My story about healing my teeth

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I was at a typical dentist office getting my teeth cleaned and checked for cavities. I had a young infant at the time, and was dealing with some health issues for the first time. Months of infections caused by an overabundance of milk (which I didn’t realize for three whole months) had left me tired and weak, and a tad bit emotional. Those months were some of the hardest of my life, so when they announced that I had three cavities, I soon had tears running down my face to their amazement. Just so you know, I am someone who does not cry in front of other people, and this really was completely out of the ordinary for me.

I had never had a single cavity growing up, and when I first read Dr. Price’s book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, I realized that a healthy mouth can be a good sign of a healthy body. I was pleased that I hadn’t had any tooth decay yet. But now, here I was, feeling worse then I ever had before as my body was recovering from my infections as well as adjusting to waking in the middle of the night to nurse. I didn’t feel very good, and now I had tooth decay?! My body was falling apart, so I thought.

As the stunned dentist looked down at my tear filled eyes to see what the problem was, I said, “It’s just I haven’t been feeling well lately, and I know that tooth decay is just another sign of ill health.” He looked at me like I was crazy, and started a monologue about how it wasn’t related to my overall health, and that I shouldn’t cry because I had amazing teeth and he had way more fillings then I had. As he talked, I looked into his mouth and realized that his mouth was full of silver fillings.

As he drilled and filled my three cavities (all fairly small), I felt that he was a good person to go to fill a cavity, but was he really the best one to go to heal my teeth? I went home and tried to ramp up my diet, and put my embarrassing tear-filled appointment out of my mind. A couple of years later, I realized that my teeth were becoming sensitive to sweets, something that hadn’t happened before. I poked my fingernail at the part of my tooth that felt sensitive, and was stunned to feel it fit neatly into a small hole. That little poke hurt, too! I think my nail must have hit a nerve, as my tooth started throbbing….badly. Worried, I examined my other teeth and found several other sensitive spots, and one more small hole that I could fit my fingernail into. I was horrified. My one tooth hurt so bad that it even made it hard to sleep that night. I was in trouble and I knew it. Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition had just come out recently, and I ordered it right away. My most sensitive tooth that I found had a hole right below my filled cavity from when I got my fillings. I knew that filling my cavity had only been a temporary fix, so I really wanted to see if I could reverse this recent trend of cavities.

Besides which, our insurance doesn’t cover dental, and I knew that it cost $200 dollars per tooth filling. We really didn’t have the money for that. With renewed determination, I started making my plan of action for preventing future decay.

At the time, I was eating well, in the sense of eating whole grains, soaked, sprouted or fermented, homemade chicken stock made into soups, grass-fed butter, and a very low sugar diet. I was, however on a dairy-free diet, as I had found out a year or two earlier (after the crying dentist appointment) that my body didn’t do well with dairy. By this time, my body had healed enough that it was no longer reacting to dairy. After reading about how well it helped heal teeth, I decided to throw caution to the wind and start drinking raw cow’s milk again. And, because I wanted to heal my teeth, I drank probably a quart a day. I would make yummy “egg nog” almost everyday, too, with one raw egg yolk, vanilla extract, and stevia in my whole milk. I also made sure to get my cod liver oil every day along with pastured butter, ghee, or butter oil. I took it in three small doses with each meal of the day. I didn’t take out grains, let alone gluten, but did keep my diet low in fruits and sugars. I continued to make homemade stock and soups, and made sure to get seafood about once a week too (like clams, mussels, or salmon).

Within a couple of weeks, my teeth no longer felt sensitive when eating something sweet, like dried fruit. On a trip across the country, my sweet sister-in-law even helped me find raw milk and cheese so that I could continue my eating protocol. At that point, I was saying aloud to my family and myself, “I am trying to prevent future decay,” but only quietly, “I am trying to heal my cavities.” With Ramiel’s book only newly out, and Dr. Price’s research done so long ago, I felt like it was almost too good to be true that I could actually heal any decay that had already happened. It seemed crazy and I hadn’t heard of anybody who had actually healed a cavity other than in Ramiel’s book.

