Good Reads and Good Eats 5/23

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Women and biodiversity feed the world not corporations and GMOs

This quote is just a taste of this passionate piece. “Secondly, monocultures undermine nutrition by displacing the biodiversity that provides nourishment and the diversity of nutrients our body needs. Herbicides like Roundup do not just kill the milkweed on which the monarch Butterfly larvae feed, they kill sources of nutrition for humans – the amaranth, the “bathua,” and the mixed cropping that produces more “Nutrition per Acre” than industrial monocultures.”

Saving Money with Zero Waste Cooking

I loved this post about how to keep reusing leftovers, instead of wasting them. “I’m a single mom and making a dollar stretch is second nature to me. Being able to afford organic or healthier options at the grocery store was always a pipe dream. Then I discovered zero waste cooking. Zero waste cooking principles have helped me save money AND allowed me to feed my family healthy, homemade food every day.”

How gut bacteria affects the brain and body

This short infographic gives a small glimpse of the research out there on how our gut health affects the rest of our health.

RHR: Methylation 101

Ever wonder what all the fuss about “methylation” is about? Here is a great primer on the topic that is so important for our foundational health.

Homemade Iced Tea Pops

I love this creative idea! I love tea, and it would be so frugal to do too.

Orange Creamsicle Pops

But of course creamsicle popsicles are one of my favorites.

Summer Berry and Oat Flour Cobbler

This recipe sounds like a delicious way to enjoy berries! Cobblers are one of my favorite old fashioned recipes.

Grilled Potato and Ramp Salad

This grilled salad is very beautiful, and I bet it tastes wonderful. Perfect for summer.

Balsamic Strawberry Italian Cream Soda

Wow! This sounds like an amazing drink. I love that it uses the classic combination of balsamic and strawberries.

Good Reads and Good Eats 5/15

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Good Reads

I made my son eat nothing but McDonalds for 10 days, because science.

Have you ever considered how your microbes are changed for the worse by fast food? In just 10 days, Tom’s microbes had experienced MASSIVE negative changes when eating McDonalds every day. There is a lot of very interesting information here about the world of microbes inside of us.

Avian Bird Flu hits American farmers hard

This is sad news for many that farm chickens. If you have a backyard chicken yard or a small time chicken farmer, here are some general tips for safety that I found helpful and interesting (although I no longer have my backyard chickens!).

How the 2 minute walk can help you

Do you sit a lot for your job? Apparently, even walking for a couple of minutes per hour of sitting can help! Sometimes even little changes can help our health.

USDA to Certify Non-GMO New Label Program

This is an interesting development. There is enough consumer demand for non-GMO food that the USDA is coming up with a program that companies can pay to become certified GMO-free.

Pesticides in Paradise: Hawaii’s Health and Environment at risk

Speaking of the GE industry, here is an interesting report on how GE testing in Hawaii could be putting the Islands at risk.

Good Eats

11 tips for Easy Summer Entertainment (and the “Best Raw Broccoli Salad” )

Get not only a delicious recipe, but also some great tips for entertaining this summer!

Tropical Sunshine Smoothie

This sunshine-y smoothie has a secret ingredient in the form of a whole carrot!

Strawberry and Cream Crepes

The gluten and grain-free crepes look like such a lovely treat!

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

I love these beautiful and healthy breakfast ideas. The crepe batter idea is genius.

Gluten Free Carrot Cake

This grain-free carrot cake also came from The Paleo Patisserie that I reviewed here (where I also shared her amazing dairy-free Strawberry Ice cream recipe). It looks so amazing.


Good Reads and Good Eats 5/9

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Good Reads

She’s going to need a bigger freezer: This is just the sweetest! A Chinese soldier makes a whole year’s worth of meals for his bride to eat while he is away from her.

In Europe, little refrigerators hold a grand reason for less waste: I have to admit that I love my regular sized refrigerator, but I loved reading this.

Something that happens right after birth is about to change: The hospital I just gave birth at has a policy of waiting to cut the cord. My only regret is that with my second daughter, the hospital staff forgot to honor my wishes and cut the cord right away eight years ago.

Your bugs are screaming: Is picky eating – especially when all a child or adult wants to eat it sweet – simply the digestive flora talking? Cara discusses how the health of our digestive system dictates what we desire.

Whole Foods getting cheaper?: Whole foods is starting a new chain of stores with more affordable options. I’m intrigued but skeptical.

Good Eats

Hasselback Sweet Potatoes with Compound Herb Ghee: Hasselback potatoes are really easy and delicious!

Grain and Gluten-Free Carrot Cake: This sounds so much like a favorite cake of mine growing up. It even has the cream cheese frosting!

Slow Cooker Copycat Chipotle Barbacoa: This sounds so good! I can’t wait to try it for our weekly taco night.

Weekday Vegetable Soup: This is the type of soup I could enjoy everyday for lunch. Yum!

Strawberry Cream Gummies: These sound like such a fun snack!

Good Reads and Good Eats 4/25

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Good Reads

The doctor is out: Labcrop to let consumers order their own tests. I love the trend towards putting more resources for health care into the hands of the average person. For example, more labs like this one are setting it up so that it’s easier for people to order their own labs.

The surprising truth about who’s really buying organic: This is an interesting read on how much the organic trend is widening.

Does your heart health start in your gut? An interesting look at some of the possible links with Chris Kresser.

When animals go extinct because we stopped eating them: We are very used to the idea that OVER eating certain animals lead to their extinction. But what about when we stop eating certain breeds? An interesting read.

Good Eats:

Springtime Limoncello: Made with high quality vodka and organic lemons, this limoncello sounds great! An amazing Italian restaurant near us serves housemade limoncello and it is amazing.

How to use strawberry tops: Don’t waste your strawberry tops! This is a clever idea.

Vegan Lime Tart: This raw lime tart sounds so delicious!

Here is a fun round up of grain free Italian Comfort food recipes.

Minty Mango Delight: This sounds like a lovely smoothie!