Homeopathy for Indigestion, Heartburn and Reflux

Today we have another guest post from, Joette Calabrese,HMC,CCH,RSHom, from www.homeopathyworks.net. A great topic for this time of year! -Kimi

Oh, what a relief it is. After the extravagances of the past decades, we’re finally
seeing a shift in thinking in regards to the use of medications. Yes, I know, every
other commercial is a company pushing their drugs. Yet, in spite of this, there is a
ground swelling of those who remember life without drugs and recall a healthier

Take antacids, for example. If we watched TV ads, we’d be ingesting these
nostrums daily. If, indeed, they must be ingested day after day, perhaps they only
subdue and never get to the essence of the problem. Isn’t that cause for
questioning the value of these products in the first place?

I say it is time we consider another method. One of intelligence, efficacy, of time-
tested value and purity….that is, homeopathy. Homeopathy doesn’t cover up the
problem. It squarely addresses it. Homeopathy has a rich history in the capable
hands of certified homeopaths when used for chronic illness, as well as in the
hands of folks who have no interest in poisoning their bodies with medicaments
that carry side effects. Homeopathy is founded on a firm rock. Its laws and
principles are irrefutable, being proven in tests and clinically in hospitals, clinics,
nurseries and veterinary offices throughout the world for over 200 years. This
little lesson may just convince the staunchest advocates of modern medicine to lay
down their capricious pills and regard the power of homeopathy.

So, does homeopathy offer an antacid for the relief of gastro intestinal
disturbances? You bet! Let’s examine some of homeopathy’s best known
remedies and how to use them.

Natrum phos 6x is homeopathy’s king of antacids. Toss it in your brief case,
diaper bag or glove compartment. Then, anytime indigestion hits, throw 3-4 pills
directly in the mouth. If no relief is afforded within 15 minutes or so, continue
taking these in the same manner. In most cases, the indigestion will be complete
within short order. Oddly enough, the next episode of indigestion will often not be
as severe, not last as long and will be fended off for a longer period of time.

Further, the cost of these little pills is under $15 and they pack no side effects or

Nux vomica 30x is also a remedy one can count on to be efficient and powerful, yet
gentle, for the relief of reflux. It is used when we have over done a good
thing…too much cake, too many drinks on New Years Day, too much candy on
Halloween. It will antidote the symptoms of heartburn, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
and even irritability, as long as this cluster of symptoms match. Even a hang-over
is a thing of the past with the correct use of Nux vomica. Taken every few hours, it
will offer not only relief, but do so without side effects. Often the person suffering
from indigestion who will benefit from Nux Vomica 30x also complains of
wakefulness, usually around 3:00 a.m., with the thoughts of the day dancing
around in his or her head.

The materia medica of homeopathy has thousands of remedies that have been used
since the late 1700’s. They are as consistent today as they were when the
homeopathic doctors used them then. Homeopathy isn’t capricious. That is, it
doesn’t declare that the latest drug is “the” solution only to have it pushed to the
back of the pharmacy shelf within months or years in lieu of the newest hottest
catholicon. Or worse yet, have it withdrawn from the market due to subsequent
illnesses it has caused.

If you suffer from indigestion, consider homeopathy. It may not only relieve your
heartburn, but also that sleeplessness and irritability over having to watch a parade
of irksome commercials.

Joette Calabrese,HMC,CCH,RSHom is certified classical homeopath who teaches and consults with moms the world over via phone and SKYPE. For a FREE download of 10 Toxins and How to Antidote Them With
Homeopathy go to www.homeopathyworks.net and find it on the “Free Downloads and Articles” section of the homepage. Then, consider scheduling a FREE 15 minute conversation with Joette to see if homeopathy is a fit for you or your child’s health strategy.

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a
licensed healthcare provider.

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  1. says

    I’ve been trying to eat a Weston Price style diet and been running into some problems. Cruciferous vegetables and some ferments give me insane heartburn. I’ve had to back off on incorporating them due to this problem. I’ve been using activated charcoal and bentonite clay to help with the heartburn and detox. Any suggestions?

    • Alyse says

      I learned that charcoal would absorb everything including the good helpful bacteria (pro-biotics) I was ingesting along with the fermented veggies, etc. Then I learned the imbalance might be caused by my stomach not being acid enough to digest the food. So I tried a tablespoon of (I choose Braggs) raw apple cider vinegar in 1/4 cup of water right before my meals. For me this worked wonders! I have had 3 weeks of free of indigestion or acid reflux. My energy has improved too.