I was encouraged by my improved teeth pain, and actually was feeling more energetic as well! But when I went to my naturopath at that time, he, while exclaiming over my glowing appearance, felt concerned about my teeth and felt that I should get them checked out. A family member pointed out that while my teeth pain could have been reversed because of healing them, they also could have had the pain go away because they decayed so badly that I no longer could feel anything in my nerves there. Both pointed out that if it got really bad, I could be facing worse dental problems, like a root canal. It was good advice to have my teeth checked out. My husband’s uncle is a dentist, and he graciously agreed to do my dental work for free, and we had a free plane ticket, so I flew across country. I was pretty convinced I still had cavities, just because I didn’t think that I could have healed them in the time frame I was on my teeth building protocol.

However, once he checked my teeth, he told me that I was completely cavity free. I was shocked. Believing that it was impossible to heal cavities so quickly, I came to the conclusion that I must have never even had cavities and was so embarrassed that I had flown across country to see him. Yet another embarrassing dentist appointment, I thought.

But in the years that have followed, I have read more and more accounts of people healing their cavities through a similar diet, like Heather’s story, and Sarah’s, among many others. Slowly it dawned on me that I really did have all of the symptoms of new cavities forming (from a hole that I could stick my fingernail into, to the bad pain that kept me awake at night, to the sensitivity to any sugar or dried fruit). Now I think it is more than likely that I had truly healed formed cavities in a short amount of time (probably around 2 months time).

So that is my story. I certainly cured my tooth pain and sensitivity, and I highly suspect that I had true healing of some cavities as well.

 (Disclaimer: Please research the topic of raw milk for yourself. I know that it is controversial and I understand the concern, even though it is rare to get sick from milk when farms use proper procedures. Also, I am not giving any medical or dental advice in this post, simply sharing my experience. 🙂 )


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  1. tod says

    It is both shocking and disgusting that doctors and dentists HAVE NOT had our best interests at heart… WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

    • Kirsten says

      they do what they’re taught, and it is notoriously difficult for an authority figure to get people to change their diet, just for health. so most doctors think it isn’t worth trying to even if they DO know a bit about it.

  2. Ambareesh says

    By Raw Milk do you mean milk that isn’t pasteurized or do you mean Milk that isn’t boiled either.

    Please Reply.

    • Rob says

      Raw milk means It hasn’t been heated. If you boil the milk, it’s no longer raw and won’t have the same healing power.

    • Mr White says

      While I can’t be 100% sure what the author means by ‘Raw Milk’, it is a term usually used to refer to unpasteurized unhomogenized milk, the boiling process you’re asking about is actually a form of pasteurization (

      Depending on the type of pasteurization performed on a sample of milk, the level of chemical deviation in the milk pre/post pasteurization might be negligible, but from a microorganism perspective it’s nothing like the same, which it turns out is the whole point of the pasteurization process, to kill (render inert) microorganisms.

      I personally am a fan of raw milk, which is to say I believe the benefits outweigh the risks, not everyone agrees on this front and it’s a matter of some scientific debate as well (see research review on dangers vs benefits of pasteurized milk).

      I also think it’s unfair to say the doctors and dentists don’t have our best interests at heart, I think it’s more accurate to say that a western view of medicine is extremely limited in scope, and doesn’t explore alternative solutions that may be beneficial. It’s unfair to then transpose a systematic failing of our medical and scientific research and verification process, onto an individual or group of individuals. People who in all likelihood are acting and advising us towards the best solution based on their current knowledge.

  3. Alex says

    Hi kimi,
    I was searching the web for natural ways to cure tooth cavities and came across your post. Nice to hear that you were not diagnosed with any cavities. just have a question you said you got three of your tooth s filled by the dentist .were they cured too ?

