Homeopathy for Smart, Frugal and Tenacious Moms

I am pleased to introduce a guest post by Joette Calabrese. Those of you who are members of the Weston A Price Foundation will recognize her from the Wise Traditions Journal. I’ve always enjoyed reading her articles (which you can read at westonaprice.org) and so was very happy to have her do a guest post for us introducing us to homeopathy. I am especially glad to have her share as I consider myself no experiment in this area. However, my naturopath has used them with my daughter and me, and I have seen some amazing results. There are many different opinions in regard to homeopathy and you are welcome to add your thoughts, experience, and questions below. Thanks Joette!

Do you clamor for simple, inexpensive, cartel-free medicine? …….Medicine of the values
of old?

I did. But it wasn’t until after suffering from chronic fatigue, debilitating allergies and
anxiety attacks, that I found this genuine medicine. How unlike my ancestors, I was!

My Sicilian grandmothers believed you went to the hospital to die. They birthed their
babies at home, treated colds and flu’s with a good dose of sweat, sleep and garlic and
nursed their big families through many ills without the aid of doctors, clinics, hospitals
and drugs.

As for me, after relying too long on modern day McMedicine, I finally grasped that
drugs dole out detrimental side effects that made me sick.

The reason for this is that they suppress our body’s ability to address the problem and
drive the disease to a deeper level.

What hypocrites!

Yes, conventional drugs cause illness instead of removing it.

So, how could I re-gain robust health and confidently treat my family, while avoiding the
dangers of drugs?

The answer was simple.

I learned homeopathy.

I came to this by way of my illness and I finally realized that the only person looking out
for my family and me is Me!

The human body is a miraculous machine. It’s capable of great resilience and healing
ability, often in spite of our abuses. Once I experienced the gentle, yet powerful curative
action of homeopathy, I was hooked.

At first, I learned enough to treat my family with homeopathy and then I committed to

going to school to become a homeopath.

Now I’ve been helping others for over 16 years, I’ve been able to bring robust health to
my family and teach others how to do the same.

We’re a drug-free family. No, I don’t mean we sometimes use them, I mean that my
family of 5 has never ever used an antibiotic, analgesics or any other allopathic drug in
over 24 years!

Bronchitis? No problem: Antimonium tart.

Knee injury? Why, it’s just Arnica montana.

Flu? Oscillococcinum.

It’s often that easy.

I want all moms to be hooked! Because whoever you are, you too, can cure your family
with homeopathy.

And you will not be alone. Homeopathy is used throughout the world by millions:
doctors, hospitals, monasteries, moms at home and all those are who tired of
medications that only and most certainly cause further ailments.

So what is homeopathy? It’s a well-established form of medicine, dating back to an 18th
century. It’s based on the principle called the “Law of Similars”, that “like heals like”.

It’s simple. If a substance, poison ivy, for example, causes a certain type of rash for
a healthy person, then homeopathic poison ivy, Rhus tox (which is a highly diluted
and concussed version), can bring about a cure for a sick person who is experiencing
a similar rash. So, it’s a perfect choice for similar illnesses such as chicken pox or an
eczematous rash.

Like heals like.

The compelling premise behind homeopathy is that there is a mechanism in each of us
which is capable of coming to balance if given the correct stimulus. This is achieved by
using a homeopathic remedy that is chosen not for the disease, but rather the person
who is experiencing the disease.

Homeopathy treats the individual and not the pathology.

Symptoms are the outward expression on the inner disease; hence, symptoms are of
value in determining the remedy. And once the symptoms are gathered, a remedy is
chosen using the symptoms as indicators. You don’t treat the symptoms. You don’t
manage illness, you resolve it.

Another way to put it? You cure the person. You uproot the propensity for the return of
the illness.

Moreover, it’s inexpensive medicine.

So, if you pride yourself in being frugal, tenacious and autonomous, if you love being
in control of taking care of your family’s well being, if you get a thrill out of learning
a skill that will serve you and your family for generations, then this medicine, called
homeopathy, is the method of care for you.

I have too much information to keep to myself.

Stay close by and I’ll teach as much as I can about what I’ve learned.

Joette Calabrese,HMC,CCH,RSHom is certified classical
homeopath who teaches and consults with moms the world overvia phone and SKYPE. For a FREE download of 10 Toxins and How to Antidote Them With Homeopathy go to
www.homeopathyworks.net and find it on the “Free Downloads and Articles” section of the homepage. Then, consider scheduling a FREE 15 minute conversation with Joette to see if homeopathy is a fit for you or your family’s health strategy.

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    • KimiHarris says


      Some people don’t believe that homeopathy is effective. I understand that. Some people swear by it with obvious results. If you would like to critique homeopathy, or share more thoughts on it, please do. I promise I don’t mind. 🙂 But I would like comments to be well thought out as well so that we can have a discussion on the topic, rather than making snide remarks.

      I feel that my readers come to my site for my recipes. So if you don’t like homeopathy, that’s okay.But this is a topic many people who visit have asked me about through the last few years, and I think that it would be great to have a discussion about it! If it doesn’t interest you, don’t worry. We will be sharing recipes again in the next post. 🙂

    • cate says

      I would LOVE a post about MAGIC WATER! I cleaned with it for three years and it is AMAZING! And no, I’m not joking! 🙂

      • KimiHarris says

        Okay, Cate, I have NO IDEA what magic water is! I’ve never heard of it. I think it’s funny because I thought that Patently was just pulling that phase out of thin air. I didn’t know it was an actual product. 😉

  1. Sarah says

    I recently married into a family who practices homeopathy. I am excited to learn more about homeopathy so I can better care for my growing family. What would you suggest as a good learning resource for someone who wants to learn more on this subject?

