4 Ways to Consume Raw Garlic

One of the most common “folk” remedies is eating raw garlic to ward of everything from infections to the common cold. With few side effects (besides making you smell like garlic!), it is a safe way to build your immune system that I’ve used often. Many of my friends will eat raw garlic when coming down with a cold or the flu, so I thought I would share some of my favorite ways to consume higher amounts of this sharp tasting bulb.

I put garlic in just about everything I cook and love it, but when you are trying to consume a whole clove at a time, it can be a little more challenging. The first thing to keep in mind is always consuming raw garlic with a bit of some type of fat. Raw garlic can be unpleasant in the stomach when consumed on it’s own (if you eat raw garlic frequently on it’s own, I’ve read it could even lead to eventual damage in your stomach!). It also just tastes a lot better when consumed with something fatty.

Keep in mind that  these “recipes”  aren’t culinary recipes. They are just tasty ways to take a more medicinal amount of garlic.

Raw Garlic Toast

Mix one clove of  finely minced garlic with one to two tablespoon pastured butter and spread on a piece of toasted  sprouted or sourdough bread. This is also good when dipped into a hot bowl of soup.

Garlic Dip

I learned this trick from my mother in law. Mix one clove of minced garlic with 1-4 tablespoons of mayonnaise. Serve with organic corn chips. This sounds quite strange but is actually quite good! If you don’t have any homemade on hand, my first choice is Wilderness Family Natural’s mayonnaise, my second choice (imperfect and does contain soy protein) would be Follow Your Heart Vegenaise Grapeseed Oil .


Mix 1-3 cloves of minced garlic with 1 small mashed avocado. Add salt and chopped cilantro. Serve with chips or dollop on your choice of Mexican food.

Raw Garlic Shot

When consuming raw garlic frequently throughout the day, some like to take a “shot” of garlic by putting the raw garlic in their mouth and chasing it with some water. I would just recommend that you add a bit of olive oil to the garlic to protect your stomach.

What about you? Do you have a favorite way to eat raw garlic? Please Share

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  1. Bman says

    I just minced a few cloves and whipped it into a raw egg and made a small omelet.
    It opened my sinuses immediately! I can taste again!!!

  2. maraymona says

    Try and eat one raw clove with a cube of cheese or two. It’s got a but of a kick but the cheese helps a lot! :-)

  3. Jaclyn says

    I agree with the olive oil.

    I recommend chopping up the garlic and mixing with a banana or with apple sauce… a shot of olive oil or coconit oil right before also helps coat the stomach.

  4. Koala says

    I grate a fresh clove of garlic (or four!) and mix it up with some soft cheese, like crumbly cheddar or Brie, then spread it on some gluten free toast. Mixing the garlic with sesame paste, lemon juice, salt and pepper is a vegan friendly way to do it too.

  5. Hui says

    I chop a few cloves of garlic, add soy sauce and sesame oil. I eat it as a condiment with my rice and whatever dishes that comes with my meal. If you don’t want the added salt then just sesame oil will do.

  6. says

    I enjoy crushed/minced garlic mixed with salsa. I can eat two or three whole pieces mixed with 3 oz of salsa on a few chips. You can also stuff black olives with a little cheese and garlic. Or you can mix it with relish and put a TON in a tuna fish sandwich.

  7. Arlicia says

    Garlic Plate grater with extra virgin oil in the plate. Next rub garlic into the plate. Great as a dip, egg omelette and pizza dough.

  8. Samantha says

    Salad Dressing!!!

    1 clove raw garlic (pressed)
    1/2 of a lemon
    1-2 tablespoons olive oil
    pinch salt
    pinch pepper
    1 tsp Za’ater (or your favorite mix of Mediterranean spices)

    Pour over favorite salad mix and enjoy!

  9. says

    Excellent tips. I am just getting to know the wonderful properties of garlic. However, my loved ones dont like the smell on my breath. BMan I just love your enthusiasm!!.

  10. Mary Maron says

    On Dr Oz Tv show .. 2 cloves per day, crushed, to help rid body of parasites, which millions of Americans have, according to the Mar 20 TV program.

  11. joyful says

    i eat two cloves chopped into Greek style yogurt with muselei …. or, with yogurt, olive oil and cucumber is very refreshing :)

  12. NADINA says

    i use a clove of garlic every day, i would crush it and then mix in some honey, the honey makes a lot easier to swallow and protects the stomach lining, the enefits far outweigh the taste, lol. Stay healthy.

  13. NADINA says

    i use a clove of garlic every day, i would crush it and then mix in some honey, the honey makes a lot easier to swallow and protects the stomach lining, the enefits far outweigh the taste, lol. Stay healthy.

  14. says

    i use a clove of garlic every day, i would crush it and then mix in some honey, the honey makes a lot easier to swallow and protects the stomach lining, the enefits far outweigh the taste, lol. Stay healthy.

  15. amine says

    i work in japaness restaurent and we have one dishe with garlic its really tasty
    cook it with olive oil and coriander in low fire
    and have it with bread.

