Pennywise Platter Thursday 9/6

It’s time to share your frugal and nourishing tips and recipes! Where do you shop for quality food at a lower price? What recipe saves a penny? How do you balance a budget with nourishing food? Share here.

Please read through the three simple rules for those participating. This helps keep the quality of our carnival. Please read them through before linking and thanks again for your continued participation.

1) No linking to giveaways or promotions for affiliates or sponsors. One thing that I’ve noticed increasingly on Pennywise Platter is that I am getting more and more promotional pieces for affiliates or sponsors and a lot of giveaways. I’ve decided to keep Pennywise less “commercial” and more in tune with the spirit of the carnival by not allowing these links anymore. There was nothing wrong with those of you who linked to them, I just think that it will protect the integrity of our carnival better without them. Plus, it makes our links valuable in the future as well. A link to a giveaway three months old isn’t going to be worth browsing in three months time, but a link to a recipe for a frugal soup would be. I will be deleting any giveaway links or promotional links.

2) Keep the ingredients “nourishing”, such as whole grains, meats, vegetables, legumes, unrefined salt and sugars, chicken, etc. I am not going to be an ingredient police every week, but if there is a link to a post that is obviously not filling any of the criteria for healthy (for example, a white flour, white sugar birthday cake), I will delete that link. However, feel free to post vegetarian, vegan, raw, low-carb, etc.

3) Link back to the carnival This is common carnival courtesy. And more then that, it helps build the community of the carnival as you are sending your readers to others participating. And please, as a blogger, check out other’s posts and leave a comment! I know that we would all love to hear from each other.

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I love beautiful and simple food that is nourishing to the body and the soul. I wrote Fresh: Nourishing Salads for All Seasons and Ladled: Nourishing Soups for All Seasons as another outlet of sharing this love of mine. I also love sharing practical tips on how to make a real food diet work on a real life budget. Find me online elsewhere by clicking on the icons below!


  1. says

    Thanks for hosting again, Kimi! Today I shared Lemon Honey Mustard Chicken, Rice with Yogurt and Grilled Squash. All three recipes are so easy and my family loves them! As an added bonus, the chicken and squash are both grilled which keeps the kitchen cool!
    Have a great week!

  2. says

    Thanks for hosting! This is my first time to link up. 🙂 I’m sharing my super-picky 5-year-old’s favorite gluten-free, grain-free bread, made with peanuts and golden flaxseed meal.

  3. Gretchen Kingsley says

    I’m reposting the Cilantro Hummus recipe as it didn’t seem to appear the first time. I apologize if it is listed twice.

  4. Renee says

    Thank you for hosting 🙂 I’m sharing how I batch freeze avocados when they go on sale here and my recipe for homemade guac 😉

  5. says

    Thanks for hosting. I left a little collection of some of the funny things my kids have said now that we have changed our eating from the SAD.

  6. says

    Thanks for the link up. Loots of great suggestions. I posted an easy flatbread with peppers and of course I added summer squash since we have so many from our garden.

  7. says

    Sharing our latest muffin — chocolate zucchini. 🙂 The perfect snack for satisfying a chocolate craving; your kids won’t know that they’re low sugar (especially if you leave out the chocolate chips). Thanks for hosting! ~Lisa

  8. says

    Today I am sharing my quick and easy Roasted Tomato-Basil Soup w/ Dill and my Chicken Cacciatore. Both recipes have modifications noted to convert to Gluten Free, Vegan, and Dairy Free.

    As always, thanks for hosting!

  9. Pamela Awad says

    I love this place! I especially enjoy the recipes and exposure to different nutrition tactics to overcome sensitivities, but do not appreciate reading an article to find out someone wants to enroll me in their current offering. I thought we were not going for the commercial angle? (#28)

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