  2. Kedesh says

    Our family also avoids drugs and trips to the doctor WHENEVER possible. However, a problem I have struggled with in the past, as has my Dad, is giardia . We understand that this is one protozoa that you can only get rid of using antibiotics. I tried colloidal silver, which we find very effective for many things, but it didn’t seem to work . The only course of antibiotics that I have taken in my life was a week long one to deal with the recurring problems I had. It has sorted the problem and I have not had any issues since. If it were to ever return, is there a homeopathic remedy for giardia?

    • Mama Butterfly says

      Kedesh, I wanted to tell you about my experience w/giardia. When we were missionaries in Haiti my two year old came down with a bad case of it. It was brutal! We successfully treated it with diatomeceus(sp?) earth. We mixed it in yogurt to make it easier to take. I kept him hydrated and fed him brown rice and bananas with a little activated charcoal mixed in, just for good measure. We was greatly improved after a few days. We continued with the treatments for a full ten days. He was up and running around and never had any other problems. Mine is just one of many stories of people in our aquaintance who have used DE with wonderful results. I actually use it just about anytime my kiddos complain of a gut problem.

  3. says

    Hi Kimi,
    I have two natropathic doctors that use homeopathics and I have followed their advice for myself and my family. But I have to admit that many (if not all) of the very strongest Christians in my life (these people all follow a very natural “organic” lifestyle) have concerns about homeopathics. There is some thought that there is a “spirit” behind homeopathics. I must be honest in saying that I do have a “still small voice” in my heart questioning the way this works. Also, I have heard that homeopathics is compared to vaccines… why would this type of “vaccine” be ok when the regular type of vaccine (in my humble opinion) are trouble making. These are sincere questions that are in my heart right now as I use homeopathics in my home. Kimi, how would your guest writer respond to this? Thank you and God Bless you!

    • KimiHarris says


      Thanks for the comment and for sharing your concerns. As I understand it, you have two concerns. 1) Is homeopathy from the Devil? 2) If vaccines are bad, why isn’t homeopathy bad?

      The first concern. Where do I start? First, if you aren’t a Christian and you are reading this comment, yes, you can laugh at us. It’s okay. Sometimes we get our underpants twisted in knots trying to figure these things out as Christians. I realize that it can sound silly to many. Bear with us.

      Cynthia, I feel that the reason you may have a small voice of doubt in your mind is because you aren’t 100% convinced that there isn’t a connection to something spiritual. If I felt like that, I would have lingering doubts as well. I am not sure where this idea comes from, but it has never seemed in the least convincing to me. I think that my ND, also a Christian, would be a little offended if he was confronted with the ideas. 🙂 Is it because people don’t understand how it works that they claim it is spiritually based? In that case, herbs were once considered witch’s brew by some radicals. One dear friend once even told me about people taking homeopathy and then seeing something “fly over the house”. I decided to change the topic. So far no witches have flown over my house when I’ve used it. 😉 In my group of hundreds of Christians, all strong and sincere, only a handful have felt any concern in this direction. Many don’t think they work, but many of the older women in my life use them frequently without a sliver of misgiving. I seriously doubt that all of us could use something evil without the Lord bringing warning in our hearts. I have zero fears in this direction. But you also need to be convinced in your own mind. 🙂

      2) Secondly, the vaccine question. First, if it was spiritual, then the vaccine question is irrelevant. It can’t be both spiritual and have a logical explanation such as working along the same lines as a vaccine (in my mind at least) But if you put aside the spiritual concern, then on to the vaccine question. I personally don’t have a problem with the idea of a vaccine and how it is supposed to work. However, I think that there are different concerns with vaccines because of how they are produced and preserved. Some of the vaccines have heavy metals in them purposely so the body would react to the vaccine and create a vaccine effect towards a disease or illness. None of these concerns are inherent with homeopathy. They aren’t produced/grown in allergens, they aren’t preserved with heavy metals or other toxins. If the idea behind homeopaths is similar to the idea behind vaccines (which I think is true to a certain extent), homeopaths are a non-toxic no risk supplements.

      Does that help at all? Readers, I am interested in more of your thoughts too!

      • KimiHarris says

        Oh, and to add, the only few people who have had concerns with it being spiritually , based it not on personal experience, but on stories and “research” they read online. 🙂

      • Jill says

        In researching VETERINARY homeopathy lately (my dog has had an itchy rash on her tummy since her puppy vaccines and thuja, which is a homeopathic remedy for some skin problems and vaccinosis, hasn’t solved it…research continues….), I’ve learned that before modern vaccines, homeopathy was the go to for diseases in livestock and other animals. I read a case of anthrax that threatened a herd of sheep, but was cured (and the entire herd saved) using the anthrax nosode (homeopathic anthrax). It makes perfect sense to me, scientifically speaking, that it works. My understanding is that it works on similar principles that modern vaccines work on (and we don’t question modern vaccines spiritually, though maybe in other ways!), but in a milder, safer, more natural way. Somehow, the fact that it has worked so well historically, in animals, seems to validate it further in my mind as an approach to various diseases and conditions in humans. I guess animals won’t have a placebo effect, and I think even spiritually speaking, there is not even that element of faith in question when it comes to animals.

