Pumpkin Latté (Caffeine, Dairy, and Sugar Free)


A warm drink is in order this time of year. And what’s more fitting than a pumpkin latté? About every coffee shop has one, including Starbucks. My version is probably not as sweet compared to coffee shops, but we’ve been sipping them down rapidly! Too often, we feel that we can’t have certain treats because they are unhealthy, when really we can easily make our own healthy version of it!

For mine, I used Teeccino a caffeine free coffee substitute, real pumpkin (read here how to roast your own for pies and lattés!) , spices, vanilla and sweetened it with honey or stevia. For my dairy free daughter, I use coconut milk, and sometimes for Joel and I, I’ve used raw whole milk-heated just until warm.

In the picture above, you see it served with Spiced Macaroons. A lovely combination!

I served the coconut milk version to a friend, who has had a Starbucks version, and she said that she really enjoyed it (as she likes coconut) even though it was so different from what she had had before. The coconut milk flavor does come through so I wouldn’t serve this to someone who didn’t like coconut! It seems like almond milk would be another good option for a dairy free version, though I haven’t tried it yet.

Feel free to play around with this recipe, using shots of espresso, using another sweetener, or using another type of milk altogether. It’s flexible.

Pumpkin Latté (Dairy, Sugar and Caffeine Free) Serves Two
As I am avoiding most sweeteners right now, I leave out the sweeteners and have everyone sweeten to taste. I use just a bit of liquid stevia in my own mug. Delicious!

    1 cup of strongly brewed teeccino (1 tablespoon per cup, I used the Java flavor flavor)
    1 cup of full fat, unsweetened coconut milk and 1 cup of water (or whole milk or half and half)
    4 tablespoons pumpkin puree
    1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
    pinch of both ground nutmeg and cloves
    2-4 tablespoons honey
    1/2 teaspoon vanilla

1-Start making the teeccino, following the directions on the package.

2- Place the milk, pumpkin, spices, and honey into a small pot and bring to a simmer, or to desired temperature. Add the teeccino and the vanilla and taste test. Adjust with more sweetener or spices if needed and pour into two large mugs and serve.

* I am labeling this gluten free because Teeccino’s outside tests show their coffee to be gluten free, even though barley is one of the brewing ingredients. I am also labeling this as vegan-just use the coconut milk. If you don’t want to use honey, another sweetener would easily work.

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    • KimiHarris says


      That’s a good question. I am not entirely against coffee, but I have weak adrenals so I need to avoid having too much caffeine, at least for now. This link from teeccino shares some of their opinions as to why they think decaf coffee is not a good choice. http://www.teeccino.com/consumerdecaf.aspx For a more in depth look, go here http://www.teeccino.com/decaf.aspx. I haven’t researched it much myself, but I am happy using teeccino!

      • says

        This recipe looks great! I’m starting to think that I have weak adrenals or thyroid issues. I’m loosing a lot of hair, am cold all the time, weepy all the time, have low blood pressure and generally feel sluggish and really tired even after 8 hours of sleep. I’ve been on thyroid medication for the past 13 years, but feel like it’s not working well this past year. My doctor adjusted the dosage, but I’m not sure that it did much. I’d really appreciate information on what you have found with your adreanal issues. I just went off coffee completely and have found that it helped. Teeccino is a great subsitute.

        • says

          I am def not a Dr but read your comment and know that when I had the same problems…I was very low on potassium and minerals. I started seeing a homeopathic Dr when no other Dr would listen to me. I feel so great now 🙂 And I just would love for everyone to feel as great as I do now after getting all of my body leveled out and responding properly. I highly suggest it! (Everyone has seen such a change in me and now I have all my fam and friends going too….and I don’t push it on them they just see such a difference in me!)

  1. says

    Sounds very tempting!
    I’ll use my Castagno Caffe/Roasted chestnut coffee (gluten free, grain free, caffeine free) instead. It’s good to see tasty brews made naturally, without “flavorings” or “natural flavors”.