  16. says

    When I have a cold and want to give myself a heavy dose of garlic for a few days, (often together with ginger), here are a few ways I eat it without burning my mouth and actually enjoy it:

    I just chop it up with a knife, often along with ginger, and sometimes also green onions, and add it to a soup – usually some chicken vegetable soup, or a Thai chicken soup, creamy mushroom soup, Ramen noodle soup (I prefer shiritaki noodles, so I often replace the real noodles with that), and so on.

    Another way I sometimes eat raw garlic is by chopping it up and mixing it with a can of chickpeas and a generous shot of olive oil. I call it chunky hummus ;-)

    I also add it to salads.

    OR… sometimes, on a well buttered slice of bread, thinly sliced…

    I would have never thought of swallowing them whole! Where’s the fun in that?

  17. Ravi says

    I simply cut them into small pieces, and swallow them with water, like any medicine, in the morning. Please tell about the benefits of RAW GARLIC to your friends and relatives.

    • Rena says

      So, when you cut them into small pieces and swallow them with water, how does it do on your stomach? Does it upset your stomach? I’m just wondering how this would work for someone who works 8-5 each day. I don’t wanna be in the bathroom through out the day

        • Anna Bunton says

          You need to crush the garlic (chew, grate or use crusher) in order to release the beneficial compounds – swallowing whole does not do this.

  18. Giray says

    Garlic and yoghurt mix, it’s called ‘cacik’, look it up. You get probiotics, proteins and allicin in one dish! Heck of a deal!

  19. Anthony V says

    I just minced good size clove of garlic and mixed with local honey, and swallowed the mix. Stomach felt little woosey but just had buckwheat pancake and butter – now feels good.

    • Anon2 says

      I either read or heard on the radio that garlic’s properties are more potent if you chop/mince 15 minutes before use.

  20. Steph says

    On a whim decided to have some raw garlic this morning as my throat had been bothering me since yesterday arvo, chewed up a cove and burned my mouth, persisted washing it down with water. Was then feeling queasy so thought I’ll have half an avocado, then a banana and some nut butter, feeling better already! Then read all this :)

  21. Bismuth says

    i just tried eating garlic clover now and i coated it with half a teaspoon of peanut butter and a pinch of salt…try it it’s nice

  22. Franka says

    I just started battling this summer cold/flu and decided to give garlic a try. I pressed 2 cloves with a garlic press, let them sit for 15 min and then mixed with a large spoon of coconut oil. The thicker texture helped me get it down in one swallow.

  23. Ellen says

    Knowing how beneficial garlic is, I still find it difficult to consume much of it because it seems to come out of all the pores and doesn’t smell that nice on other people–I am assuming that it comes out of my pores as well ;-). I find it offensive and I so wish I didn’t.

  24. sandra luz miller says

    I used to see my grandmother eat cloves of garlic mix with olive oil, she was very healthy, I wish I could of asked her why, at times I could smell the garlic from far away. Today I eat a raw clove it burned my mouth but afterwards I felt fine. I am using this to cleanse my body from bacterias, yeasts infections and anything bad, hope is helps me. I never used garlic in my cooking, but I believe I will start doing it when I cook rice, in chicken soup and with my spaghetti.

  25. sandra luz miller says

    I used to see my grandmother eat cloves of garlic mix with olive oil, she was very healthy, I wish I could of asked her why, at times I could smell the garlic from far away. Today I ate a raw clove it burned my mouth but afterwards I felt fine. I am using this to cleanse my body from bacterias, yeasts infections and anything bad, hope is helps me. I never used garlic in my cooking, but I believe I will start doing it when I cook rice, in chicken soup and with my spaghetti.

  26. Dave Porter says

    Two or three cloves chopped into a shot glass , teaspoon or two of honey and a little hot water . Stir then pour it down the hatch.

  27. zaffy says

    Minced raw garlic in a salad with grapes, raw peppers, tomatoes, chopped nectarines, sweetcorn and grated carrot is really good.

    Or through any salad or vegetables actually. But garlic seems to go so well with grapes…

  28. hamo says

    Eat a raw glove with humous! just dunk the glove into it and get a nice amount of humous and your sorted. it covers the sharp garlic taste really well. Afterward drink some full fat milk and this will help keep the garlic breath down.

    Red pepper humous is the best

  29. Chirag says

    Chopped Garlic
    Few cubes of cheese of your choice
    Olive oil
    Fresh cut cayanne peppers
    Chunck of butter
    In microwave for 30 to 45 sec.
    Garlic releases the oil and butter keeps is soft an moist
    Eat with any thing while spreadable…..or cut it up in cubes once it hardens up a bit Yamm…mm…yyy

  30. Richard Domingo says

    A couple of days ago, I felt the tingle of a cold sore coming on :-( using garlic came to me after praying so I researched it more and heard it would be good to fight this awful infection, I chopped up three cloves and necked it with water, the texture was weird in my mouth and I had to concentrate but managed to swallow ok, my fiends say they could smell the garlic on me, but I felt stronger during the day and the cold sore dried up almost immediately plus I was rubbing the lip with a piece of garlic too (what I read about) I’m basically ok again now, will probably be totally clean by weekend :-) going to eat it raw more often but always add it to my home cooking :-)

  31. Leslie says

    I noticed when I chew a raw clove on the right side of my mouth, my tongue remains unscathed. :-) my throat catches some of the heat but it’s tolerable. I normally eat before bed. Pop and chew. Tonight I will mince, let it stand for 10 mins and then eat. Thanks for all the tips!

