Protect Your Freedom to Eat Nourishing Food and Support Small Farmers (Against HR 875)


Photo Credit: PlanetKa

Let me be clear about one thing, I hate politics. I really truly do. And I certainly don’t plan to talk about politics a lot here at The Nourishing Gourmet. However, when laws are being attempted to be passed that could directly affect what I can cook in my kitchen, it’s time to stand up and say something about it.

I will be giving some links discussing some bills that are in the Senate and house right now ( H.R. 814, S.R. 425 and H.B. 759, H.R. 875 are all bills that are really concerning, many of the articles I link to have to do with HR 875)) that have the potential to negatively effect small farmers and businesses and the freedom we have enjoyed in our country.  But I wanted to explain a little bit why I think supporting local, small time farmers is so important.

You see, to be passionate about eating nourishing foods means that you will be passionate about supporting local farmers, because local farmers who see their customers face to face are going to care a lot more about giving quality products. Customers who see the weather-beaten faces and calloused hands of their local farmers (such as many of the farmers I buy from) are going to be much more willing to give fair prices to the farmers who feed them. It’s a win win solution to the dirty practices of big time food producers who only care about producing cheap food (sold to people whose only consideration is buying cheap food).


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