A Fix for Seized Chocolate: Fudge Sauce

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The other day I wasn’t careful. I was melting chocolate (5 ounces in fact) for a project and it seized. Chocolate will seize if it’s exposed to water or any type of liquid while it is melting. I was left with grainy, unattractive and unusable chocolate…..or was I? I did a quick google search and found that you can make your grainy seized chocolate into a smooth chocolate sauce. I thought it was worth a try. It worked! This chocolate fudge sauce is seriously delicious, it really is. Probably one of the best chocolate sauces I’ve ever made. And there wasn’t a trace of graininess to the sauce, it was lusciously smooth.

If you ever have chocolate seize, may I suggest a better solution than throwing it away? Make it into fudge sauce! You can use it with many types of desserts. I hate to waste food (it’s just not frugal), so this was the perfect solution. Since I had my vanilla coconut milk ice cream on hand, I served it generously poured over it. Absolutely, most definitely, delicious. I don’t have a recipe for you since I was eye balling it the entire time. But I will give you the process so that you to can make your own fudge sauce out of seized chocolate.

The Process

Remove the seized chocolate from the stove and add a liquid (water, coconut milk, milk etc) slowly, mixing well. I used water. The chocolate will absorb a surprising amount of liquid so just keep adding and mixing until you come to the consistency you like. Add vanilla and more sweetener to taste (I used maple syrup). You should have a thick, delicious, rich chocolate sauce to use as you like! You can store it in the refrigerator and reheat, just make sure you stir in constantly as it will burn easily. If I had known how delicious this was going to turn out out, I would have taken a few photos of the process. But you can take my word for it, it’s really simple and easy to do.

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  1. says

    Hello Kimi! That looks like an absolutely delicious accident! It’s so good to know what to do with seized chocolate, as I’ve definitely thrown it out in frustration in the past after it gets all grainy. Doesn’t have to be a waste thanks to your sweet idea. 🙂 I bet it’s great with coconut milk, mm!

  2. says

    sounds great! I’ve been wondering how to make yummy fudge sauce but have been to busy to remember to search on line. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Jes says

    This sounds great! Would it still work with chocolate that hasn’t seized? I don’t think I could let melted chocolate seize on purpose just to make this….

  4. says

    So for a good two seconds I thought you were doing a play on words with “See’s Chocolate”…

    But this sounds good, too! 😉

  5. says

    Very useful tip – I hate waste, especially chocolate!!
    I’ve made a note of this site now, so I can visit if I need inspiration……

  6. jenny says

    your vanilla ice cream recipe sounded so yummy and easy i just had to try it. i added fresh blackberries to it…. so yummy!!! thanks for posting it!

  7. Rachel says

    Oh, thanks so much for the “out” to my mess…..I added orange juice and zest!!
    Perfect for the chocolate brownies & ice cream!!

  8. says

    Thank you! I was trying to make chocolate fudge earlier and when I added the chocolate (175g of good chocolate) it seized, and even though I managed to reheat it and make it smooth, the fudge became very grainy/crunchy – not nice at all. When I read this, I put it all back in the pan with some milk and it has indeed made THE most delicious, smooth, chocolate fudge sauce. I’m so pleased I haven’t wasted the ingredients!

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