      • Rebecca in Michigan says

        Another thing about the vaccines that would be along the lines of spiritual is this: There are a few vaccines that have been make from parts of an aborted baby and it goes against my way of belief. All children are from God and I can’t inject my children and myslef with a so called medicine made from another child. Especially, the ones who didn’t have a voice in it. Does that make sense?

      • Erin L. says

        Another difference is that most vaccines are injected directly into your muscles and quickly pass into the blood stream, thus bypassing the natural route for proper immune response (ingestion, etc.).

  4. Angela says

    Thanks for this post Kimi. My dad has been a homeopath for 40 years. I know homeopathy works as I have used it all my life. When I visit my hometown and walk down the main street with my Dad, we often bump into his patients who tell me what a difference he’s made to their health and wellbeing. I have only rarely used medicines (such as antibiotics when I had pneumonia) and try to opt for natural alternatives for any ailments I get.

    Cynthia – I do understand your concern. I remember someone accusing my Dad of doing something akin to Devil worship! Anyway, I can’t answer for all homeopaths, but my Dad is a Christian and would never be involved with anything he thought was ungodly. There is no ‘spirit’ behind what he does. Just ancient remedies using God-given materials that work 🙂

    • Ana says

      My great grand father was a Presbyterian minister and also a homeopath. My grandmother went to medical school and was also a homeopath. Since my kids also use homeopathy I am happy to say that is 5 generations of proof that it works. When my niece was born at the hospital in Switzerland they(the hospital and staff) also used homeopathy to help with the birth process and healing. I think anyone not accepting it as medicine and making up these stories about it being spiritual is so used to being lied to by the big pharma and these new age churches that they can no longer tell fact from reality.
      Joette has a great web site with lots of good information. I am happy to learn from her and you can learn from her too. Life is better with homeopathy and it works.

  5. Evelyn says

    I am among the converted that has had excellent, quick results that are unattributable to other causes than the use of some homeopathic remedies. Looking forward to reading more about what Joette has to say as from my experience people who really know what they are doing with homeopathy are few and far between and though I feel safe using what I do I would love to have less of a “shot from the hip” approach.

  6. Evelyn says

    And we have definitely had the best results from dissolving two pills in 1/2 cup or so of water and then taking just one teaspoonful as needed. I was assuming that was the reference to “magic water” but I have only met one experienced homeopath who was the one to advised me to take it that way. There are some m.d.’s in our area that market themselves as “holistic” who do prescribe homeopathic remedies but from my experience they are doing little more than someone with no experience looking through the chart at the natural health stores, which I can do without an office charge.

  7. Andrea says

    Here is my problem with homeopathy…how can it really “heal” your body in such a short time if deficiency in vital nutrients is the main source of your problems. For example, my mother in law was suffering from chronic heartburn, digestive pain, and terrible bowel movements. I suggested GAPS for her because she has always eaten a terrible diet, was not breastfed, and smokes a lot. She decided instead to try a homeopath who gave her a remedy. Now, she no longer experiences any digestive pain or heartburn and has gone back to eating all her favorite junk foods in full force. She claims she is “cured.” However, recently, she has lost a lot of muscle strength and I wonder if, rather than “curing” the problem, the remedy merely pushed it somewhere else. Does that sound strange? I have seen this happen with a couple of other people. They take a remedy which removes their symptoms (or some of them), say they are cured, and continue leading less than healthy lifestyles. Does homeopathy just cover up symptoms?

    • Andrea says

      I also want to add that the homeopath that everyone in our town goes to attributes almost every single disease (including childhood diabetes) to some emotional problem. When you go to see her for a consultation, she has you tell her your whole life story and everything ‘traumatic” that has happened since birth. While I believe in a the integrity of body and soul, physical and mental…to attribute all diseases to psychological issues seems a bit far fetched. Is this a strong homeopathic principle?

      • Amy says

        Andrea, check out Dr. Caroline Leaf’s research. She is a world reknowned scientist who studies the brain. Her research indicates that EVERY thought evokes an emotion. The emotion releases a hormone into our bloodstream. Positive thoughts trigger positive emotions which release good hormones into our blood. Negative thoughts trigger negative hormones to be released. They negatively affect our brains and every other cell in our body. Enough negatives (distress) can allow illness to grab ahold in our bodies because our cells are weakened. This is a simplified explanation of her research.
        I have no idea if this is a tenant of homeopathy. However, this is scientifically proven.

      • Casey says

        Andrea, that has not been our experience. My son suffers from multiple chemical sensitivities and multiple food allergies, and the naturopath we see has been very focused on healing his body, not his life story. We have seen numerous doctors, allergists and dermatologists, and nothing they gave us ever worked, and usually made his symptoms worse. I was doubtful that homeopathy would help, but overnight it took away a rash that he had for 4 months that the allergist and dermo could not cure. She uses herbs, vitamins and diet interventions as well, but I was amazed at the results with the homeopathic medicines .

