Creamy Iced Coffee (dairy, sugar and caffeine free)

Icy cold, creamy, sweet, with a hint of bitterness from the “coffee”. It’s so perfect for a hot day! And I love that it’s made out of great ingredients, so that even my two year can have it (and she loves it!). Summer is a little better with an iced coffee in your hands. And it’s so easy to make too.

I’ve made this several times this summer with great results each time. My adventure in iced coffees started when Elizabeth from Teeccino asked me if I would like some samples of their coffee substitute “herbal coffee”. I said sure! It’s even supposed to have health benefits and give a energy boost from the nutrients in the drink.

I’ve been meaning to get more creative in coming up with ways to use it, but all of us like this recipe so much that we can’t seem to get beyond it. What I really love is how many flavors they have. We’ve tried many of them in this recipe and they have all worked super well. The next flavor I want to try is their chocolate mint flavor. Doesn’t that sound like it would be great iced?

I’ve never tried a product like this, partly because I’ve never really been a coffee drinker (though I used to love making my own mochas). I think when the weather turns cooler, I will have to create a dairy free mocha recipe too, using Teeccino. Those mochas in high school were sure good…….

How about you? Are you a coffee drinker? Do you use coffee substitutes? What do you like to use?

Creamy Iced Coffee
Serves 2
I am sure that you can use regular coffee and cream or whole milk in this recipe too.

1 cup of strong brewed teeccino (1 tablespoon to one cup of water) brewed according to directions.
2 cups of ice
1 cup of coconut milk, or coconut milk tonic (I use coconut milk tonic, which is creamy enough, but for an even creamier version, use it straight).
2 tablespoons honey, or to taste.

1-Brew teeccino

2-Combine all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until the ice is very thoroughly blended up.

3-Sip, and enjoy.

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  1. says

    I love coconut milk in coffee too. I use it with regular coffee and find that it stabilizes my blood sugar more (keeping it from going down). That tea coffee sounds neat!

  2. Brittany says

    Now here’s my question…is the Teeccino good to drink plain? It seems like everywhere I see it mentioned, it’s in a recipe with milk, sweetener, etc.

    A dark, rich cup of coffee is my weakness, although I limit it to 2 cups or less per day because of the caffeine. I’d love it if there was a good caffeine-free alternative that tasted just as good as the real stuff! Unfortunately I’m pretty picky when it comes to coffee…no Folgers around here! 🙂

  3. Jen says

    Yes, coffee is my friend…….. 🙂
    We pretty much do only Starbucks beans at my husband’s request……..
    looking for alternatives to sugar – I like a tiny bit of sugar and half ‘n half in mine.
    I usually use the natural sugar….. would like to try coconut sugar, but cannot find any cheap enough 🙂 It’s like $17 a pound or something ridiculous here.
    Might have to try the coconut milk in place of half ‘n half though 🙂

    • Kara says

      Have you looked into Stevia based sweeteners? It’s a bit pricey for the size but is three times more sweet than sugar! They make powdered concentrate, tablets to drop in your drinks, and also flavored syrups with droppers included. They can be found in your organic grocery section.


  4. KimiHarris says


    I couldn’t really say for sure, because I am not really a coffee drinker myself. I have a hard time imaging my mom (a coffee lover) drinking anything other than coffee, but I thought it was pretty good myself, even plain.


    Thanks so letting us know! It’s good to know that a coffee drinker likes it too. 🙂

  5. says

    YUM! This recipe looks amazing.

    I love coffee, and I love Teeccino too. I have to limit my coffee because I’m trying to recover from adrenal exhaustion. I love that I can brew a pot of Teeccino and keep drinking coffee all day if I want to!

    • Natalie says


      Teeccino is gluten-free. They’ve tested it and have info on their site. The best way, however, to make sure it is gluten free is to brew it with a coffee filter. I only like mine brewed in a French Press, however. The filter gives is a really weak flavor, IMO.

  6. mel says

    I have used the Teeccino. But I LOVE the Ganocafe coffee! It’s by far my favorite. But since I’m pregnant, I may switch back to Teeccino. Right now, I use Dandy Blend which is pretty good. The Dandy Blend and Ganocafe are both instant. So Teeccino sounds good to me right now. I like the idea of that coffee pot full and drinking coffee all day- just like Cheeseslave!

  7. Christina says

    Hi Kimi,
    I am Certified Nutritionist and have been reading your blog for sometime now. I really enjoy it and often suggest that my clients check it out for recipes that are compatible with the nourishing traditions lifestyle I advocate. Thank-you very much for putting in the time and energy needed to get this important message out there.

