My story about healing my teeth

(Other posts in this series: Are you really eating a nutrient dense diet? The diet the cures cavities, How one mother cured her son’s cavity, and A success story: Remineraling teeth after bottle rot in a breastfed child. )

I was at a typical dentist office getting my teeth cleaned and checked for cavities. I had a young infant at the time, and was dealing with some health issues for the first time. Months of infections caused by an overabundance of milk (which I didn’t realize for three whole months) had left me tired and weak, and a tad bit emotional. Those months were some of the hardest of my life, so when they announced that I had three cavities, I soon had tears running down my face to their amazement. Just so you know, I am someone who does not cry in front of other people, and this really was completely out of the ordinary for me.

I had never had a single cavity growing up, and when I first read Dr. Price’s book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, I realized that a healthy mouth can be a good sign of a healthy body. I was pleased that I hadn’t had any tooth decay yet. But now, here I was, feeling worse then I ever had before as my body was recovering from my infections as well as adjusting to waking in the middle of the night to nurse. I didn’t feel very good, and now I had tooth decay?! My body was falling apart, so I thought.

As the stunned dentist looked down at my tear filled eyes to see what the problem was, I said, “It’s just I haven’t been feeling well lately, and I know that tooth decay is just another sign of ill health.” He looked at me like I was crazy, and started a monologue about how it wasn’t related to my overall health, and that I shouldn’t cry because I had amazing teeth and he had way more fillings then I had. As he talked, I looked into his mouth and realized that his mouth was full of silver fillings.

As he drilled and filled my three cavities (all fairly small), I felt that he was a good person to go to fill a cavity, but was he really the best one to go to heal my teeth? I went home and tried to ramp up my diet, and put my embarrassing tear-filled appointment out of my mind. A couple of years later, I realized that my teeth were becoming sensitive to sweets, something that hadn’t happened before. I poked my fingernail at the part of my tooth that felt sensitive, and was stunned to feel it fit neatly into a small hole. That little poke hurt, too! I think my nail must have hit a nerve, as my tooth started throbbing….badly. Worried, I examined my other teeth and found several other sensitive spots, and one more small hole that I could fit my fingernail into. I was horrified. My one tooth hurt so bad that it even made it hard to sleep that night. I was in trouble and I knew it. Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition had just come out recently, and I ordered it right away. My most sensitive tooth that I found had a hole right below my filled cavity from when I got my fillings. I knew that filling my cavity had only been a temporary fix, so I really wanted to see if I could reverse this recent trend of cavities.

Besides which, our insurance doesn’t cover dental, and I knew that it cost $200 dollars per tooth filling. We really didn’t have the money for that. With renewed determination, I started making my plan of action for preventing future decay.

At the time, I was eating well, in the sense of eating whole grains, soaked, sprouted or fermented, homemade chicken stock made into soups, grass-fed butter, and a very low sugar diet. I was, however on a dairy-free diet, as I had found out a year or two earlier (after the crying dentist appointment) that my body didn’t do well with dairy. By this time, my body had healed enough that it was no longer reacting to dairy. After reading about how well it helped heal teeth, I decided to throw caution to the wind and start drinking raw cow’s milk again. And, because I wanted to heal my teeth, I drank probably a quart a day. I would make yummy “egg nog” almost everyday, too, with one raw egg yolk, vanilla extract, and stevia in my whole milk. I also made sure to get my cod liver oil every day along with pastured butter, ghee, or butter oil. I took it in three small doses with each meal of the day. I didn’t take out grains, let alone gluten, but did keep my diet low in fruits and sugars. I continued to make homemade stock and soups, and made sure to get seafood about once a week too (like clams, mussels, or salmon).

Within a couple of weeks, my teeth no longer felt sensitive when eating something sweet, like dried fruit. On a trip across the country, my sweet sister-in-law even helped me find raw milk and cheese so that I could continue my eating protocol. At that point, I was saying aloud to my family and myself, “I am trying to prevent future decay,” but only quietly, “I am trying to heal my cavities.” With Ramiel’s book only newly out, and Dr. Price’s research done so long ago, I felt like it was almost too good to be true that I could actually heal any decay that had already happened. It seemed crazy and I hadn’t heard of anybody who had actually healed a cavity other than in Ramiel’s book.

I was encouraged by my improved teeth pain, and actually was feeling more energetic as well! But when I went to my naturopath at that time, he, while exclaiming over my glowing appearance, felt concerned about my teeth and felt that I should get them checked out. A family member pointed out that while my teeth pain could have been reversed because of healing them, they also could have had the pain go away because they decayed so badly that I no longer could feel anything in my nerves there. Both pointed out that if it got really bad, I could be facing worse dental problems, like a root canal. It was good advice to have my teeth checked out. My husband’s uncle is a dentist, and he graciously agreed to do my dental work for free, and we had a free plane ticket, so I flew across country. I was pretty convinced I still had cavities, just because I didn’t think that I could have healed them in the time frame I was on my teeth building protocol.

However, once he checked my teeth, he told me that I was completely cavity free. I was shocked. Believing that it was impossible to heal cavities so quickly, I came to the conclusion that I must have never even had cavities and was so embarrassed that I had flown across country to see him. Yet another embarrassing dentist appointment, I thought.

But in the years that have followed, I have read more and more accounts of people healing their cavities through a similar diet, like Heather’s story, and Sarah’s, among many others. Slowly it dawned on me that I really did have all of the symptoms of new cavities forming (from a hole that I could stick my fingernail into, to the bad pain that kept me awake at night, to the sensitivity to any sugar or dried fruit). Now I think it is more than likely that I had truly healed formed cavities in a short amount of time (probably around 2 months time).

So that is my story. I certainly cured my tooth pain and sensitivity, and I highly suspect that I had true healing of some cavities as well.

 (Disclaimer: Please research the topic of raw milk for yourself. I know that it is controversial and I understand the concern, even though it is rare to get sick from milk when farms use proper procedures. Also, I am not giving any medical or dental advice in this post, simply sharing my experience. :-) )


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  1. Lynda says

    This might be the most encouraging thing I’ve read on all this! You have so many similarities to my situation. I also feel amazingly encouraged that it only took about 2 months.

    Here’s a question. I react to dairy. I noticed you said “my body had healed enough that it was no longer reacting to dairy.” How did you heal your body not to react to dairy? Or did it happen after a time of simply not doing dairy? I’ve lost numerous food allergies and sensitivities but dairy still remains stubbornly. Perhaps it’s a case of His grace being enough, but I haven’t given up hope. Anything you could offer would be helpful.

