Spring Cleaning Kitchen Challenge: Pots & Pans and One Cupboard

cookingpotAfter a busy weekend, it’s time for me to delve back into my daily routine. And what better way to start than with our Spring Cleaning Challenge? This week it’s time for us to clean out our pots and pans and one cupboard. Once you have completed the assignment, please leave a comment on this post to let me know and you will be entered another time into the wonderful giveaways.

I am going to just share one organizing thought with you today: Pot Rack.

All of my pots and pans fit under my oven in that handy, but somewhat tiresome drawer that most ovens have situated underneath them. The best I can do this week, is take out all of the pots and wash the drawer out (I noticed that some crumbs have fallen into it) and neatly stack my pots back up.

But in my dream kitchen, I would have more options.

A lot of professional kitchens will have utensils and pots and knifes all in easy to access spots. This would not include bending over a drawer by the floor and having to take out three other pots to get to your large saucepan. It’s annoying and takes time. Instead the pots are generally hung on a pot rack. This makes is very accessible all of the time.

The only times I’ve seen them in houses is to display copper pots. But it makes so much sense. The easier it is for you to access the tools of the trade, the easier it is to get dinner cooked and done. And it’s also easier to put the pots away. There are inexpensive home pot racks you can buy (such as this one) and if I ever have room for one, I am definitely getting one!

So there are my thoughts on a pot rack. What are your tips and what did you find helpful as you cleaned out your pots and pans and your one cupboard?

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  1. Sile says

    I have a baker’s rack in my kitchen where I am keeping (most of) my baking supplies (the wheat flours live in the fridge) and some of my small appliances that are seasonal, like the ice cream machine. I recently bought a mess of extra hooks off amazon and have been hanging my pots and pans off of it. So convenient! And since a lot of my pots and pans came in a set, I found that I can hang 3 on the same hook and they will nest together.

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