    I also wanted to let you know about another GREAT coffee substitute. It’s called DandyBlend ( I like it even better than Teecino and have had a lot of fun with it. You don’t even have to brew it first before making iced coffee! FYI!
    Thanks again for the great blog!

  8. says

    Does anyone know if Teeccino is GAPS approved? We are GAPing it for awhile to see if it helps my son’s epilepsy. But, my husband and I are coffee addicts…chalk it up to my days as a barista at Starbucks and all the free coffee you could drink during your 8 hour shift…ahh, those were the days! Now I have to buy my beans, tear! We have tried to go off the coffee several times and are successful for short windows, but I just love it, and if I smell it brewing, I am as good as gone! I would love to find something that doesn’t waste my adrenals…and lower my thyroid function. Could this be it??? 🙂

  9. Kimberly Duffy says

    I’m so excited to see this! I can’t drink coffee because of bizarre reactions to caffeine, but I love it. I went out this evening to whole foods and bought a pack of the Teeccino almond amaretto and I’m so excited to try it tomorrow with breakfast. No more looking enviously at my husbands mug…yea!

  10. says

    I have never heard of this product! I’ll check it out. I am a pretty big coffee addict right now. It’s kind of my last ‘vice’. I drink it every morning. Have always used coffee mate creamer, but one look at the ingredient list says I should never never be using this. I’ve been wondering what to use as a replacement since I don’t like black. I never thought about trying coconut milk in it. I’ve moved into half and half since the ingredients aren’t ‘as bad’. Still struggling with how to make my coffee more healthy. Course, I could just give it up all together, but I’m not sure I want to. 😉

  11. Kelly says

    I LOVE me some teechino! I haven’t tried all the flavors yet….still working my way through the sampler pack. So far I really like the mocha the best!

    Ellie, I’m not sure if it is GAPS diet friendly or not, but my best guess is yes. You can go to the website and view all the ingredients listed for each flavor though so that might help you.

    To those who talked about not liking the caffeine, this is actually NO-caf., not De-caf. Did you know that de-caf. actually is higher in acidity than regular caf.? I had always been a de-caf. drinker myself due to not liking the effects of caffeine and that it can create a higher breast cancer risk (my mom had breast cancer and her mother died of cancer unknown origin).

    Here is a quote from the teechino website….

    “Naturally caffeine-free – no processing, no chemical residue
    High in heart-healthy potassium and soluble fiber
    Natural energy boost – from nutrients, not stimulants
    Alkaline – helps reduce acidity and restore alkaline balance
    Rich in inulin, a soluble fiber in chicory root, that helps improve
    digestion and elimination plus increases the absorption of calcium and minerals

    Choose No-Caf – Not Decaf!
    Decaf coffee still contains caffeine even after it has undergone chemical processing or other methods of extraction. Teeccino is naturally caffeine-free because none of its ingredients contain caffeine to begin with. The processing methods used to create decaf coffee may be responsible for altering compounds in coffee that affect health because studies show that decaf coffee raises cholesterol higher than regular coffee.

    Decaf is made from highly acidic coffee beans to help retain flavor after processing. Many people have a problem tolerating the acidity of both coffee and decaf. Read Decaffeinated Coffee, What You Should Know! for more information about the effects of decaf on health. ”

    Sorry this was so long! Kimi, keep up the great work over here!

  12. Jen says

    okay – those who have tried this……….
    I want to get some and try it, BUT their website says to use an espresso machine or a coffee maker with a permanent filter……… all I have is a coffee maker that uses a paper filter……… WILL IT WORK? What do you use?

    BTW – if you go to their site and sign up for their newsletter you get a free sample 🙂

  13. Kelly says

    Jen, yes it will still work with a paper filter. If you have the unbleached filters that is better for you, but it will still brew the teechino fine either way.

    BTW, I bought my permanent gold filter at Walmart for around $5 almost 3 years ago. It is much more frugal than paper filters.

  14. Jennifer says

    You don’t have to use a permanent filter to brew teeccino. I was just reading at their website too about ingredients (it contains barley) and it says to use a paper filter to keep particles of teeccino from going into the brewed pot if you are sensitive to gluten (because of the barley). I drink decaf Torrefazione coffee which is a good Italian blend and less acidic than Starbucks. I use fructose in it for sweetener and some organic milk. When you refer to coconut milk do you mean the drink able stuff in the cold section or the canned coconut “milk” that you find in the Asian section in the grocery store? Thanks for this interesting article!