    Thanks so much for all you’re doing in this series!

    • KimiHarris says


      So, two tests have shown that cow dairy is a problem for me. My most recent showed that goat dairy is fine, however. I will have to do a post about my on and off relationship with dairy, but basically what I am referring to above, is just not having any (and I mean any dairy with the exception of ghee) for a year, and then I was able to reintroduce it. Before that point, it would give me intense stomach issues. I was doing things like making homemade broth and fermented vegetables, but leaving it out completely was what was supposed to help me most. :-)

      I am not trying to say that you *have* to use dairy to heal your teeth, it was just helpful for me. :-)

      • valleygirl says

        From what I’ve read and learned, your body will react more to foods when you have a “leaky gut”. Introducing healing foods like mentioned above, cutting out the reactive foods AND ditching gluten can all help.

      • Kirstie says

        This is encouraging, but I have lactose intolerance and a cheese allergy. As for the intolerances – I just wanted to share with you that peppermint oil/tablets are fantastic for getting rid of the stomach cramps and.. bathroom problems. (: Definitely going to try the tips as i have a cavity right now. I had a root canal in my first upper left molar, and my tooth snapped yesterday, so i just had to have the front removed and a procedure done to emulate a tooth temporarily. It’s been a wake up call, so I really want to do something about the additional cavity which is fingernail sized (the corner of it) at the moment.

  2. says

    fascinating! i’m attending a lecture series on traditional diets and monday night we covered weston a. price’s work, which of course you know i am familiar. one thing that was emphasized over and over again is that “caries” (as they were called then) will heal relatively quickly when the diet is switched. i feel despair over this because my body won’t tolerate any milk, goat or cow’s. i can do butter however, and i take my FCO.

    one thing i thought was interesting that the lecturer pointed out too is that she sees a holistic dentist and has a few cavities that he says to wait to fill because she’s still nursing. he said that it might be mineral depletion from nursing and that after she stops, if she keeps up with her diet, they’ll probably heal on their own. ! now that’s not something you’d hear from an average dentist.

    lastly, i’m sorry to hear you were having health struggles. i know how hard that can be. it makes perfect sense that you’d get teary from the news of yet another issue. of course!

    take good care and thanks for these articles kimi,


  3. says

    Thank you for sharing! I “think” I have some cavities in my lower front teeth, BUT I get physically ILL when I walk into a dentist office! I was told the smell is the autoclave, but alas, I still get sick:( I have been brushing my teeth as well as consuming Organic EV Coconut Oil and it has lightened the places I thought were cavities AND helped reduce sensitivities to cold/hot. Great story, BTW! Hope I have success like you too!

  4. says

    Thank you for these timely posts! I was scheduled to have mercury filled cavities removed 2/18 with a possible crown procedure by my regular dentist. I just ordered the Cure Tooth Decay book and wasn’t aware that some dentists follow careful procedures in removing the mercury. My dentist didn’t think it was a big deal but the book listed a source for finding a holistic mouth doctor whom I’m seeing at the end of the month. I’ve started changing my diet – but have yet to try FCO. Any suggestions on flavors? I’m am so thankful that I didn’t have the procedure down knowing what I do now- all thanks to your research and posts!

  5. Daisy says

    “My most sensitive tooth that I found had a hole right below my filled cavity from when I got my fillings. I knew that filling my cavity had only been a temporary fix” — I agree with this SO much. What a blessing your story has been to me this evening. Thank you for sharing it!

  6. Stephanie says

    I never had one cavity until I stated having kids. I ended up with 16 cavities that I got filled with composite in 11/10. By 8/11, I noticed the fillings receding and found a hope in one of my teeth that I could get my fingernail into. I have been nursing nonstop since 5/11 and had seven children between 6/98 and 11/10. I am convinced these cavities were because of mineral depletion. I so wish I had not gotten those cavities filled. Some of my teeth were so drilled out they felt hollow before being filled. I now have to find the time and discipline to follow this protocol. Thanks for the info!

      • KimiHarris says


        I have also had a hard time staying ahead nutritionally during my motherhood years that I am still in. Growing babies and nursing needs so much nutrition! It is hard to stay ahead nutritionally. :-)

  7. Danielle B. says

    Wow, what an inspiring story. I’m always so refreshed to hear that the cavities heal so quickly. Our bodies are amazing.

  8. Willom says

    Kimi, This is the third time I’m commenting on this issue. I do everything you are doing, and have been for years, yet I still get cavities. In two months you were healed!!!! Some people just have that ability. I wrote about a friend of mine who has a so-so diet, never flosses, brushes for 10 seconds and never has plaque build-up, never has cavities, yet I get my teeth cleaned every other month, the plaque build-up is so dense. I think it’s wonderful that this has worked for you. But not all things work for all people. I think you need to mention that. Also, that it might take longer than 2 months. By the way, is the author of this book a financial contributor to your website?

    • Sanja says

      Have you tried supplementing with vitamin K2-MK2? I added this and my teeth sugar sensitivity went away in 5 days.
      I have read that it has helped with plaque as well.

    • KimiHarris says

      Hey Willom,

      Thanks for comment. I did reply to your other one (I only remember one other, perhaps I missed your second?), but you may not have seen it. I understand how very frustrating it could be to try so hard without success. I am sorry for your frustration with this issue. I would be too in your situation. It is worth noting that I had been eating a good diet before those two months, and that I had good teeth growing up. I am sure that it why I cleared up my problems so quickly.

      And no, Ramiel is not an advertiser to my site….though with all of the mentions I’ve made of his book recently, I wish he was. 😉

    • Belinda Carrico says

      What are you using for toothpaste? Though I am on a very good diet, I was gettng a lot of plaque, and the hygienest didn’t believe I brush regularly. Last year I switched
      toothpastes to a Doctor Mercola product, one without the typical glycerin or sugar found in many alteratives. This is helping greatly. My teeth feel clean after brushing.

      My daughter, age 6, two years ago, was healed from tooth decay, but it took around six months and with very little sugar intake. I was so glad to know of this protocol.
      I hope you find a solution.

    • Vee says

      Have you checked your pH? Keep your mouth alkaline and see if you have good results. I do oil pulling with coconut oil and also brush with it. My teeth feel SOOO clean and smooth. I add a few thing that are good for teeth into my “tooth oil”. I suppose you could add most anything. It’s just a little messy during warmer temps as it liquifies.
      They make pH tape that you can use to check to see if you are alkaline or acidic. There is an app called pH Life that will show you what foods are alkaline and which are acidic.

