Introducing Aria Sono Harris

I have a precious little bundle asleep next to me right now who introduced herself to my arms last Tuesday at 9:49 p.m. I am so thankful to God for Aria and for a safe (but eventful) birth. She is a mellow and sweet newborn ( and I happen to think she is very beautiful too). Her name, Aria, means “beautiful melody” and Sono means “flower garden”. Sono is my husband’s mother’s name. She passed away during the middle of this pregnancy and we miss her sorely.

I know that some of you will be curious about her birth, here is just a very short version of the story. After having mild labor at home most of Tuesday, I finally became convinced that I was truly in labor in the evening. By the time we got to the birthing center I was feeling pretty far along in the labor process, and sure enough, Aria was born in less then two hours! To make it even more exciting she was a surprise breech baby. My midwife handled everything wonderfully, and I was able to deliver her safely and quickly, though having her breech definitely made it more tense at times.

I am on bed rest for a while to help me recover and heal, so things may be a bit quiet here on my blog the next few weeks, though I do have some preplanned posts coming up in our plastic free series.

Meanwhile, I am going to enjoy this new addition to our family!

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  1. jani says

    She is beautiful! I’m thankful with you for the safe delivery.

    I thought last night that it’d been awhile since I’d seen your blog and it occurred to me that you may have had the baby! 🙂

  2. says

    Oh joy, a new baby!
    It so happens that I was born breech as well. When I was little, I used to feel horribly embarressed whenever my mom would tell the story, but I don’t care so much anymore :).
    God bless you and your new daughter.

  3. Jeana says

    She’s so beautiful, Kimi, and a wonderful tribute to your mother in-law. Congratulations, and enjoy this precious time. Praise the Lord for one of his miracles.

  4. says

    What an inspiration! I love hearing stories of vaginal breech births! Here’s to birthing outside the box! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  5. says

    Congratulations! I have an Aria too. It is such a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. My grandmother taught singing at The Ohio State University until she retired, and the Aria is the female solo in an opera, so she is named for my grandmother. Again, congratulations on a job well done mama!

  6. Dusti says

    Congratulations! Beautiful baby, beautiful name with wonderful meaning! My baby girl was a surprise natural breech too, but in the hospital (very eventful!)…in Nebraska they don’t allow home births and don’t really have birthing centers either…much to my dismay. I praise God everyday that we did not get unnecessary ultrasounds or I would have had a mandatory C-section! Enjoy little Aria!

  7. Linda Osmond says

    Congratulations! What a beautiful blessing she is. So thankful that God’s presence and protection was over both of you. Thanks for sharing your news! I had no idea that Sono Harris was your mother-in-law. Many people will miss her. You have been blessed with a wonderful extended family.


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