    • Jennifer says

      Andrea, would you be willing to share what remedy your mother in law took. I also suffer from heartburn and digestive pain.I have tried many things and still suffer. I eat lots of veggies, salads, green drinks and my stomach continues to give me fits.

  8. says

    My sister-in-law is a doctor and both uses and recommends homeopathic remedies. My problem with them, however, is that they are not inexpensive. For example, my sister-in-law recommends tumeric for inflammation. But the dose she recommends is several capsules a day for several days and the bottle of tumeric pills is not at all cheap. I do sprinkle tumeric on my food but there is no way I can get that high dose in this way. Hope this makes sense.
    A survey of the natural remedies shelf of my local Whole Foods lets me know just how expensive it is.

    • Annie says

      It sounds like the recommendation for turmeric is not a homeopathic approach. As I understand homeopathy, veeery small doses (negligible, and possibly not even detectable) amounts of the mineral/plant(?) etc are used. For some reason “homeopathic” and “natural” and “herbal” are mixed up a LOT.

  9. says

    So, so grateful that you have posted this! It has brought up a lot of WONDERFUL discussion on the topics of herbology, homeopathy, spirituality, and energy work…isn’t that GREAT!!! Here are a few of my thoughts:

    First, I’d love you to share this post tomorrow on Wildcrafting Wednesday. I know my readers would enjoy it. 🙂

    Second, our spirit is the source of energy for our body. Once our spirit leaves, our body has no energy.

    Because our spirit is integrated into our body, our spirit knows what our body needs and if we ask, and train ourselves to listen, our spirit will tell us what our body needs. This is called muscle testing or kenesiology.

    The condition of the body affects the spirit, therefore it is important to eat correctly so as to maintain physical health.

    Emotions do get stored in our body and can make us susceptible to dis-ease, however, I personally don’t believe that all dis-ease is as the result of a stored emotion. Still, it’s important to clear / work through negative emotion so as to maintain emotional health.

    To be truly healthy, we need to nourish the physical, emotional, mental, and physical parts of the whole body. To neglect one part of the whole is to neglect the whole.

    Herbs and homeopathics and essential oils are one source for maintaining physical health (as is good nutrition). All the herbs and homeopathics and essential oils in the world aren’t going to make us healthy if we aren’t eating correctly. They will make repairs but the damage will return because we keep causing the damage by the food we eat.

    If we eat well, we will have less dis-ease so the herbs and homeopathics and essential oils will be needed less frequently, although I use my herbs and essential oils daily to help provide nourishment to my body. Kind of like preventative maintenance for my body.

    Finally, the source of all healing is the Savior. Sometimes we are given a challenge of dis-ease not because of anything lacking on our part, nutritionally, but because this is an opportunity to help us draw closer to the Savior. If we’re doing everything we know how to do and we still become ill, it’s definately an opportunity for us to learn and grow, but it’s also an opportunity for us to become closer to the Savior. Perhaps what you learn from this experience will be the knowledge you need to help someone else return to health later on.

  10. says

    Thanks for your post! I took a homeopathy class last year, and have been using what I learned on both my one year old and my husband! I look forward to hearing more!

  11. says

    Those are some pretty familiar blue tubes! Love Boiron, it has nursed my kids through many things. Thanks for the guest post. I look to her column first thing in the journal everytime it comes in the mail.

  12. Tammie Thomas says

    Wow! I know Joette from Buffalo,NY years ago when I had only half as many kids. I first learned about homopathic’s in Buffalo 14 years ago. I have used them through out the years, more in previous years than now. Now, that my kids are older oldest is 26 and youngest is 5 1/2.

    • Sheryl says

      I, too, am from the Buffalo area and am a current client of Joette’s. She is wonderful! I’m just beginning my family, but hope to have a large one. I’d love to speak with you about your ideas regarding family, faith and health.

  13. says

    EXCELLENT synopsis. I am shouting inside with agreement. (I also liked the format of the article.) I have not dabbled much in homeopathy, but it did immediately cure my son’s constipation when tons of fruit, good fats, fiber and prune juice didn’t touch it. I also have a goal of a med-free family. On the last ear infection I took a stand against antibiotics and we have not had ANY since (before they were almost chronic.) I am encouraged to dive deeper into homeopathic meds this cold season. THANK YOU! Question – what do you personally think about immunizations. Do they share any similarities with homeopathic medicine?

    • Casey says

      No, it’s a different principle. Homeopathy is based on the idea of like cures like, but also that it is curing it at the energy level, not by bombarding your cells. The mixtures are diluted to a level which makes the original ingredient undetectable. The idea is that the dilution actually increases the stored energy of the ingredient. I know it may sound spacy, but it has worked so well for my son, and I was a total skeptic before we tried it!

  14. says

    About the spiritual aspect (just read the above comments.) I too have had some misgivings about homeopathy in this regard. But after seeing my son suffer from constipation one summer, I can say confidently (for us personally) that the homeopathic cure for constipation is not from the devil, although laxative suppositories may be. It was gentle and effective and helped a pretty serious situation. I will probably take things on a case by case basis. This article encourages me to delve deeper into homeopathy, but in many cases I suspect I will continue to use other forms of healing first (swedish bitters, diet modification, garlic, warm liquids and, if needed, herbs.)