  2. says

    This is simply charming! I’m in love with winter beverages and all things pumpkin. I echo your thoughts about not giving up treats entirely, but, instead choosing to make healthier versions this way there’s no feeling of deprivation. Besides, there’s a wonderful world of wholesome, delicious foods out there.

  3. says

    I love all things pumpkin! I have to stay away from caffeine but know this is simply delish! I had not heard of Teeccino, but am checking out the sites above as well…so informative!

  4. Bayleigh says

    Kimi – you make the BEST stuff. Man I thought I came up with some ideas, you are brilliant, seriously! What a gift you have from God. I just made your pumpkin pie coconut milk ice cream the other night and died and went to heaven. Now this I will be making and am sure will be swooning as well. Thank you for using your gift of creativity and cooking to bless me. You have a GREAT site!

  5. Katie says

    I made a latte like this a couple weeks ago. I didn’t want the texture of spices in my drink though, so I used whole spices. I simply brought the milk/honey/squash/spices mixture to a steaming just-barely-simmering temperature, and then turned it off and let it steep for about 10 minutes. (I didn’t want to boil the raw milk!)

    Once it had steeped for awhile, I poured it all through a cheesecloth. This got out the spices and some of the squash (I had used a lot of squash and hadn’t pureed it first – the idea of globs of squash floating in my cup wasn’t too appetizing!)

    I topped it with some fresh raw whipped cream and served it in big latte’ mugs to my brother and myself. He asked what it was – I told him to try it first. He liked it, so I told him “The proper name is a Pumpkin Spiced Latte’, but the more accurate name is Squash Coffee!” LOL 😉

  6. Julie H says

    Perfect timing! I tried Starbucks’ version today and it made me very ill. I wanted to come up with my own and now I do not have to look any further. Can’t wait to try! Thanks!

  7. says

    I am definitely going to try this, even though I’ve never gotten something like this at Starbucks or anywhere. I don’t normally choose the flavor-y drinks, but with a homemade version it’s worth a shot. Have you ever tried the coffee substitute Dandy Blend? My herbalist and teacher, Matthew Wood, loves it and has been marketing it here in Minnesota. I don’t even know if it’s available in many other places. It is a really good, healthy coffee substitute too. I will also try the teeccino sometime.

    • says

      We made it this afternoon with Dandy Blend coffee substitute. It was delicious! As I said, I’ve never had anything like this so I don’t know how it compares to Starbucks, etc., but it was a yummy treat that made a gray rainy afternoon perk up just a bit!

  8. says

    I’ve been DYING to try the pumpkin spice latte @ Starbucks, but it doesn’t come sugar free. Now, I can make it. I think I’m going to do like Katie and strain it after it simmers. I don’t know if the pumpkin will mix up or just sink to the bottom or be all texture-y.

  9. says

    I just stumbled upon this site through Facebook – I am a fan of Teecino, so this came up on my FB home page. I drink Teeccino every morning (Java and Vanilla Nut mixed) and this pumpkin late recipe sounds amazing – can’t wait to make it!

  10. Jan says

    We had this last night and it was super yummy! Great recipe, Kimi! Thanks so much…brings fall into our little home. ;0)

  11. says

    Funny, I am catching up on blog reading and I posted a pumpkin “latte” recipe too!

    I was so excited about Teeccino and then I tried it and couldn’t stand it. I’m not gluten-free, so I can have Cafix (although now I am trying to avoid barley… so I have to find a new sub). I ordered the herbal coffee from Mountain Rose Herbals to try but I must say I am not thrilled with their customer service (or shipping fees).

  12. says

    We made this recipe with coffee instead of teecino, my daughter had the pumpkin milk by itself. We loved it! I used 2 cups of cows milk instead of coconut/water then used my immersion blender before adding the coffee. The honey was perfect for this.


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