Organic, Grass Fed Ghee (Clarified Butter) and Organic Coconut Oil Giveaway ($65 Value)

This post should really be labeled “beautiful fats” with the pure white of the coconut oil and deep yellow of the ghee. These traditional fats are a dream to work with. Ghee and coconut are two of my most favorite fats to use. Ghee is has a rich, sweet, almost nutty flavor that adds both richness and flavor to your food. Coconut oil is sweet, and clean tasting.

Ghee is basically butter with the milk protein taken out, leaving pure butter fat. Ghee is not only very flavorful, but it also has a higher burning point, meaning you can cook at much higher temperatures than butter without it burning. This means that you can have the rich flavor of butter, without worrying about it smoking at a low temperature.

When I was very sensitive to dairy, I found that I could consume ghee without any issues. Many dairy sensitive people find that they do well with ghee since it is casein and lactose free. I put ghee on everything-toast, waffles, in baked goods, you name it. In fact, both ghee and coconut oil are my “go to” oil in my kitchen. Coconut oil is used multiple times a day in this house. I use it as an all purpose lotion, it’s also used in baked goods, I make it into fudge, and use it as a frying oil. Yup, I pretty much love the stuff.

The ghee and coconut oil package we are giving away today is from a very unique and special company, Pure Indian Foods. They specialize in making traditional ghee from completely grass fed cows. This insures a high vitamin content. It’s rich yellow color is from vitamin A.

Grass fed butter and ghee also has a special vitamin, called vitamin K2. It’s what Dr. Price believed to be so important for teeth, bone and general health. He recommended using butter oil and cod liver oil together with meals for good health. When I use grass fed butter or ghee in my cooking, I just take some cod liver oil after the meal, and there you go! Because it’s grass fed, it should also be a good source of CLA, which exhibits anticarcinogenic properties and other benefits.

I would consider both of these fats “super foods”, in that they both deliver many nutrients and potential health benefits. Dr. Price believed that vitamins in grass fed butter worked in a synergy with cod liver oil and a high mineral diet to create good health. Coconut oil has traditionally been used to treat a wide spectrum of diseases. Regardless and even more importantly, they are a joy to cook with.

Today, we are giving away a splendid package of ghee, flavored ghee (amazing stuff) and coconut oil. Let’s look at these items a little more closely.

First, in the giveaway is two jars ( both 7.8 ounces) of plain ghee. This is your all purpose ghee to use in cooking, baking, and to spread on toast, rub on corn on the cob, etc. It has a slightly sweet, slightly nutty taste.

Then, we have the sampler kit (each flavor 1.1 ounces) of their flavored ghee. These are amazing. Flavors include, Garlic, Italian, Digestive, Indian Dessert, Herbes de Provence, and Niter Kebbeh. Basically think of this as your seasoning and your oil/fat together. They send a lot of ideas of how to use these and they all sound delicious. It can be as simple as using on corn on the cob, adding a pat to a grass fed steak, or using on oatmeal (one of my favorite uses of ghee).

My favorite is probably the digestive which is flavored with cinnamon, cardamon and ginger. It’s so delicious! I came home from the Weston A Price Conference with a big jar of this flavor. I used the garlic ghee to give a subtle flavor to my scrambled eggs. Yum! Pure Indian Foods also gave the idea to using it on roasted chicken. I am definitely going to try it, as it sounds wonderful.

Finally, they are also giving away two jars (14 ounces each) of organic, virgin coconut oil. It has a sweet and fresh flavor. We go through a lot of coconut oil in this house and I thought that their coconut oil was very nice.

This Giveaway is now closed!

. The winner will be announced the following Monday.  International residents can participate but the winner needs to pay for the shipping (and any applicable import duties).

If you are interested in this company, please follow them on twitter and on facebook too!

Thanks to Pure Indian Foods for the samples of their products and for sponsoring this post.

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  1. says

    After hesitating for a long time, I finally gave organic virgin coconut oil a try. I must say I should have taken the plunge earlier! I love the flavor and the taste of fresh coconut. Due to the saturated fat in it, coconut oil does a good job in making me satiated for a longer time. I’m sure your readers will love the giveaways, especially the coconut oil too!

  2. Leesie says

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity to win some ghee. I’d love to try it and what better way to try it when I win it 🙂

  3. jill sims says

    I have always wanted to try ghee – saw it in the health food store but passed on buying it not sure what it was. Now Coconut oil we have been using for about a month now and love it. Would love to win this

  4. Magda Velecky says

    These two are definitely my “go-to” fats. I keep my ghee by the stove and use it often. I love the buttery flavor and it doesn’t burn like butter. I use the Purity Farms brand of ghee – I get a pretty good deal at a local farmer’s market. I’d love to try the ghee samples – those flavors sound delicious!!

  5. Melanie Davis says

    You know I have been wondering what Ghee was. I see the name frequently and I never stop to read what it is. Is this the same as clarified butter? We use this butter here

    in our house except for our little one. We make him raw fresh butter, since he is so sensitive to dairy. Maybe Ghee would be a good fit for all of us! If you don’t mind me asking, which brand do you use regularly in your house? I am definitely going to have to try some out even if I don’t win!

  6. RG says

    I haven’t tried any of these. Would be brave enough to take the plunge if given the opportunity though. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. PJ says

    For years I’ve made my own ghee & use it daily-it is healing, delicious, and more digestible & versatile than butter. It is not difficult to make-homemade ghee has a taste I have not found in commercial ghees, however I have never tried the featured brand.


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