  4. elle says

    I AM SHOCKED AN IMPRESSED AT MY OWN NUTRITIONAL INTUITIVENESS AT SELF CARE AND HEALING WITH WHOLE MILK VIT E COD LIVER RAW CREAM AND RAW MILK(a few other things)-something about the fat helping the calcium maybe I dont know but if I miss a few days my teeth literally ache I have a calcium disorder from childhood but your program and my own intuition is leading me on the right healing path.Thank you

  5. Alison Hasselquist says

    I’m sad to say I’m one that has had a root canal. I’m doing my very best to prevent more from happening. I’ve been dealing with heavy plaque and tartar and am really grateful to have found that xylitol gum is helping my teeth get clean. I went to the preliminaries for my hygienist appointment, but had to reschedule, due the school needing to reschedule. I’m getting it done at the college, hopefully. I’ve had really bad plaque and tartar along the gumline and on some back teeth and on the back of my front tooth. Bad enough to make me cry myself to sleep some nights! I suppose I should have gone straight away to get them cleaned, but I didn’t know what was going on and finances were tight. So, I began looking for natural treatments. I’ve come across black walnut tincture that really started helping. I’ve also come across bone broth and drink that. I have also seen the cod liver and have recently come across a connection with HCL. I am also sad to say I’ve got the mercury fillings which I’ve been reading about that. I’ve 2 of those, though, so hopefully no more silver. I can say I’m a bit prone to cavities, due to the condition called candida. I am finding a connection between candida and cavities. My diet wasn’t always very great growing up, but I’m changing that. By chewing the xylitol gum my lips are feeling much more most and I’m definitely feeling a cleaning on my teeth.I’m even feeling straighter again. I don’t know how a person goes through childhood without any fillings. Perhaps you just don’t remember them or know about them. I had a baby tooth pulled and I didn’t know it until just recently. Now I have my wisdom teeth in full swing! It makes sense that someone would tell you the infection might be worse if pain has subsided! But, it’s encouraging to know that they were healed! I wish dentist would tell us how to heal instead of drilling us. But, that is not what they are talk. However, now we know. Here’s to no more future root canals.

    • Barb says

      For plaque, get yourself a jar of activated charcoal and brush your teeth with it. You will be able to rinse the black coloring off easily so don’t worry about having black teeth. It removes plaque with one brushing. I spotted some the other day on my front teeth and brushed it right away with activated charcoal powder. You can find it in most health food stores at least in capsule form. Good stuff for a lot of ailments. Your teeth will feel nice and clean and it even whitens them too.

  6. Daisy. says

    Hello Kimi, greetings from India,
    All my wisdom and molar teeth are full of cavities. I know it’s shocking and scary..but I was wrongly diagnosed of cavities when I was only 4 or 5 years old. I say wrongly because those were not cavities in the real sense of the term..and in fact they could have been healed. So my dentist grilled all of them and put silver fillings. So now at 32 years my fillings have all fallen off and all that is left are huge craters!! They were not painful though. But last week all hell fell on me when one of them started giving me sleepless nights!! It was not only painful but too sensitive too that it pained even when I opened my mouth and the cool or the hot air touched it. But this time I am adamant that I will visit the dentist only if I am at death’s door!! So I started doing oil pulling with sesame oil. Plus have also started taking milk though I am lactose intolerant. I cannot stop grains. I am planning to go on with my usual diet but add milk, yoghurt and cheese in my diet. Please suggest what else can i do. I don’t want to go to the dentist. Please tell me if I should include ghee in my diet too. And also please elaborate as to how you consumed cod liver oil with butter or ghee. In my country we get pure cod liver oil capsules and seas brand. Please help I am still in a lot of pain. But I have faith that my teeth will heal even without a dentist and that I am very positive about it. Kimi, your story is so encouraging!!
    M also going through a lot of emotional turbulance right sorry for the lengthy comment.
    Waiting eagerly to hear from you.

  7. Lauren says

    Has anyone had this level of healing occur with pasteurized milk? I am willing to drive the long distance to get raw milk.. it’s just very very inconvenient for me (yes I know- not as inconvenient as tooth loss, lol).

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