Good Reads and Good Eats 1/24

Good reads and good eats 2

Good Reads

Good news for coffee lovers. It could help lower your risk of malignant melanoma. 

Many studies on food and health are based on people’s self-reports of their eating habits. The lack of accuracy (or truthfulness) in self reported eating habits may just be messing up science.

We waste a tremendous amount of food in America. This is unfortunate on so many levels, and here’s a new one. 

How to Feed your Brain: Micronutrients and Therapeutic nutrients that effect brain health

6 tips to prevent “sour” sourdough: When you want a sweeter bread made with traditional sourdough, here are some great tips on not making an overly sour sourdough.

Good Eats

Whole30 Super Bowl Recipes: Plan a Super Bowl party with grain-free and delicious recipes!

Paleo Lemon Mousse: This dessert sounds like the perfect way to cheer up a rainy day.

Bacon Wrapped Avocado: Need I say more?

Gluten and Grain Free “Stix” Bars: These look incredibly delicious!

Moroccan Chicken Salad with Pistachio Crusted Fried Goat Cheese and Garlic Naan: A full meal deal.

Pennywise Platter Thursday 1/22

Pennywise plater
It’s time to share your frugal and nourishing tips and recipes! Where do you shop for quality food at a lower price? What recipe saves a penny? How do you balance a budget with nourishing food? Share here.

Please read through the three simple rules for those participating. This helps keep the quality of our carnival. Please read them through before linking and thanks again for your continued participation.

1. No linking to giveaways or promotions for affiliates or sponsors. One thing that I’ve noticed increasingly on Pennywise Platter is that I am getting more and more promotional pieces for affiliates or sponsors and a lot of giveaways. I’ve decided to keep Pennywise less “commercial” and more in tune with the spirit of the carnival by not allowing these links anymore. There was nothing wrong with those of you who linked to them, I just think that it will protect the integrity of our carnival better without them. Plus, it makes our links valuable in the future as well. A link to a giveaway three months old isn’t going to be worth browsing in three months time, but a link to a recipe for a frugal soup would be. I will be deleting any giveaway links or promotional links.

2. Keep the ingredients “nourishing” such as whole grains, meats, vegetables, legumes, unrefined salt and sugars, chicken, etc. I am not going to be an ingredient police every week, but if there is a link to a post that is obviously not filling any of the criteria for healthy (for example, a white flour, white sugar birthday cake), I will delete that link. However, feel free to post vegetarian, vegan, raw, low-carb, paleo, etc.

3. Link back to the carnival. This is common carnival courtesy. And more then that, it helps build the community of the carnival as you are sending your readers to others participating. And please, as a blogger, check out other’s posts and leave a comment as well! I know that we would all love to hear from each other. Please limit yourself to three entries each week, and also remember that we are concentrating on, although not entirely limited to, frugal and nourishing recipes. Thanks!

Good Reads & Good Eats 1/17

Good reads and good eats 2

Good Reads 

Soda pop taken off the kids menu: Confession. When I was young child, going out to eat at fast food places was considered a treat, and it was the soda that made it so “fun”. With the advocacy of certain groups concerned about children’s health, many fast food places are taking the soda off the menu board for the children’s meal. Wendy’s is the latest to do so. Our solution? We just have never given our kids soda to drink and they now think that it “tastes funny” and don’t like it if they try a sip.

Beauty equals free food? In a bizarre food story, a Korean restaurant in China has been offering free food to beautiful customers. Here’s how it works, good looking customers are photographed and at the end of the day, plastic surgeons evaluate who is the most beautiful and these are offered a free meal.

Fish adapting to climate change: Here is encouraging news that some specifies of fish are adapting well to climate changes. The natural world is an excellent adaptor, and some are adapting well.

Risks and Uses of Essential Oils: From experience, I have learned the need to use caution when working with the power of essential oils. Wellness Mama shares some of her concerns with the use of EOs while still advocating their safe use.

Vitamin D and Colon Cancer: Another study shows that vitamin D may be very important for preventing colon cancer and boosting the immune system.

Good Eats

Cheat Sheet to a Healthy Diet in 10 Easy Steps (A free eBook!)

Cheat Sheet Cover for blog

Sometimes we make things too complicated. I know I do. For example: After reading 15 books on different styles of a healthy living lifestyle, reading 25 blog posts, and watching people argue the pros and cons of different lifestyle diets, one can get overwhelmed by the vast amount of information out there.

But, it doesn’t always have to be that complicated.

I have long been fascinated with some of the many healing diets out there – they often have tremendous results for people. We’ve been on some of them ourselves. But that doesn’t mean that’s where you need to start in your journey towards eating well. In fact, you probably shouldn’t unless you have a specific reason you need to.

Making simple steps towards eating better can be tremendously helpful. With that in mind, I wrote a free eBook for my email subscribers as a thank you gift for supporting my blog. It’s called Cheat Sheet to a Healthy Diet in 10 Easy Steps. In it, you will find simple steps you can take in your own time. My hope is that this gives you tangible steps to take that show how easy it is to improve your diet.

While I originally thought of this as more of a gift to those at the beginning of their journey, in the end I realized that it was also a valuable reminder of the basics for everyone. I was encouraged myself as I worked on the book to remember that the basics DO make such a big difference and that eating healthy doesn’t have to complicated or hard.

If you are already a current email subscriber, make sure to check your “promotions” folder, as this eBook was sent out this last Wednesday. For those wanting to subscribe, you can do so here, and an email will be sent to you after you confirm your subscription with your download instructions. You will get the Cheat Sheet to a Healthy Diet, as well as a chart of nutrient dense foods that will help you on your journey towards a nourishing diet.

Thanks for all of you who support this blog! You are very much appreciated.