  2. debbie waltz says

    thank you for having homeopathy remedies on your site.i have been using homeopathy since 1995 when i became allergy to most antibotics.since then i have not had to take any antibotics.my son smashed his hand at our sawmill company this monday- he has it xrayed-no broken bones but alot of pain,homeopath gave him arnica 200c for pain,the bruising, the trama and hepar.perf.200c for the nerve pain.my son took several doses that day and one more dose of each them next day. his hand looks terrible,but he has no pain,hardly any swelling and good use of his fingers. homeopathy never lets me down

  3. Heather Wormsley says

    Oddly enough as it sounds, our naturopathic physician tells us to always ingest a tablespoon of good quality apple cider vinegar (ACV) immediately prior to a meal to decrease/or stop heartburn and reflux before they even begin. I know it sounds oxy-moronic but it has to do with triggering the production of normal stomache acid and thus digesting the ingested meal better, without “backlashes”. Personally, I have to put my tablespoon of ACV in a swallow of water before I can stand to take it. NOTE: this regimine works better if started prior to a full-blown problem with heartburn/reflux at each main meal, rather than trying to rid the chronic problem; otherwise ingesting the ACV itself can be quite painful going down.

  4. says

    i had really bad acid reflux for two years in my early 20’s and was on hard core prescription meds for it. when i finally decided that i didn’t want to be on meds for the rest of my life i discovered nourishing traditions style diet. after starting to eat more fat, soaked grains, etc, my acid reflux went away!

    now i notice that sugar is a big trigger for it. as long as i avoid sugar and too many grains i am fine.

  5. Melissa H says

    There is a difference between homeopathy and natural remedies. Homeopathy uses incredibly diluted preparations; to the point where there may not be any active ingredients left. My feelings on homeopathy are mixed at best; the commentary here doesn’t describe what is in any of the ‘remedies’ offered. The few studies I’ve seen on homeopathy indicate that it is no better than placebo — the real power of homeopathic remedies are not what you take, but the fact that you are more aware of yourself, that you’re not medicating yourself blindly, and that you’re likely doing a lot of other things to heal yourself.

    On the other hand, there are non-homeopathic natural remedies that I have experienced first-hand that have done wonders from my heartburn and chronic reflux. Apple cider vinegar is one of them. The other is a tincture called Iberogast; when Western medicine failed to treat my agonizing chronic reflux, I found Iberogast and took it for 6 months. I wasn’t just treated, my symptoms weren’t just controlled.. I was *cured*. My doctors all thought that I would be on proton pump inhibitors for the rest of my life.

    • says

      I’ve had great success with a variety of homeopathic remedies. I’m super sensitive to traditional meds and often have terrible reactions to them. When I can’t take these I’ve turned to homeopathic remedies. I know this is anecdotal but it works for me.

      I’m on a Real Foods diet and have come off proton pump inhibitors as a result. The thing is I want to be able to eat more cruciferous vegetables and these are still giving me a problem. I’ll try ACV. I need to buy some more since I just used up the last to soak spelt for pancakes tomorrow morning.

      However, I was curious which homeopathic med would help with this. I don’t want to be eating antacids each time I have kale or broccoli.

    • Audrey says

      I would disagree since homeopathy works on infants, toddlers and animals-cows, dogs and cats. These individuals experience drastic and sometimes even life-saving effects of homeopathy, and certainly are not healing themselves due to any increase in self-awareness. Maybe check out Dr. David Taylor Reilly’s two research articles in the Lancet?

  6. lydia says

    I have had success with taking 1-2 drops of peppermint essential oil in a glass of water to relieve indigestion, heartburn, and sour stomach.

  7. Casey says

    Has anyone had success with either of these during pregnancy? I am in my first trimester with terrible heartburn, but I hate having to take antacids.

  8. Tea Leaf says

    If I take my ACV regularly, and not eat junk food, it seems to cause less spit ups in my little one. I am wondering though, is the ACV still as effective if I take it in juice instead of water. I have tried it in water and it tastes awful, so I use juice (vegetable or fruit) to help the medicine go down.

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