  9. Rachel says

    Thank you for this! It’s so encouraging! My 5 yo daughter has one hole and some decay that I’ve been battling. I’m going to implement egg nog and CLO 3x a day today and hope that it helps! I was curious if raw goat milk heals as well as cow’s milk…? We cannot tolerate cow dairy but love our raw goats milk. Thanks!!

  10. Lorinda says

    goats milk works wonderfully for this as well!!! we’re working through these issues ourselves. I have twelve children 22 down to one year old. I’ve been pregnant or nursing for almost 23 years!! I have children ( my 20 yr old daughter, 7 and 5 yr son, and my 2 and one year old daughters) that have all had horrible teeth!! their baby teeth come in brown with little to no enamel on them. my two year olds came in with all four front teeth brown and full of cavities!!!! she had a hole that went through one of her front teeth! I cried and cried!!! tooth decay issues have been so upsetting in our household. any way, we have been slowly incorperating the cure tooth decay methods, by making lots of bone broths/soups, CLO, and brushing with home made toothpaste concoction I put together of cocnut oil, kaolin clay, bentonite clay, crushed vit c, calcium citrate powder, celtic sea salt, and essential oils, of sweet orange, fennel, peppermint, tea tree, cinnamon. anyway- we have been closely examining our little ones teeth and low and behold her front cavioties ( my 2 year old) have already been filling in!!! her teeth are still streaked, but the cavities are actually healing before our eyes!! we have only been implementing the above for the last 5 weeks and haven’t even got into adding raw milk and the special butter yet. ( we also do not eat organ meat, blood, or seafood out of personal conviction)Our goat mommas will be birthing this spring and we’ll have tons of milk, so I am excited to see how that helps. for now, we have been getting a limited supply from friends. thank you for your story!!! it was so encouraging! we still have a long road ahead of us in this area with all of my children ( and my own teeth). Blessings!!

  11. Laura says

    Have you heard of oil pulling? You can google it. It is suppose to dramatically increase oral health . I do it with coconut oil and have good results. I have heard that raw butter can help with tooth decay also. There must be something beneficial with the good raw fats!

    • KimiHarris says


      I have! I think I have even done it a tiny bit during the time frame I am talking about in this post. I’d love to hear about your results. :-)

    • Dawn says

      Check out The wife of the couple that started this business had periodontal disease I believe and through research, they put together their brushing blend (essential oils that kill bacteria) and re-discovered the Bass brushing technique. She no longer has the problem. I haven’t used the product, but I’ve read many positive comments about it.

  12. says

    Awesome post, thank you! I’m encouraged to help my 5 yo daughter with this. How are folks getting small kids to do the high vit butter, since it usually comes in pills? Also, I’ve been applying CLO to her back, since she doesn’t like the taste . . . Look forward to your post on alternatives, since myself and my 13 mo have a dairy sensitivity we are trying to heal, but I’d love to get the high vit butter effect, too! Thanks again!

    • Diana says

      Hi Adrie

      We give our 2 1/2 year old his CLO and HVBO via the syringe that comes with the CLO. We just shoot it into the side of his mouth and it’s down the hatch. He didn’t like it initially but came to realise that it’s non negotiable. We admittedly were lucky in that we started when he was only 6 or so months.

      Sarah Pope, The Healthy Home Economist, has some examples of getting the CLO down. On the post are lots of helpful comments.

      My son now loves his CLO/HVBO combo and even tries to push the syringe himself. There are never any arguments or issues about it :)

      Good luck!

      • Gillyan says

        thank you everyone for sharing..i am asking specifics;
        how much Cod liver oil a day for adult? 5yr old?
        i also heard that sesame oil with origanum is best for oil pulling…

  13. says

    I have had good success with Ramiel’s suggestions. With respect to bioavailable food supplements such as dolomite, there are further steps one can take to augment his protocol, something I spoke to Rami about in the last WAPF conference. Rami briefly mentioned in his book that soil depletion may be a problem with respect to tooth decay, but didn’t really get into it. Weston Price in his famous book did cover this and had the following to say.

    “For example, we may mention the important anthropological findings of Professor Hooton of Harvard, who, in his examinations of various pueblos of the Western Plains, especially at the Pecos Puelbo, where the progressive burials have been uncovered, has brought to light the calendar of a civilization extending over a thousand years. These finding show that there has been over a period of years a progressive increase in skeletal deformities, including arthritis and dental caries, together with a reduction in stature, suggest a direct relationship to progressive depletion of the soil” (Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, p. 383). See also

    So what is the solution? Ultimately it is to replenish the foods in nutrition by replenishing the soils. In the meantime, several good supplements go a long way:

    I would add to that list several minerals used in Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) as applied to human nutrition. (1) is Mincol, the mineral colloid separated into its pure form by water separation or air separation technique from soft rock phosphate. This electrochemical compound colloid should be in our foods but isn’t because soils are depleted. The lack of this colloid complex has profound implications on tooth decay, among other aspects of health:

    “The amount of mineral colloid in a biologic substance is in direct proportion to its hardness. Therefore, the enamel of teeth, the hardest biologic material in the human body, requires the greatest amount of mineral colloid to be perfectly structured and ideally healthy. Bones require the second most amount of these special Mineral Colloids. In other words, mineral colloid not only prevents tooth decay, but also prevents osteoporosis. The fewer the colloids in the bones of animals and man, the weaker the skeletal structure will be” ((

    Including this colloid complex into one’s diet “will rebuild the bones, fingernails, and teeth, as well as supply colloid material for the other tissues. If the fingernails have any ridges, are split, soft, or brittle, there is a deficiency in the phosphate for of calcium. If the teeth have fillings or cavities, this is because they are deficient in the colloid phosphate form of calcium and fluoride. Women that have not been provided the proper mineral during the pregnancy will lose the mineral from their mineral ‘storehouses,’ starting with their teeth, as nature will give priority for the fetus and draw the mineral for its formation and development. This is why so many women remark their teeth went bad after they had children.” (Biological Ionization as Applied to Human Nutrition, p. 166). Bone meal has this compound colloid but in much smaller amounts. Mincol is naturally occurring in glacier water in some parts of the world.