    • Chara says

      Can you tell me what you found that worked for constipation? My husband has had challenges with that due to a medication he is still taking… Thanks~

      • says

        I don’t know a homeopathic remedy (and they should be individual anyway so what worked for one may not work for another), but consuming foods rich in magnesium or taking a supplement can help. Very dark, pure chocolate with nuts is an excellent (and delicious!) magnesium-rich snack. I believe a lot of things (medications, pregnancy, nursing) deplete the body of magnesium, which leads to constipation. A bath in epsom salts (2 c. added to the water) can also be effective. And of course plenty of water! A bit of apple, pear, or prune juice can help, too. Avoid fiber; it’s controversial and rough on the system anyway.

  15. Paula says

    I’m very glad for this post, as homeopathy has long been an interest of mine. I’ve seen what it can do, when the right remedy is found.
    Here is the one concern that troubles me: Homeopathic remedies are diluted to the point that there is actually nothing there except water, which is then made into sugar pills or a tincture. The stronger the remedy, the more the herb, or whatever, has been diluted.My understanding is that when Samuel Hahnemann (spelling?) was developing the practice of homeopathy, people still believed that matter was infinitely divisible–that is, however much you divided or diluted a substance, you would simply have a smaller and smaller amount of that same substance. Of course, we now know that substances are made up of molecules, which are composed of atoms. So, for example, if you keep diluting salt, I’m guessing you would eventually no longer have salt molecules, but individual atoms of sodium and chlorine. As you continued diluting, you would end up with nothing at all from the original substance.
    The explanation I have heard from homeopaths is that, while none of the original substance remains, the energy from that substance is still there, and grows stronger with subsequent dilutions. Sacution, (not sure of that spelling, either) or shaking, is also considered crucial to making the remedy effective. As much as I’ve seen homeopathics heal, this whole thing sounds just plain weird (and yes, a little creepy) to me. I can understand why many Christians fear that there is some occultic or supernatural force behind the healing power of homeopathic remedies. I’ve tried to read Hahnemann’s Organon, and he does make some strange statements.
    I would love to know if there is an explanation that doesn’t border on the supernatural, for how a substance that is no longer there can heal–and why a remedy will only work if it has been shaken a certain number of times.

    • Annie says

      I’ve had the same exact wonderings/concerns re: the lack of actual substance remaining after the dilutions. And I’ve wondered too about the concept of “energy” medicine , what energy is, and how it flows and affects things. I’ve only tried a couple of the Boiron remedies – Chestal is their cough rememdy – honey based IIRC but it didn’t really help and also the oscillo (forget the long name!). I’m curious about the exact same questions, Paula!

      • says

        THANK YOU, Paula! This is the exact explanation that I have received from my naturopath and this is exactly why I have been wanting to look into homeopathics a little further… which is why I asked the “spiritual” question earlier. I did think of another question that I have wondered for a long time as well… and that is this: I have been told that one cannot “mix” (meaning use at the same time) homeopathic medicines and herbs. Why is this? Do the herbs somehow “interrupt” the homeopathics?

        • KimiHarris says


          Once again, I think it depends on who you ask. My ND had me on certain herbs as well as homeopaths at the same time. 🙂

    • KimiHarris says

      Hi Paula,

      It’s really late here, so I don’t think I can get to all of your questions (and I would rather have someone really knowledgeable answer them). 🙂 But I did want to share one thing, I have only had one person tell me that they needed to be shaken. My ND never, ever told me that. So there must be different opinions on that.

      On another note we can get creeped out by things that we don’t understand logically. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a logical reason for it. 🙂 Herbs weren’t understood at one point, and so they also “creeped” people out and was looked upon as evil. I’ve heard very logical reasons behind homeopathy, but those conversations were so far back I hesitate to try to be the one to explain them. Anyways, I don’t think we need to go on a witch hunt quite yet. 😉 But I am hoping that Joette or someone else knowledgeable could respond with more knowledge than I have.

    • Casey says

      The book Vibrational Medicine has a good explanation. The theory is more along the lines of matter is made of energy, we are made of energy, and the medicine works on the energy level. I thought it was a little whack o too, until it worked for my son when no prescription or herbal remedy had before. I want to point out that Boiron and other over the counter remedies are just general mixes, like cold medicines. You have to see a doctor who works with these remedies to get one very specific to your condition.

  16. Nicole Reilly says

    Hello Everyone,
    I posted a message last night on my FB page for my friends pertaining to healing and I wanted to share with you. To begin, we eat a high fat, clean protein, gluten free, raw milk, organic to the extreme diet and strictly use homepathics and bone broth’s for healing. My 13 year old daughter, Elise, has eaten this way since birth. Elise is also a phenomenal athlete and her passion is basketball. Three weeks ago she had a basketball accident and sustained an avulsion of her fibia at the growth plate. Meaning her bone snapped at the site of the growth plate. . We went to an orthopedic specialist for the final diagnosis. She was told, 2 weeks cast, re-xray, decide if she needs a pin, if not, re-cast for 2 weeks, boot for 3 weeks. Elise took her homeopathics religiously, drank her chicken and bone broths, ate minimal sugar (coconut sugar), drank gallons of raw milk, envisioned in her mind a healed bone, and…. we went for her 2 week check up…. her bone is completely HEALED. She was put in a boot yesterday. I think homeopathic are wonderful, we use nothing else. But remember “Let food be thy medicine”. We all feel that she was healed because of several things: Homeopathics, bone broths, raw milk, only organic fruits and vegetables, soaked grains, cod liver oil and the use of only palm sugar as a sweetener. This was not a strict diet for her. It’s her everyday diet. Most importantly, however, is the power of the mind. She told herself from day one and everyday after that she would heal in 2 weeks. And she did! If we could only trust ourselves, like my 13 year old daughter did. Trust your thoughts and your feelings. If unsure, meditate/pray on those thoughts, the right decision will come to you in order to heal yourself.

