18 Unique Christmas Gifts for the Real Food Foodie

Gifts for the real food foodie
In our continuing 12 days of Christmas sweets and giveaways series I thought I’d share some very gift-able sweet recipes (plus some kitchen items) in a new form for me – a collage. It was fun making! The vast majority of these are very inexpensive – especially the food ones – but any real food foodie will appreciate and enjoy them. Christmas is a delicious time of the year! And the gift idea recipes listed above are all made with real food ingredients. What’s not to love? The kitchen items are fun and useful things to have, no matter what your cooking style. Enjoy! 

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Here is a list of the items above: 


1. This unique and beautiful six bowl set (affiliate link)  is made with olive wood, and each piece is unique. I love it!

For Jar Gifts: 

2.Homemade Mango Chutney
3. Meyer Lemon Curd is AMAZING.
4. Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce is wonderful for hot chocolate, chocolate milk, to serve with ice cream or homemade mochas.
5. Caramel Corn: An old fashioned treat made with unrefined sweeteners.

6. Caramel Sauce: So delicious, but so easy to make. Would make a smashing gift when coupled with the bittersweet chocolate sauce!
7. Homemade candied citrus peels are incredibly delicious! They make wonderful and appreciated gifts.

Kitchen Item Gifts:

8. Olive Wood Ladle: This is the beautiful ladle on the cover of my cookbook, Ladled: Nourishing Soups for All Seasons– which also makes a great gift. Or gift them together!
9. I love, love, love my Danica mugs! So whimsical! These owl ones, or these town ones are so fun.
10. I adore my Kitchenaid hand blender. It’s great for making homemade mayo, blending soups, and has many other uses.

Homemade Candy Gifts: 

11. Chile Spike Dark Chocolate Bark Mango with Pepitas – Need I say more?
12. Super easy chocolate truffles – a simple way to make them.
13. Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Lollipops- So fun! A great gift for kids.
14. Silky Maple Fudge (no cook!) – a favorite recipe.
15. Chocolate Covered Snowballs – a coconut candy.

More Kitchen Item Gifts:

16. I love my Vitaclay rice and slow cooker. It would make an amazing gift.
17. Many of you voted on Facebook for this Stainless Steel Coffee Press. Looks pretty but is very functional as well. On my personal wish list.
18. Fuzi Ice Mold: This makes a large ice ball that is perfect for the whiskey drinker (though I have been using them for my kombucha! I feel so fancy.) Thanks to the Fuzi company for sending me one to try out.

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