    (2) is coral calcium from a high quality source. I get the powder from Daily Manufacturing. It makes up for the lack of this calcium compound calcium carbonate in our foods, with cheese being an exception. From an RBTI standpoint the following foods have calcium carbonate as the dominant calcium compounds: apricot, meats, avocado, green beans, nectarine, broccoli, olives, olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, squash, cherries, sweet plum, sweet grapes, cheese, mushrooms, and millet. It is very hard to find these have the calcium levels needed to sustain good health. Different calcium compounds have different effects on the body chemistry. Also, coral calcium has 80+ different trace minerals, which also are lacking in today’s real foods because of poor farming practices in both the organic and conventional farming camps as a whole. Ramiel recommends seaweed because it has trace minerals that affect oral health, but seaweed has 70 trace elements.

    RBTI has a pattern of tooth decay of alkaline, excessively high urine+saliva pH. The best pH for body chemistry is a neutral one of 6.4. The solution is to eat food or use other approaches to bring down the pH to the right levels. So one can use RBTI principles on top of Rami’s protocol to further improve results in this way.

  14. Wendy W. says

    You know, after what has happened in my son’s mouth, I’ll believe anything tooth-wise. We have been on the GAPS diet 3 mo., and taking cod liver oil for 2. His top jaw has grown in this time, and his formerly overlapping teeth are almost into place! These are teeth he has had for awhile, beside his front ones, and with new molars coming in the back, I don’t think these teeth have moved for any other reason! I’m very thankful!

  15. Jerian says

    I am curious about the healing of the cavity. I have been eating a nourishing diet for 4 years now taking my FCLO daily, drinking raw milk, supplementing with MK2 and I have not had any new cavities but I have one cavity that the dentist looks at each time and says its small and looks dormant but we’ll wait and see. I can totally see the black spot on my tooth. What am I doing wrong to not be able to get rid of the black spot?


      • Vestune says

        Agreed–this seems somewhat likely/possible. (Staining.). …although, there should be a natural remedy for this (staining). Coconut oil? Coconut oil pulling? Activated charcoal? Herbal remedies? Hmm. Not completely sure.

  16. Jeanine says

    I am so thankful to have happened upon your blog and this post. I have tried to take good care of my teeth in the traditional manner for years but I still have many problems with them. It is so discouraging. I am very interested in cod liver oil. Is there a brand that you recommend? And, I dont know what HVBO stands for.
    Much of this is new to me and I spent several hours reading through your blog. I plan to continue. I look forward to better health as I continue to read and learn. Thank you so much for the help that I am already receiving through your blog.

    • Brenda says

      Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil is great! Also HVBO stands for High Vitamin Butter Oil. You can buy it combined with the fermented cod liver oil or buy a bottle of it separately from green pastures. I buy the combined bottle so I can take them together. It is essential that for the cod liver oil to work to heal teeth it is important that it be FERMENTED CLO and not the type of capsules you buy at Walmart, etc.

  17. Karen H. says

    This was such an encouragement to read this post! I am going to try your tonic of raw milk, raw egg yolk, and a little vanilla to see if it will help my teeth. Thank for sharing about your struggles and how things have helped you. It has been a blessing and I wanted you to know that it has been helpful to read about how things have helped you. I too struggle with my health and finding helpful things to take is a blessing. I am thoroughly enjoying this series you are doing this year from Dr. Price’s diet etc. Keep up the good
    work Kimi!

  18. Erin says

    I, like many others, have awful teeth problems. I brush and floss everyday and still get cavaties and broken teeth. I am trying to eat healthier with more whole raw foods but I can’t do raw milk. Can I use almond milk for this? Or even grass fed cows milk that’s been lightly pasteurized? Do you think it would have the same effect as the raw cows milk? Thank you!

  19. rosanne says

    The comments on here really have been a blessing! It’s also nice to read a real testimony, thanks Kimi :)
    Erin-I know you will also want to hear what she (Kimi) has to say (Kimi, please correct me if I’m wrong on any of this), but I just want to warn you, almond milk won’t cut i :/…It’s nothing like animal milk (I use almond milk as well, but no, it won’t really fill in for animal milk, nutritionally speaking). I can’t have real milk; as in animal milk right now, because my baby can’t, and I nurse. So I like the novelty of almond milk (for baking with, with tea, etc), but just FYI, if it’s store bought it will have vitamins “added” in (to try and make it “like cow’s milk”, but that’s not natural). Also, it doesn’t contain the kind of high protein content that real milks (from animals) do. has some great homemade milk alternatives (almond & coconut), but again, they can’t completely fill in; nutritionally speaking, likecow’s milk would. I am trying to never use the microwave and cook more bone broths, eat lot’s of eggs (farm eggs whenever possible), as well as doing lot’s of CLO with atleast 1,000 Omega 3’s a day in the CLO (Cod Liver Oil). I have read so much more that I want to do, but my husband isn’t on board…I’ve learned to just take small steps and do what I can. I would love to have Berkey water filter and take HVBO (and do a few other things), but for now, I just need to do what I can and be thankfulfor the opprtunities that I do have to make changes. That’s my 2 cents, for what it’s worth.
    Jeanine-HVBO stand for High Vitamin Butter Oil.

  20. Sharmista says

    This is a great post. But I live in a state where raw milk is illegal. Is there anything else that can take its place? Or would the other measures still be effective without the raw milk?

    • says

      I also live in a state where raw milk is illegal. But, if you can make friends with goat farmers or put a post on craigslist asking to get some raw milk for your cat, that is legal. You cannot buy raw milk for human use, but it’s fine for your pets, if you catch my drift.

      Regarding your other question, would the other measures still be as effective w/o raw milk… I don’t know. I just found this post today and am fascinated.

    • Mmom says

      Get pasteurized (Not Ultra pasteurized) not homogenized (if possible) milk and make kefir and/or yogurt. This will help to revive dead milk in to life nutritional dense food.

    • Lisa says

      There is a book by Dr Mary Enig and Sally Fallon called “Eat Fat, Lose Fat”. In it is a nourishing tonic that she says can replace raw milk if you cannot obtain it. I don’t have my copy of the book on hand at the moment, but I believe the ingredients are: Full fat coconut milk (with the cream), water, real vanilla extract, maple syrup and dolomite powder (which is a calcium supplement powder). I’d even throw a raw pasteured egg yolk in it as well for the added fat soluble nutrients. =)

  21. littleB says

    I havent started reading yet, and i cant because im crying,and my eyes are so full of tears that i allmoust cant write this,but i have to! for years i’ve been searching for a way to naturally heal my teeth, but NOTHING. inntill this, i’ve been close to killing my self several times because of the undescrible enormous pain i’ve been living with the last 4 years,and i’m only 23! i’m so deeply thankfull that you are sharing your personal story,the tears are just pouring and pouring dont my cheeks! you might think i’m crazy or something,but i’m so so relifed!!! i cant explain to you how much this means to me!! I cant wait to start reading, thank you so so much from the deepest part of my heart! i really hope this works<3

    • Vestune says

      Best of luck!

