Pennywise Platter Thursday 12/10

Whew! I’ve been busy with getting all of our giveaways ready to roll. If you haven’t seen the newest giveaway, a set of nourishing “must read” books, go check it out here Tonight is the very last night to enter the US Wellness Holiday Package giveaway , so don’t wait to enter that one. And I have two more planned giveaways too! Isn’t that exciting? I just love giving away cool things. Wait for my next post because my next giveaway is my biggest item to giveaway.

Meanwhile frugal meals continue! Here is a sampling of what I’ve been making recently. Tonight we had a wonderful creamy clammed chowder. When we had some friends over the other night, I made soaked biscuits and a flavorful bean gratin. Yummy. Tomorrow I am going to make a white bean soup with cabbage and sausage. I hope it’s hearty and flavorful.

What’s been going on in your kitchen? I would love to hear your frugal tips and recipes. To enter this carnival make sure to link back to this carnival page and format your comment like the following and I will add you in.

Kimi @ The Nourishing Gourmet 5 Tips for Frugal Cooking
I share five tips that help you make frugal choices in the kitchen on your journey towards more nourishing meals.

Pennywise Platter Thursday 12/10

1: Kimi @ The Nourishing Gourmet- This week I shared a frugal Orange Mango Smoothie that is super delicious. I have been craving it ever since our last one! I also had a great guest post Gingered Sweet Potatoes. This recipe has a lovely mix of spices and dried fruit. It sounds so delicious!

2: Lindsey @ The Herbangardener — Jerusalem Artichoke Latkes for Hanukkah
A little twist on the traditional, frugal potato latke. Perfect for Hanukkah.

3: Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship- I’ve made more “homemade cream cheese” this month than ever before because cream cheese is an ingredient in so many party foods, from desserts to dips. I love that “my” cream cheese has probiotics and is super cheap at only 50 cents per cup.

4: Elizabeth @ The Nourished Life – Nourishing Pumpkin Kefir Shakes
A very yummy treat, loaded with probiotics and perfect for the holidays!

5:ElizabethG -I’ve simplified a traditional Indian dish that makes a super quick vegetarian main dish or side dish: Indian Spiced Chickpeas

6:Shelley @ MAHM – Sprouted Flour Butter Cookies
I’m sharing a recipe for butter cookies made with natural sweeteners and sprouted flour. Sprouted flour is super expensive to buy, but when you make it yourself these cookies are very frugal. Plus, they’re healthy enough to enjoy without too much guilt! (Check out the secret ingredient)

7:Amy @ Simply Sugar & Gluten Free – Roasted Winter Vegetables This recipe takes seasonal winter vegetables and turns them into a gourmet dish – the roasting enhances the natural flavors and brings out their natural sweetness. We’re having this for Christmas dinner – a simple but stunning side dish that can even be made ahead and reheated.

8: Sheri @ Moms for Safe Food – Homemade Peanut Butter cups A little less healthy, but more fun this week – Homemade Peanut Butter Cups. Delicious and SO much better for you then store bought. They were not expensive to make although I’m not sure if they’re less expensive then the store brand. They are definitely healthier – no high fructose corn syrup, etc.

9:Rebecca @ WithWithout – Turkey Vegetable Soup I’m sharing another frugal way to use Thanksgiving leftovers and have it seem like a brand new dish. This soup is good enough to please a family with a gourmet palate, yet it is simple and cheap to make.

10:Kim @ It’s a Captivated Life Easy Guacamole An easy guacamole recipe as I’m once again seeing avacados on sale this week! Plus some stores to check your area for (if you’re in the western region).

11:Amanda @ Coping with Frugality: Calamari with Tomatoes and Capers over Quinoa

12:Ren @ Edible Aria A pork stew with dried beans, toasted chilies, onions, peppers, onions and sweet potatoes with cinnamon, cloves, green garlic, cumin and corn flour, this Santa Fe Hot Pot has its roots in the culture of the ancient peoples of New Mexico..

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