  17. KimiHarris says

    Hello All!

    Wow! What a lively discussion going on here. That’s great. 🙂 As I said in the introduction, I am in no way an expert on homeopath. I emailed Joette to see if she could respond to the prevailing concern (regarding spiritual/energy etc). I don’t know what her response would be if she has the chance to, but I hope she has the opportunity to respond!

  18. Vikki Kay says

    The Secret Life of your Cells by Robert B. Stone is not on the precise topic of homeopathy, but I found it very useful for providing a scientific rationale for the efficacy of homeopathic treatments.

  19. Jen says

    Is there a class, or book, or anything she would reccommend? We’ve dabbled in homeopathy and never really had it work, but i think we just didn’t know what we were doing.

    Very upset at this post–that it wasn’t longer!! 🙂 Help! i’d particularly be interested in any treatments for lung issues, asthma, bronchitis, etc, but any resource i can get my hands on would be great. would LOVE a class….just want to echo that i’d love to see if there were any reccommendations —this is one of those topics i want to make sure my resources are legit, so a rec from one of the two of you would be great.


  20. says

    I’m fascinated by this and want to learn more…after learning more I’ll decide if it’s right for me and my family. Like someone asked earlier, are there any books/websites that would help someone just starting out? Does Joette have any suggestions for where to start?

  21. cory says

    IMHO, everything we do has a spiritual element. What we say affects us spiritually, what we do affects us spiritually, the seasons we observe and the food we eat do as well. So I am sure there is a spiritual element to homeopathy. It’s just a question of whether it produces a positive effect in our bodies or a negative one.

    As to a more scientific question – if salt is in solution , it *has* split into its respective atoms. But it still tastes salty. Is there a point of dilution where, reasonably, a sample of the solution would likely contain no atoms of the salt molecule? Possibly. But molecules will disperse in a solution so it’s possible there would still be atoms in there. It’s strange to think that a concentration in the parts per million would still have an affect on our bodies, but…we can smell gaseous concentrations in the parts per million – some even in parts per billion, I think, and some quite strongly (I believe sulfur dioxide is one, but don’t quote me on that).

    But that’s just my totally-uneducated-on-homeopathy thoughts on the topics under discussion:)

  22. RG says

    Someone already addressed the shaking, dilution, outdated and incorrect scientific reasoning, and other weird stuff associated with this. Another concern is not that it is spiritually offensive all by itself, but that it could introduce and lead people down a path that includes mysticism or in radical cases witchcraft. The Bible talks of increased use of pharmachea (probably spelled that word wrong) and subsequently people being easily controlled, subverted in their faith, dependent on those in power, and etc. in the last times. We certainly see this in modern medicine, and so some Christians are concerned about it in this realm as well. Yes, herbs were given by God for healing of the nations and for our provision and food, they are not in themselves evil, but can also be used for evil things, just like the internet, etc. So the question still is whether homeopathy is evil or can just be used for evil by offering an innocently disguised doorway into the Occult or mysticism to those who are not wary.

  23. says

    Snide remarks about homeopathy are only made by those who are uneducated and inexperienced with it. Those who snub it are those who WILL die at the doctors office – after years of living with the horrible side effects and terrible living conditions that western medicinal drugs bring. I wish more people were more open to HEALTH! Those who have tried it cannot argue against it. It’s effective and I’m so grateful to get more information about it wherever I can. It’s freeing, comforting and INEXPENSIVE to go to my kitchen cabinet and pull out an effective, safe and natural remedy for ear aches, sinus infections, yeast infections, congestion and about a million other problems. Thanks for this post!! And I love the recipes on this site, too. I’m going to buy the ingredients for the Asian noodle salad now. Keep it up!

  24. Paula says

    Hi, Kimi,
    When I mentioned the need to shake homeopathics, I was referring not to the instructions given to patients, but to the way the remedies are prepared. As I understand it, when Hahnemann first began diluting plant substances and testing them, they didn’t work as expected. One day, perhaps in frustration, he gave one of his remedies a good shaking, and for whatever reason, it worked after that. I think there are specific protocols for how many times to shake a remedy after each dilution.
    By the way, there is a book written by a homeopath, called The Christian’s Guide to Homeopathy, which I have long wanted to read. My husband checked online for me, but couldn’t find it for less than $40 or $50. Maybe for Christmas. 🙂

  25. says

    I wanted to comment regarding the dilution of a substance to the point where it is no longer scientifically detectable, to the point that none of the atoms of the original substance could possibly remain. If I understand it correctly, humans have been shown in studies to be able to discern the presence of pheromones even at concentrations that are not scientifically detectable. Also, although I am no expert in theoretical physics, as I understand it, there is a lot of research being done regarding the impact of molecules and atoms upon each other even when there are no reactions between them in terms of how we currently understand chemical reactions. I guess what I’m saying is that we may not have the capacity yet to fully understand, based on the current status of scientific understanding, why homeopathy works. I know I won’t ever fully understand why certain substances have helped to heal my own and others’ bodies, and I would be presumptuous to think that I ever could. Luckily, that doesn’t stop the healing from happening.