      You might also try watching this DVD: which recommends things like: horsetail (helps regenerate enamel, although, supposedly, long-term use can potentially damage kidneys. Unsure if this is true –60/40% towards to being true. But such things can sometimes be quite incorrect, too.) Heals bones in teeth, also, and can help with wisdom teeth setting in properly. 6-10 days on, some days off–fresh or encapsulated powder of Equisetum Hyemale in water.

      Swedish Bitters or other Bitter tonic (bitter stimulates bile production, and poor gum health is linked to poor digestion) for gum health.

      Poulticing infected teeth externally or internally with things like cactus or clay.

      Consuming a good diet is most important. Cut carbs and sugar, make sure fats and proteins digest well. Greens and non-starchy veggies are often low-carb. No fruits, grains, starchy vegetables, and try to potentially avoid veggies with a high amount of fructose (like green & red peppers)

      There’s quite a but more information everywhere, but I suspect even the equisetum Arvense species (Hyemale is very, very difficult to find;ravens is common in supplements for bones & teeth) will help re-enamel the tooth surfaces.

      Cleaning the teeth carefully (but very thoroughly) with a sharpish stick of some sort will decrease tooth pain, especially if areas by gums (and between teeth) are cleaned well.

      Teeth can be cleaned with a stick, or (very, very sensitively and without ANY sudden jerking) with string or minimally chemicaled floss.

      Boosting immunity through things like raw garlic capsules also seems to help, as bad teeth lead (presumably) to bad bacterial overgrowth, which can be (potentially) fought off.

      The idea, it seems, is to halt tooth infection as soon as possible, and prevent any further, boost overall gut, immune, & general health, and provide the body with enough nutrients and the correct nutrients (D very important–is summer in the Northern Hemiisphere now, so possible to make vitamin D through simple sun exposure of large areas of the body, which is most used (supposedly) in the body by far by odontoblasts (many, many receptors for vitamin D), which differentiate stem cells into dentin (and thus regenerate dentin) ) to lay secondary dentin, then regenerate the protective enamel around it. D needs A (true retinol, not carotenes or…xanthenoids? Retinol is animal-based; the others are plant-based, and even large amounts can be ineffectively converted and still result in vitamin A deficiency.). D&A both need K2, which multiplies effect and absorption manifold and activates A& D to absorb calcium. Also, magnesium (arealfoodlover-magnesium flakes), selenium (Brazil nuts are fairly cheap very high selenium–2-4/day is good intake, and zinc (oysters, some in some meat–have not researched this thoroughly yet) are all crucial to body function & calcium absorption. K2 is presumed in grass-fed organs & definitely in grass-fed dairy, truly pastured eggs, and fermented foods (though there is debate as to whether to take HVBO vs. Fermented foods, as the forms of K2 differ between fermented foods (like natto, sauerkraut, hard cheeses of high quality, yogurt of high quality?) Weston A. Price successfully healed cavities in children with 1/2tsp.? each of HVBO & HV Cod-liver Oil daily & 1 high-nutrient meal a day replacing old meal. So, HVBO looks solid. Bit expensive up-front, but not very much compared to prospective health risks from teeth being bad, pulled, filled, or canaled.

      Teeth are very important….

      Be very careful supplementing with calcium, as it often leads to a deficiency, and A, D, K2, and magnesium deficiencies (as well as Zn and maybe Se) are often what cause calcium, which is often-but-not-always-abundant in intake to be too low– it’s not being absorbed. Supplementing more Ca when there is an excess may cause the body to flush more out, or otherwise lose Ca more.

      (Supposedly, bone meal tabs can also help with larger cavities and pain/healing)

  22. Jane says

    Hi, I would love to try this but I do not have access to raw milk, it isn’t legal here. Would non homogenized cows milk work the same?

    • Vestune says

      Likely not–it is suspected that raw milk , which was used as a panacea for a very long time to cure all sorts of things (quite-to-very-serious things), is at least in large part healing because of the raw whey, which is adulterated through pasteurization. Minimally pasteurized grass-fed milk (grass-fed is most important) maybe used with any probiotics (capsules, yogurt starter…) or kefir grains to make a cultured product, but the A & D & other enzymes will also have been heat-destroyed through pasteurization. So, the milkfat might provide crucial K2 (heat-stable, in fat from grass-fed dairy), but whatever healing constituents raw milk has on teeth are most likely harmed.


      Simply focus more on HVBO & true CLO, bone broths, and an overall nourishing, low-carb, high-natural-saturated-fat diet (perhaps obtain grass-fed ghee), and the healing should still hopefully work quite well.

      The more severe the decay, or the more aggressive, the more important it is to hslth it as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.

      This involves clean teeth, no food (sugars) for bacteria which cause decay as a byproduct of their digestion, and regeneration.

      (See above, very long, comment for further suggestions, as well as comment suggesting ways around illegality of raw milk if that is an issue. also might have resources to look more into raw milk/cowshares/herdshares if raw milk looks important. Overall health is very, very important when healing teeth. Teeth are a source of minerals and nutrients for the body if it lacks them. Poor nutrition can lead to teeth being broken down for nutrition, among other detrimental-to-tooth-decay things.)

      Best of luck!

  23. Sarah says

    Hi thanks for sharing. What do we do with cavities that have already been filled by a dentist? Do we have to have them removed for them to heal? Thanks.

  24. Lisa says

    MMM dentists must have a few brains after all as they sell a product called tooth mousse which is a milk based product for demineralising teeth and reducing sensitivity! Decay is rott! You can not repair it, just like our rotten veges and fruit don’t become fresh again.

    • Dave says

      The internet is helping me remember some of my past biology coursework. To your point about repairing decay or “rot”, I recall that we all have a particular white blood cell type called a macrophage, whose job it is to swallow up dead cells and germs in our body. This cleanup process happens all the time in the rest of our bodies. Mainstream medicine admits this much. Now, with the help of Weston Price’s literature, we are finding out that this can take place in teeth also.
      Veggies and fruit, if they were still connected to the tree, and had the advantage of our immune system, should in theory, heal just like our bodies can.

