

Sourdough Benefits

Sourdough is a very American form of soaking grains that has so many benefits. Check out a few of them at the link above.

Why Sprout?

This post explains why sprouting is beneficial. It has the benefits of soaking, with some added benefits as well. And it’s easy to do, I promise! I am currently adding to this series, but to get you started check out my post about Sprouting Grains and Sprouting Brown Lentils.

Raw Milk: Discussing it’s Merits and Safety

Learn why this dairy free girl supports raw milk and the farmers who produce it. Let’s keep our right to raw milk in the US alive!

Soaking Nuts and Seeds

Ever had a stomach ache after consuming too many raw nuts or seeds? Another traditional practice is soaking nuts or seeds in a brine before drying them. Find out why renewing this traditional practice not only tastes better, but is better for your health as well (not to mention, better for your stomach)!

A Guide to Natural Sweeteners

Refined sugar is a bane to our health. Eliminate refined sugar by replacing it with much more nutritious choices. In my guide I share some of my favorite wholesome sweeteners.

Free Range Eggs

Eggs are a wonderful source of nutrition. However, chickens weren’t made to be cooped up and fed grains and soy. Read about the benefits of pastured (or free range) eggs here.

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