  15. Kaylin says

    I am a coffee-drinker, currently trying to cut down for the sake of my adrenals and thyroid. I’m trying to do GAPS at the moment. I LOVE my Starbucks. I really don’t need the caffeine, I just love the taste. It’s an emotional attachment for me. Since I cut sugar out of my diet over a year ago I make lattes with my stovetop espresso maker and whole raw milk. I can taste the sweetness in the milk since I’m not used to eating sugar. I recently ordered Dandy Blend but it hasn’t come yet. I’ve had teeccino before and although I didn’t think it tasted bad, I also didn’t think it tasted like coffee. I think maybe the best approach for coffee-drinkers is not to expect a non-coffee substitute to taste like the coffee they love so much. If we do that we’ll give up for sure :-). I’m trying Dandy Blend in hopes that I’ll be able to appreciate it for its unique flavor. I know it won’t taste like my Starbucks :-).

  16. says

    We love Teecino! When I have raw cream, we like to drink it hot or cold with raw cream and honey. It is delectable. I am having a chocolate craving right now, but perhaps some teecino with honey will help me get through it. 🙂

    I can’t figure out how they can claim to be gluten-free when barley is part of the blend. I’ve been meaning to ask them… Anyone know?

  17. Kelly says

    This is what the website had to say about the gluten/barley issue in their FAQ.

    ” “Does Teeccino contain any gluten?”
    Although Teeccino contains barley, an independent laboratory at the University of Nebraska that specializes in gluten testing found no detectable levels of gluten in Teeccino. Although gluten is present in barley, it most likely does not extract out of the barley using conventional coffee brewing techniques. Gluten is not extracted by boiling water although it can be extracted using ethanol alcohol, which of course is not present in Teeccino.
    (you can go to the site and there is a link right here that shows you the gluten test results)

    For gluten sensitive customers, we highly recommend using a paper filter in a drip coffee maker to brew Teeccino so that no particles of Teeccino can leak into the brewed liquid. Ingesting small particles of Teeccino could cause sensitivity to gluten and reusable filters are not as completely reliable as paper filters in preventing particles from going through the filter during brewing.”

    Kaylin, you’re right, it doesn’t taste just like coffee (although fairly close), but it is still SO yummy! I think I might try Kimi’s iced mocha recipe right now actually! 🙂 Sounds fabulous after a day of swimming!

  18. says

    i checked out their site and couldn’t find the list of ingredients. but your drink looks yummy and my kids would probably enjoy “coffee” once in a while. but im kind of a die hard coffee drinker. i drink two esspressos every. single. day… with an inch or two of local, pastured cream and a teaspoon of sucanat (which to pp who mentioned prohibitve cost of coconut sugar i find sucanat- generic rapadura- in the bulk bin at my local food co-op for 1.49 per lb, which is comparable here to regular refined organic cane sugar). i know there are downsides to coffee drinking but im not convinced it’s bad for me personally.

  19. Kimberly Duffy says

    I am in love! I made my first cup this morning and I LOVED it. It was so nice to be able to drink a warm beverage in the morning with my breakfast. My two girls were thrilled to be drinking “coffee” and even my husband, who is addicted to regular coffee, really liked it. I’m going to go and buy a few more flavors, now. 🙂 Thanks Kimi, for the tip.

  20. Magda says

    I have tried Teecino before and liked it (the hazelnut was my favorite). I have since switched to Dandy Blend. However, now that I’m dairy-free, I’m yet to find a good cream substitute. I’ve tried almond and coconut milk and just don’t like it.
    I’m hoping this recipe will let me have “coffee” again!!

  21. says

    Please do work up a mocha recipe for this fall/winter! I am not a huge coffee drinker either, but I had fallen in love with Starbucks’ mochas before changing the way our family eats. It’s so comforting to have a hot drink on those cold, wet winter days around here.

  22. says

    We have Coffee stirers. Take coffee ice cream and club soda and mix it up. Though, this doesn’t have the heath benefits as you mention above. 🙂

  23. Heather says

    Does this have to be brewed like coffee with a coffee maker? I got rid of our coffee maker long ago but would like to try this!

  24. Sarai says

    I made this with hazlenut teeccino and it was just heavenly!!! I let my kids drink this and they thought they were having “coffee”. I am going to make this for my husband. He loves starbucks frozen coffee drinks.

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