  26. Christina says

    Thank you for this post. I was wondering if there is any danger of mixing different homeopathic medicines. So far, I have just been using the ones that are a combination that I bought from Azure Standard. So for instance, can I give my daughter the Hyland allergy tablets, then give her the headache tablet, if she has a headache, then give her Restful leg that night if she has “twichy” legs?

    I think I just found the answer to my own question. Since they are all from Hyland I’ll call the company and ask them. I’ve called once before, and they were very helpful.

    But I too would love to learn more. Since we do not have a homeopath in our area, I would be interested in knowing what books or websites have reliable information.

  27. Paula says

    You make a good point. I guess that’s why I’ve continued using homeopathics for myself and my family, despite the concerns I’ve mentioned. I’ve seen how much it can help, without side effects, and my hope is that somewhere there will be an explanation that doesn’t rely on the supernatural. The parts I’ve read from Hahnemann’s Organon do indeed sound a bit occultic at times, but that could simply be my misunderstanding.

  28. laurie says

    I have used homeopathy in the past and have found it very useful. However, I think we have to be careful to not “throw the baby out with the bath water” when it comes to completely devaluing conventional medicine. There are a lot of people out there today that have serious diseases and health problems that without “conventional” medicine would either not be alive or have severely restricted lives. I believe in eating good, whole food as God intended and definitely making use of natural remedies, but I think it’s arrogant to assume you can fix anyone’s problem with homeopathy. It’s not kind to those who have experienced God’s goodness through doctors and medicine.

    • KimiHarris says


      I didn’t understand Joette’s take on homepathy to mean that she thought it could cure everything-just that it could be used to treat common ailments. I am pretty sure that she would agree with me that conventional medicine has it’s place for certain situations (I have experienced many good things from it……and some not so good.). 🙂

  29. Kasi says

    I think nutrition is terribly important. I believe in bone stock, avoiding processed foods, healthy fats, etc. I know that our medical system more often than not treats symptoms, not causes. I got all that.
    But I also believe in SCIENCE. Tests. If someone can point me to a truly scientific study showing homeopathy works, fabulous – I’ll check it out! But the negatives of our health system do not, to me, outweigh the value of science. And so there are often posts on this blog that are so anti-science it makes me cringe. I keep coming bag for the recipes. But people – don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. Our science-based health system makes mistakes – but it also saves lives. Don’t just accept homeopathy or nutritional claims because they are anti-government/medical system/conventional wisdom. Demand PROOF. EVIDENCE. Not just stories from anonymous people you can’t even see, whether or not they have letters after their name. Be skeptical. Use your brain to evaluate – don’t just accept.
    Once you have evidence, then you can make an informed decision. Until then, you’re jumping on feelings, which are notoriously unreliable as a way to evaluate truth. I think it FEELS good to accept any and all traditional food/homeopathy/whathaveyou claims -because then you feel like you have control, and that feels good, and some people get off on being anti-conventional.
    But we have a brain for a reason. Use it. Don’t just switch blind adherence to conventional wisdom to blind adherence to all alternative claims that go against the conventional wisdom.

    • KimiHarris says

      Wow, that was a heated comment Kasi!

      You said: “And so there are often posts on this blog that are so anti-science it makes me cringe.” What posts are you talking about? I am surprised that you would level such a claim at my blog. I think you may confuse anti-science with anti-conventional thinking. They are not the same. But even then, I would find it surprising that you would find blog posts “often” on my site that were anti-science, when I mostly just share recipes.

      I think that double blind trial studies are important, very important in fact. However, I think that even tests are fallible and that we often take one study and run with it. History proves this point, sadly! I have no problem with taking people’s experiences and doctor’s insight into consideration as well as research done in the lab (and this includes conventional doctor’s advice too-which we personally have made use of often).

      All to say, double blind studies are helpful in many cases, but I personally don’t find them the only thing worth considering.

  30. waggie says

    Can’t wait for the next segment. I have done some things with Homeopathy. It is what I gravitate towards. It may sounds strange, but it just feels right to me. Unfortunately it always seemed so expensive to me so I can’t wait to hear your budget friendly methods.

  31. Amanda says

    @ Kasi — There is a tremendous body of scientific studies proving the efficacy of homeopathy — I recommend the book Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy by Amy Lansky for anyone who wants to delve into the history and science of this healing art.

    • Molly G says

      I have this book, too, Amanda, and I agree; it is a terrific, jam-packed book on homeopathy. Also, if you want to get some quick answers to which remedy would be “generally” better for some particular ailment, go to this website:
      http://hpathy.com , and use the search engine to bring up articles and suggestions from the homeopaths that subscribe to and post on the website. There is nothing like consulting with a homeopath in person, but that is sometimes unavailable to those of us who live in States like Texas, that suppress almost ALL natural healing practitioners, and end up suspending medical doctors’ licenses when they try to practice healing modalities outside of the “box”. There is also the problem with finances, like so many of us experience, and online sites like the above become true God-sends. There will be, and have been, legislative attempts to allow the FDA to control the sale and availability of herbal and homeopathic remedies in the USA, so stock up now while you still can.

