This dairy-free salad dressing will help you enjoy dark greens all year long! The secret to it's wonderful taste? Two special ingredients.

Creamy Winter House Salad Dressing

Thanks for stopping by! If you’re interested in healthy eating check out my free gifts! and subscribe to get regular email updates. *Some links may be affiliate.* This creamy dairy-free dressing has rich undertones from surprising ingredients that make it perfect for dressing salads during the cold winter months. Lately I’ve been craving big green… 

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Instant Raspberry Hot Cocoa Mix-

Instant Raspberry Hot Cocoa Mix (Dairy-free)

By Katie Mae Stanley of Nourishing Simplicity Rich cocoa mingling with creamy coconut and tangy raspberries. Cold winter days were made for hot cocoa. It’s the time of year that is perfect for warming yourself by the fire and wrapping your hands around a steaming mug of cocoa. You love hot cocoa, you savor the simple… 

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This super easy and frugal gluten free cake got rave reviews! -- The Nourishing Gourmet

Easiest Gluten Free Cake from a Muffin Mix

One of the things that made me first love being in the kitchen was baking. I love baking! Warm bread from the oven, juicy pies, sweet cakes, healthy muffins, pizza, bagels ¬– I love it all. I especially loved making baked good for my family and friends. I still have my love of baking, but… 

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This easy dish makes a wonderful and flavorful frugal main dish that is paleo and AIP friendly too! Serve it over desired carbohydrate (AIP - think cauli-rice or sweet potato). -- The Nourishing Gourmet

How to Enjoy Vegetables (Methods and Recipes)

“You gotta eat your spinach, baaaaby.” I grew up watching a young Shirley Temple singing about not wanting to eat spinach in the movie Poor Little Rich Girl. Her sentiment that spinach was that “awful greenery” represents an attitude towards vegetables that many take into adulthood. That’s too bad because not only are vegetables good… 

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Serve over rice, baked sweet or white potatoes, or use as a burrito filling. Yum! -- The Nourishing Gourmet

Vegetable Pork Skillet Dinner

Why cook up plain pork when you can add so much rich flavor with onions, garlic, mushrooms, and dried herbs? If desired, you can serve this over rice, quinoa, or sweet or white potatoes. I also think this would make a delicious burrito stuffing – just add salsa, avocado, or whatever you desire for toppings!… 

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We all know we should eat more vegetables. Join this email challenge to get started! -- The Nourishing Gourmet

Why Everyone Should Eat More Vegetables (And Read This Book)

Dr. Terry Wahls has one of the most inspiring stories I know about the power of food to heal the body. I decided to read her book as a way of encouraging myself as I work towards healing from mold exposure and other longer term health issues. Her book gave me renewed confidence in the… 

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Flourless Plantain Cake - It only takes a couple of ingredients! Nut-free, paleo friendly . Think Banana Bread! -- The Nourishing Gourmet

Flourless Plantain Cake (Nut-free and Paleo)

This delicious recipe only takes a couple of ingredients, and it whirls up in your blender for a fast clean up. The end result tastes like a sweet egg-y banana bread, or perhaps banana bread pudding. It makes a lovely simple dessert or a sweet breakfast treat. The plantains provide the starch instead of flour… 

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