  32. Ann says

    I love garlic, but am careful not to consume when going somewhere. Somehow I have caught a terrible cold when someone sneezed on me a few days ago. My immune system is generally up to par because we eat a very healthful diet and take supplements, but this hit hard and the coughing is miserable. I haven’t had a cold in yrs. and this one is keeping me awake at night, because of constant coughing.

    This morning I decided to eat a raw garlic clove. My husband said not to worry about him – sweet thing. I cut it finely, left it for about 10 min. before scooping it up to chew some and throw more into my mouth to swallow with water. I then had a little real butter and coconut oil mixed. The coughing has finally subsided quite a bit, thankfully. I’ll be having another large clove before dinner and hope to sleep through the night.

    Richard mentioned above about applying it to cold sores, which I’ve had all my life. I may give that a try next time. I use Tea Tree Oil, vinegar, and several other natural things. The Tea Tree Oil works good if I catch it right away.

  33. Ann says

    I posted here earlier today but the page just sat there frozen, and when I clicked Stop and tried again, it told me I’d already posted and couldn’t do a duplicate. The post isn’t showing so I’m unsure what happened. If you can figure out what happened, I would still like to post about a garlic tip.

    • Ann says

      Well, for goodness sakes…sorry. I just now came back to close out the page and see both my posts there now. While trying to post the last time, the page sat there and sat there again, then came up saying “the page has been closed” or something like that and to go back to the Home Page. Sigh………..

      Thank you.

  34. ether says

    I eat 2-3 cloves every day. Crush and mince it and add it to a few tbsp of chopped vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, carrots, etc). If I have some rice around, then add a tbsp of that too… but not necessary.

    Then pour in 3-4 oz. of V-8 juice and its an excellent garlic vegetable soup.

    Eating this isn’t challenging at all. Actually, its somewhat addicting.

  35. Evang. John Daniel says

    hello everybody, please I have a trick or two (1) I learnt from my Mum to put 3 cloves into a bottle of water or any good drink and cover air tight, allow to ferment and drink as you will, and nobody will notice you did, no smell at all! (2) digest garlic with milk or potatoe guinea corn juice and it will leave no smell at all.

  36. ted says

    I’m going to try just cutting a clove into several roughly pill sized swallows. Although incorporating them into fried eggs,scrambled,omelets seems like a good flavor mix but its more medicinal than enjoyment to me so I’m shy to much heat exposure. It doesn’t upset my stomach, I’m not fond of the overwhelming taste of a fresh clove but thats what I do right now.

    I make coffee in the morning,red rooibos tea mid day if home and valerian at night so what I usually do is take a few fresh cloves cut into them like the outline of a tic tac toe board open them up a bit and just let them sit in the herb chamber for the coffee maker for that days drinks. Rinse them off at the end and eat which is considerably easier. Low dose,low loss, way to take the medicine if you need to baby step into tolerance of the flavor.

    Something that sounds tasty I should try is injected it fresh/ post cooking into meats. Salami’s,sausages, hot dogs,on the ends of a kabob,steak,breast. Might just be a sudden meat craving but its sounding like a good mix. I’ve only recently discovered garlic but health wise I feel a lot better having it and really missed out on a good thing most my life.

  37. Guy Dugdale says

    Much as I love garlic in cooking, first thing in the morning the idea is to get it down without imbuing oral surfaces with its flavour. So I eat it chopped, spoonful by spoonful in the excess milk I’ve put into my muesli, with which I also chase the garlic. Plus hot black coffee. I know, weird – works for me. I’ve also started using wet garlic which I’m thinking will be that much more beneficial, tho the bulb doesn’t last forever, even in the fridge.

  38. Larry says

    Just try chopped garlic and mayo on a Dorito. 3 times. Followed by a fresh apple. Not bad. Still had a kick. Corn and oranges sounds good. Will try coffee chaser tommorrow. Have had a horrible cough for 2 months, and it would nice to hear if others with a similar problem found chewing garlic to work or not.

  39. Iolande says

    I put a small clove of raw garlic in my green smoothie for breakfast whenever I’m not seeing clients that morning

  40. alicia says

    I had this idea that it would be so great if i could take it fresh in capsules, and not have to taste it considering im pregnant and cant do the strong potency of the garlic raw. Then i thought why not? And so i took a few capsules and emptied them of st. john’s wort and chopped garlic to put in them, the process was slightly difficult lol but it was better than trying to eat it raw. I think its going to be the way i do it from now on.


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