    • Rachel says

      Fruits and vegetables have been removed from the vine/stem (their life source). They are programed to rot if not eaten so that their seeds will be able to fall into the ground and grow new fruit. Teeth on the other hand are NOT removed from their life source. Teeth are alive and part of the human body. There is still blood flow to the teeth. Can’t compare fruits and vegetables to teeth.

  25. Dave says

    Mrs. Harris,
    I appreciate your sharing this. I wonder if I can add something to the discussion. You did comment that you did some oil pulling at some point that may have helped your situation. This could make a difference if you had had silver fillings in your teeth before all of the infections and milk sensitivity started. Mercury from silver fillings is noted by several researchers to cause allergies in people, such as milk allergies, and impair our immune systems’ ability to fight infections. [Bernie Windham, Hal Huggins, Dietrich Klinghardt]
    The oil pulling could clean up some of the mercury that would accumulate in the oral cavity from these fillings. (Many people have bluish mercury tatoos on the inside of their mouth next to their fillings- evidence of accumulation). Mercury is soluble in fat. So oil pulling can transport some of this toxin out of the mouth, by way of the oil, before it can get into the bloodstream and harm you.
    But here is the amazing thing to me. You had 3 fillings put into your mouth – probably silver, with mercury in them. And the Weston Price therapy, with the help of oil pulling and your bodies’ natural detoxification, was powerful enough to repair the tooth decay anyway – even with the silver fillings inside your mouth !!
    Are they small fillings ?

    • KimiHarris says

      Dave, They were not mercury fillings, and they were small. I only did oil a short amount of time not enough to make a difference in my story, I think.

  26. Golden says

    I just wanted to say thank you for posting. I sometimes lose faith and waver on whether or not natural teeth cleaning & healing actually works, because I feel like most medical information out there is so vague and it seems like no one really knows the truth. But I did want to post my story. From reading several posts like yours online following an appointment where my dentist said I had yet another cavity, I decided to take my own action. All I really did was clean regularly, floss, use xylitol products, and take cod liver oil. That’s really it. My dentist had also said one of my fillings had cracked on the end, so I knew I had to get my teeth checked out after a couple months had passed. I never trusted my old dentist because he always said I had another spot that needed filling, and I just never had a good feeling about him. I did see very clearly a shadow on the end of one of my molars, and I don’t know anything about dentistry, but to me it seemed like it must be a soft spot, or a spot that was beginning to decay. I never had pain from it or anything.

    So I went to a new dentist, and he did the first x-rays for free for new patients. When he told me there was absolutely no shadow there, I didn’t believe him, and he handed me the slide. I looked and looked and the tooth was completely clear of any shadow or imperfection at all. He said that all of my fillings were very shallow, and that maybe my last dentist had “drawn it on with pencil.” I know what I saw though (and it was digitized btw :)). Cavity or just a soft spot, I had definitely healed it in just the three months I had between appointments.

    In the past couple weeks I have had some pain in the cracked filling that my new dentist refilled for me that day. I have been treating it a bit more aggressively, (+ calcium tablets, oil pulling, and remineralizing mouthwash) and the pain has mostly stopped, but I am concerned about whether or not there may be decay under my new filling and if it’s possible to heal decay on the inside of the tooth. I suppose time will tell. I am scared to go to a dentist now when I have tooth pain, because I know they will pressure me to follow their line of treatment (drill & fill), when I know there are valid alternatives to explore. It’s a tough situation to be in. I don’t trust modern medicine at all, and it causes me a lot of stress. How are we supposed to know what’s best for us, when the top people in the field are consistently wrong?

  27. Michel says

    So I just want to make sure if I got it right. Did your tooth that was drilled and got filling heal ? Or was it your tooth that had a new cavity that actually healed?

  28. Kevin says

    Is it really important that the CLO be fermented? Doing some research online (it’s difficult to establish who is an expert and who isn’t these days), some people asserted that while fermenting certain items is great, that fermenting CLO isn’t, and often results in rancidity mixed in with properly fermented oils. Does anyone have any information on this? It certainly is difficult with CLO to judge if it is rancid or not by smell, as both the pills and gel I have purchased from Green Pastures have smelled horrible. I’m having a difficult time deciding between fermented CLO, and a non-fermented CLO from a reputable brand to ensure for quality and freshness.

  29. linda says

    Hello. Is there any proof in your healing? Pictures or video? Lot of websites advertising cod liver oil have only stories no proof of pictures. I think this is all green pasture advertisement. Please give me some solid proof people.

    • says

      Hey Linda,

      I understand your skepticism. My story specifically doesn’t have pictures or videos as I was dealing more with teeth sensitivity, and suspected cavities. However, this story does have some pictures. But I’d recommend you read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Price! And just to clarify, you don’t HAVE to use cod liver oil, it’s just an easy source of the important vitamin A and D needed for the protocol.

  30. WordVixen says

    Kevin- Green Pastures FCLO isn’t regular cod liver oil that is then fermented like you would yogurt or sauerkraut. Fermentation is actually how it’s made. Though I agree that I’ve had some of their FCLO that was very, very strong/bad that I suspect may have been rancid. It put me off of the non-pills product for years. I think this may have been a storage issue, or perhaps their quality control wasn’t as tight back then? Either way, I picked up a bottle again last weekend (cavities- I’d read tons about it before, so I knew that was the first thing to do), and this batch is amazing. I mean, it tastes fishy, but it’s also clearly not rancid in any way.

    Just a suggestion about taking FCLO- I use the syringe to shoot it into the back of my mouth, and then I take a shot of cranberry juice. It has a stronger flavor than OJ, and I think it cuts through the oil better.

    However, if you really want to take a regular CLO, I recommend Garden of Life. Supposedly it’s less processed than most, and I find that it tastes like lemon Pledge smells, which is not unpleasant at all (and makes the fish burp far less disgusting).

    As an aside- I used to be very careful with my diet, but I’ve had some really awful personal problems in the past few years and reverted almost entirely back to processed foods (less processed than before, but certainly not nutrient dense, and almost always cereal or bagels for breakfast like…. every day) for the past about 2 years. Except for raw milk. I’ve always kept up the raw milk.

    About two weeks ago I discovered two cavities (top 2nd biscuspids). Large enough that I could feel them with my tongue. About 1 week ago, I found what seemed to be a very small cavity on my top rear molar, but wasn’t that concerned as I hadn’t even known it was there and it was so tiny that it was hard to find. Part of that tooth literally crumbled 2 days ago. I feel like I’m living in a nightmare, despite rarely having pain in any of the cavities. But every few days a different tooth begins to show sensitivity. Sometimes it goes away when a different tooth starts showing sensitivity, sometimes not.

