Nourishing Appetizers for the Holiday Season

Thanks for all of the sweet congratulations on my last post. I’ve enjoyed reading your comments.

It is my pleasure to be part of a Whole Foods for the Holidays progressive dinner carnival hop. (I tried making that less wordy, but without success!). From now until December 7th a group of bloggers are taking turns hosting a carnival on Tuesdays where we and any interested bloggers get to share their favorite healthy holiday dishes. Join us when you can! I would love to hear your ideas, as always. (Read the rest of the schedule here.) I love holiday food, but it tends to not be very healthy, so this is great fun!  Today Katie from Kitchen Stewardship is hosting our appetizer week.

As I thought about what recipes I could share for this week, I realized that I just don’t make appetizers very often. However, Holidays are the perfect time to make the extra effort to serve a special appetizer. And I love it when those appetizers are nutrient dense too. If you are going to go through the trouble of making an appetizer, why not let it have high nutrient value too?

So here are a few of my favorites- a few very nutrient dense ideas, and some other vegetarian ideas too.

One of our favorites is Bistro Clams (see picture above), an appetizer I based on a wonderful appetizer we had at a lovely bistro at the beach. This appetizer is very easy to make, you just have to serve it right away. I had a love affair with clams at the end of my pregnancy and this was one of my favorite ways to make it. Clams are rich in iron and B vitamins, and we happen to think that they are delicious too.

Two other very nutrient dense (and delicious) appetizers are Delicious Liver Paté and Smoked Salmon on Buckwheat Blini (dairy free). Liver still isn’t my favorite food, but I have to say that my recipe for liver paté is yummy! And who doesn’t like smoked salmon on tiny little buckwheat pancakes? Liver gives you iron and B vitamins, like the clams, and we all know that salmon is good for us! One other non-vegetarian, nutrient dense appetizer is a new way to have your bacon and eggs- Lemon Bacon Deviled Eggs. Save that bacon grease and make it into bacon mayo (frugal and extremely delicious) and then brighten the flavors up with lemon and mustard for a delicious and more frugal appetizer.

Finally, for a few lighter, vegetarian appetizers, you could serve something like my Black Bean and Pineapple Salsa for a refreshing start or make Roasted Tomato Bruschetta (an excellent use of tomatoes no longer at the peak of their season). These are both great make ahead appetizers.

For more ideas, check out the carnival and please share your nourishing appetizer ideas below. I would love to hear from you.

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  1. says

    Bistro clams are loaded with nutritional goodies. Omega-3’s to the rescue. Love what your Whole Foods is doing for the Holidays. Giving is beneficial to all parties involved. Here is an appetizer idea: black beans, mango, cilantro seasoned with cilantro and cinnamon/paprika spices?

  2. says

    The clams sound delicious. Smoked salmon is probably my favorite appetizer because there is no work involved! Well, if you just have it with crackers and some cheese like chevre. I’ve never tried blinis before, I’d be curious to make them.

  3. Sabrina Thorn says

    Can’t wait to try that pate. I have been wanting a recipe. I love liver but the family doesn’t. I thought if I make pate’ I could eat off of it for a week. :~) I love the idea of a Holiday Progressive dinner, whole foods style. :~p

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