  32. Molly G says

    I am a Christian and a big fan of Joette’s homeopathic practice. I have read all the comments in this thread, and I understand the hesitance of some Christians to embrace or to practice any healing method that involves “spiritual energy”. In my opinion, our bodies are only alive because of the River of Life that our Almighty God has given us, and we are the ones responsible for doing everything in our power and understanding to keep that River moving smoothly and unpolluted….NOT an easy thing to accomplish in this day of chemicals and food additives that could “kill a horse”…and DO! As far as “energy” in our body’s maintenance, what do you think causes our heart to beat in a perfect rhythm from our time of inception in the womb? Think about it! There are many things that cause “blockages” and “misfires” in our River of Life and in our energetic perfection. Homeopathy somehow corrects and realigns our energetic blockages and misfires, and after studying the concept for only a short period of time, I have become pretty successful in healing myself and my family from all kinds of maladies, both physical and emotional.

    If you want to further study and learn all that you can in a relatively short period of time, go to Amazon or half.ebay.com and order a new or used copy of “Homeopathy, An A to Z Home Handbook” by Alan V. Schmukler. The most efficient and low cost way to get an EXCELLENT homeopathic remedy kit with (50) 200c remedies AND a book to go along with the kit, “The People’s Repertory” by Luc De Schepper, go to:
    http://www.natural-living.com/lucs_kit.php . For $83.95 you will get the MOST effective and substantial kit of remedies available on the market, and that includes FREE shipping! It has proven to be the most wonderful $83.95 I have EVER spent in my life, and I’m 60 years old. I have successfully healed my husband’s serious kidney infection, numerous bouts of pneumonia, food poisoning, constipation, rheumatoid arthritis, and so much more! (He was a Vietnam P.O.W. and has many, many ailments, both physical and emotional, as you can imagine.) This kit has come to the rescue in so many other instances, but I will not even try to list all it has helped us with.

    Please take my word for it…HOMEOPATHY WORKS!! It is NOT a placebo effect, either. The Big Pharma drug pushers would have you believe that EVERY natural, effective remedy, especially those that cannot be patented and sold for BILLIONS of dollars, is unsafe and ineffective. Don’t listen to the devils that poison you with pharmaceuticals! Oh, don’t get me started on that subject…. :~b

    With blessings to all,

    Molly G in Texas

  33. Jody says

    Hi. Being quite resistant to try homeopathy myself, I took my daughter to the local homeopath after the doctors couldnt control her asthma any longer. She was nine years old and suffering from asthma and allergies. I dont like or take any drugs myself and no longer wanted her poisoned…the drugs werent even working very well. After the first dosage, her sinuses started to drain. The inflammation in her sinuses cleared up in a matter of days. The Dr. said she had “no nose.” She could barely breathe. It took a few hours longer but her chest congesting and wheezing gradually dimished as well.

    My homeopath’s patients call him the wizard…he is in retirement now. What a doctor!

    Several years later I got divorced and my ex wouldnt sign the divorce unless I agreed that the child wouldn’t go to the homeopath and chiropractor any longer. He was abusive and I was scared and I signed it. My 15 y.o. daughter is now back on standard medicine for the most part and suffering –and living with her father. She eats wheat, dairy, soy and he thinks he is doing a great job parenting… They called me “crazy” in NJ court for not following conventional medicine. My lawyer didnt want to put me on the stand because I would look like a nut. Yes, folks, its all true and I am as stable as they come.

    The homeopathy works! Homeopathy should be used in conjunction with allopathic medicine (when necessary) to get the best treatment for each of us. Unfortunately, homeopathic remedies are considered taboo.

    Best thing you can do is keep your immune system healthy by eating well and call your homeopath when you don’t feel right. She can fix all kinds of diseases the AMA tells us there are no cures for.

    Keep up the good work!!


  34. David Michael says

    I think there is way too much evidence, both scientific and anecdotal, to dismiss Homeopathy out of hand. It is used on infants, unconscious persons, pets, livestock and plants so no placebo effect can be attributed in these cases. My entirely family uses it with great success. My nephew no longer has asthma, I no longer have gout, everyday complaints are usually addressed quickly (colds, nausea, flu, toothache, skin problems). For over two centuries it has had a long history of successes. For example, during the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918, which killed 100 million people worldwide, those treated by conventional medicine experienced a 28% death rate (aspirin seemed to be especially fatal) while those treated by homeopathic methods experienced only a 1.1 % mortality rate.

    Recent notes from the scientific community:
    Luc Montagnier, a French virologist and winner of a Nobel prize, has published research allegedly detecting electromagnetic signals from bacterial DNA after serial agitated dilution in water. He made the following statement regarding homeopathy and homeopathic doses: “I can’t say that homeopathy is right in everything. What I can say now is that the high dilutions are right. High dilutions of something are not nothing. They are water structures which mimic the original molecules.” He has further plans to study electromagnetic waves that emanate from the highly diluted DNA of various pathogens in China.

    A quote from William A. Tiller, Ph.D., professor emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University: “It is clear we are going out of the age of chemical and mechanical medicine and into the age of energetics and homeopathic medicines.”

    These guys are not twerps off the street

    Some interesting videos are the ones by John Benneth on youtube where he directly addresses the placebo effect and presents scientific facts that are compelling if not stunning.


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