    So, I got my FCLO and HVBO last Saturday and started taking it right away. My front two cavities actually feel like they’re shrinking already, but that back tooth scares me. Badly. (There is still occasional pain, so I know it’s not dead.) I don’t know if I’m taking enough? (about 1/2 tsp FCLO twice a day, and two HVBO pills twice a day) I tried oil pulling, but it actually made my teeth hurt more, and made them feel brittle, so I stopped. I switched to a baking soda toothpaste which I think is helping. And I’ve just ordered diatomaceous earth and colloidal silver (I read a post by a guy who claims rinsing with colloidal silver healed his cracked tooth). I’ve been taking Natural Calm magnesium and raw milk for years, but I think the citric acid in the Natural Calm (as well as my year of drinking lemon juice water) may have contributed to the problem that I’m experiencing now. I’m trying to be more vigilant about drinking bone broth, as I’ve hardly had any in about a year.

    If I have to have dental work done on my back molar, I’m ok with that, but I don’t want to go in until I know for sure if the first two are healing/healed or not, since I know they’ll insist on drilling those as well if I go in now. All of the accounts that I’ve read about people healing their cavities say it takes about 1 month-ish. I’ve not read any accounts of it not working, but that’s still 3 more weeks of scare. :-(

    Sorry. I’m in kind of panic mode, and it’s hard to talk about with non-WAPFers, because everyone’s response is “Go to the dentist!”.

  31. Marea Verry says

    It was interesting reading your story, unlike you I’ve always had bad teeth (which probably means you will live longer than me:-) However I have been eating nourishing for about 10 years now and I have not been to dentist in 5 years. Recently I also stopped eating dairy due to breastfeeding a dairy allergic baby.
    When she was about 8 months old, 3 of my teeth really started to bother me, after ignoring for as long as I could I started back on my Fermented CLO with high vitamin butter oil, oil pulling and and other nourishing foods. Within a week I was able to stop taking painkillers and now I can chew on those teeth with no problems at all. It will be interesting to see what the verdict is in a few weeks when I finally visit a (holistic) dentist.

  32. says

    Hi Kimi,

    I often come to your site when I am in need of sound advice. I am almost in tears tonight finding out that my little brother had a silver filling put in today from a dentist I recommended (and mostly trusted). It’s particularly upsetting because I thought about checking with him to make sure he wasn’t getting silver, but I assumed he and the dentist were well aware of the danger of these fillings.

    What are your feelings on this? Do you think composite are better than silver? Should he have it removed? Can nutrition combat this? Do you think a tooth can repair even after being drilled and filled if you have the filling removed? What are symptoms to watch for in terms of mercury?

    If this was your family member, what would you recommend?

    I so appreciate your advice and know that you’re not a doctor or dentist. I’m just looking for advice from someone who has a similar approach to nutrition.

    Many, many thanks ~


    • says

      Hey Sarah,

      That’s frustrating. Two quick thoughts for you: Are you sure it’s mercury? Some dentists are using metal fillings now that don’t contain mercury. I only know that because a friend researched it, and decided she felt more comfortable with the metal ones (without mercury) than the composite. I’m not ready to say that they are better myself yet, but it’s worth noting. As far as getting it taken out if it is mercury, I’d definitely look into getting an opinion from a dentist who specializes in mercury removal, as my understanding is that it can be difficult to do without releasing a lot of mercury. They would be able to give the pros and cons to you and your brother. Hope that helps a little!

  33. says

    Wow! This was amazing, and so encouraging to me! Thank you for taking the time to share all this with your readers. Your terrible dentist visit sounds a lot like my experience. :( It’s so overwhelming to suddenly have so many of your teeth in bad shape. It can really put you in panic mode! I know it did for me. I went for ONE wisdom tooth extraction a couple years ago only to end up with a string of visits within that same month that involved a root canal, 3 temporarily filled teeth, and of course the original extraction, and my dentist wanted me to immediately set up a surgery to extract the remaining 3 wisdom teeth left in my mouth! When I asked him why he insisted on this when he’d just gave me my results, which stated that the wisdoms were not problematic! He told me that it’d simply be better to do that so I don’t have to “deal with them” in the future! He said it was quite normal for people to go in and have all their wisdoms extracted at once, even with nothing wrong with them. Just to prevent them from being a problem in the future…

    This just did not resonate with me. I couldn’t help but think, well, then why don’t we all just have every tooth in our head pulled if we’re using that logic and reasoning to have all our wisdom teeth extracted. Why not have ALL our teeth removed you know, so they too won’t be problematic in the future. Just didn’t seem right to me, so I refused for the time being and am so glad I did! He drilled and filled plenty of my teeth, and the 3 fillings he did (which I did not even know I was having done the day I went in! He was drilling one that I knew of, possibly two. I left with THREE drilled!) and at that point, my mental, emotional and physical health felt so drained and bad that I didn’t think I could handle another dental procedure that wasn’t even necessary.

    The odd thing was, the so-called cavities in the teeth he drilled/filled weren’t even very visible spots. In fact, I didn’t even know two of them had cavities, that’s how un-noticeable they were! I never felt any symptoms either. They had never given me trouble.

    That whole string of crappy dentist events in my life was what got me looking into ways to improve my dental health, and through all my researching, I stumbled on the works Weston A. Price and Ramiel , Edgar Cayce, and Judd. I regretted ever letting him fill those teeth. I feel like I could’ve easily healed those “cavities.”

    After that, I began using Ayurvedic dental techniques like oil-pulling, stopping using toothpaste, trying to keep fluoride out my diet and life in general, etc. I learned what foods were supposed to help teeth heal and all sorts of things. I also tried ghee, but it didn’t turn out well, so I plan to make more when I can.

    Anyways, so for the last couple of years, I’ve been on a journey kind of like yours! :) It actually brought me great relief to read your post here and know I’m not alone. I remember back when the whole dental problems first occurred in my life, and before I’d educated myself on the real-deal, I felt so hopeless and like my entire health was down the drain. I hate that you’ve had to feel these sort of things too, but it kind of feels relieving to me to know I’m not the only one who’s ever felt that way on this issue.

    Wow. Sorry for such an extensive post! I did not expect to even go into my personal dental experiences when I went to comment. I was just going to say thanks for a totally amazing post and for sharing your story! ;/

    One thing before I go, though… Could you, perhaps, add some details on the diet you’re using for your teeth, or the one you used when you healed those cavities? I am aware of Ramiel’s diet suggestions, and many more, but find that there’s so many different ones out there? Do you think if someone were to incorporate the simple things you mentioned (the CLO, the ghee, etc) that you used would be enough to have an impact on the cavities?

    Throughout my own journey, I’ve worked to the extremes to incorporate an abundance of minerals, vitamins and other healthy things into my own diet. I have seen improvements, and am a firm believer in regular-basis oil-pulling, especially with root canals! Those things have helped, although I am not confident that the CLO I was using was exactly perfect for dental health for various reasons. I use things like hemp protein (it’s called Hemp Pro fiber, and I’ve used hemp seeds too), amino acids, many different herbs, etc. I am planning to re-try ghee as soon as I actually can, so I hope it will be something that’ll maybe give my body the extra boost to heal all my teeth completely!

    The toughest thing for me is being able to get on a specific diet for this. I typically try to eat healthy, but eat like a college student (whatever is cheap!) I am hoping that, little by little, I’ll be able to start getting the actual foods necessary for health, and healing teeth. A lot of these things, like the CLO for example are extremely expensive. ;/

  34. Derek says

    I had a front tooth knocked out at age 18 in the finals of NJ Golden Gloves the dentist made a bridge of very thick metal for me since I was still boxing .Little did I know what I know now this was the turn of bad health slowly but surely I started having kidney/adrenal problems ..The bridge was connected to each side including the other front tooth ironically the two front teeth lay on the kidney/adrenal meridian . After at age 35 my health pretty bad with all types of allergies and health issues I left the bridge out when it came out as it did every 5 yrs I didn’t go get it cemented back in like usual well in the next yr my health was back it was amazing ..I then decided to get a different bridge connected to the other side but the dentist put bonding on that front tooth my health declined again …I want to get that bonding off that front tooth but the dentist said he may take away part of the tooth I wonder now if I get the bonding off any tooth that comes off including a tiny chip that was there would be able to regenerate ? Also this part would be harder but I wonder if the tooth on the other side he shaved down to a stub could possibly grow back . I have started on the COL and butter oil going to do the whole protocol Do you think chipped teeth or shaved down teeth and can regenerate ?

  35. Derek says

    I read some of the post on here I must say never if you can help it put anything in your mouth as far as dental materials nothing is compatible to your real teeth I believe afte having all that metal in the front of my mouth causes=d my health issues I actually worked in a huge place with tons of electrical equipment I had adrenal symptoms evey day but would feel great if I was off a few days anyway long story short I believe all that metal gave me electrical sensitivities now even these so called new dental materials bridges and composite fillings contain metal and if anybody read Dr Cook’s site he is a Dentisat in Wisconsin he states metal is not compatible with anybody I had so many different materials put in I became sensitive to all ofg them I questiond each dentist asking if they wee sure there was no metal they assured me there wasn;t then as I really looked into it and resrached I founbd out thee is no such thing as non metal dental they all contain crushed metal then put into white composite material if it shows up on an x ray it contains metal …Anyway what I saying is the only thing for me is my real teeth and these dentist are clueless I should have just got a removable partial without cadmium that is the only thing non metal in all of dentistry
    Anyway I saw what one lady said about getting a metal filling and thought composite is better it probably is but nothing is better then your real tooth so I say try to let it heal .I ve been on the FCLO and butter oil only 10 days and im seeing a film on my teeth whivch i thought was black then realizerd wow it must be remineralizing already .I just wish it could regrow back the tooth the dentist shaved down to a stub

  36. Angie says

    Kimi Harris:

    What a wonderful story! So glad you shared it. How long exactly did
    it take you to rehabilitate your teeth?


  37. Niji says

    Well from the science viewpoint, raw milk can be extremely nutrient dense especially on the mineralization front. Remineralizing your teeth is what needs to happen to heal light cavities and problems, the unmodified short chain triglycerides (fat) in the milk have simlar properties on your mouth as coconut oil so they handle the bacteial and viral side of things, while at the same time making the minerals and vitamins in the milk soluable so they can actually remineralize your teeth, additionally it helps feed and control the flora and fauna in your mouth. Drinking a quart a day sounds excessive but each person’s body’s needs are different, 4-8 oz should be the range for most humans. Remember even substances super beneficial to you become extremely toxic or poisonous once you’ve exceeded a certain amount of intake of them. More is usually not better, and the right balance can be difficult.

    Back to the science: What the cow grazed on in the pasture and its individual body make up(as well as species variety) greatly effects the nitrient density and kind of minerals present in Raw milk. So individual milage from consuming it could very greatly unless you test the actual nutrient content of each container yourself. But you body is pretty good at figuring out “just how good” it is for you soley by taste and mouth feel so its not as big of an issue once you learn to discern the full contents of stuff by taste and texture.

    The evidence is definitely pointing to doing the handful pf things that restore your teeth is FAR more important than NOT eating/doing the things that harm your teeth(except avoiding bad acids and sugar varieties).

    Great to hear personal experience from someone with similar teeth to my particularly unique ones, definitely need more detailed stories like this one out there. Thank you for posting!

  38. Jenny White says

    Hello!!! My son recently went to the dentist. 1st set of xrays. He has 3 teeth that need capped, 1 pulled, 1 filled. Were looking at a couple thousands dollars in bills if we do that.
    In the last month hes taking fclo/hvbo. Trying to oil pull (hes 4 & gags at it). Brushing with earth paste. Brushing twice a day, flossing at night & fluoride kids mouth wash.
    His teeth aren’t bothering him. He eats good! I am waiting for my thieves oil to come in. I read about applying it to the tooth, floss, even toothpaste.
    Any suggestions? I’m desperate!!

  39. Mellie says

    Kimi, I love this post and all the information you provided. I recently had my first child, have nursed him for going on 19 months… Pretty sure that I have a few cavities, am going to see the dentist today. Thanks to your post, if the kind holistic dentist does find cavities, I’m going to tell him I’d like to wait and see if I can heal them myself through diet, rather than have them filled.

    I do have one question though. I’ve heard amazing things about the herb horsetail helping to heal the teeth. A wild crafter friend of mine recommends taking 1teaspoon/day for a week at a time, every other week for a few months, to totally heal teeth. Have you ever heard of this, or do you know anything about it? It seems that some of is with dairy sensitivity might not absorb calcium from even raw cows milk, so I thought the horsetail might be a good alternative.


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