Weekend Pasta Feast


On a slow Saturday afternoon, I rolled out some fresh, soaked whole wheat pasta, and then, while Joel grilled some veggies, I made a simple and yummy sauce featuring tomatoes, parsley, chicken broth, white wine, and mild Italian sausage. I cut up the grilled veggies, cooked up the fresh pasta, and then tossed it all together. The result was delightful. Definitely a little more time and work then my normal dinner plans, but so worth it for a nice weekend dinner with extended family. I will share a simpler version of this pasta sauce soon.

I think that there is something so right about Italian food and family get togethers! There is nothing like a huge bowl of pasta in front of hungry family members for good family time.

Despite the fact that this dish has it’s root’s squarely in Italy, there was something about the play of sweetness from the wine, the veggies and the garlic spears that reminded us of Yakisoba! Well, whatever it tasted like, it was good!


For my last cooking class this Friday, we will be making fresh pasta. I am looking forward to it and it should be fun! (By the way, there are just a few spots left in this class for any last minute people who want to join us!).

Look for some recipes featuring bananas this week too! You all gave some excellent ideas. Thank you so very much! So many things to do with them…where do I even start?

By the way, some of you have been asking for me to add the “print recipe” version to this website. I do hope to soon. Please understand that I am not knowledgeable with how to add things like that, so it may take some time. I would love for this blog to eventually be able to pay someone to help me with things like that, but until then, adding things in will be slow. But thank you for the very good suggestion. Meanwhile, please don’t print out my whole blog just for one recipe! It’s so simple to just “cut and paste” a recipe into a word doc to print out. Please do that!

Pasta Feast

Serves about 10 people

Two recipes of whole wheat, soaked handkerchief noodles

Sauce ingredients

    1 pound mild Italian sausage
    4 roma tomatoes, diced.
    1 cup of chicken broth
    1/4 cup of white wine
    3 garlic cloves, peeled and finely minced
    1 red onion, peeled and finely chopped
    Drizzle of olive oil
    half of a large bunch of fresh parsley, washed and stemmed and finely chopped

    Grilled Veggies (what you use is your choice. Many different veggies would be great. This is what I used)

      4 zucchinis
      2 1/2 pounds garlic spears (asparagus would be another great choice)
      olive oil, salt and pepper

    1-Prepare pasta according to directions (remember that if you soak it, to start the night before). Let rest while you make the rest of the ingredients.

    2-Prepare veggies for grilling. Wash all of them and pat dry. For zucchinis cut the ends off and slice into 1/4 inch slices lengthwise. Garlic spears, simply cut off a little from the root end. Lightly oil, and salt and pepper them. Grill to desired doneness. Tender, but still firm. Roughly chop the grilled veggies.

    3-Make the sauce! Cook the Italian sausage in a large saucepan over medium-high heat. When cooked all the way through, remove the meat to a bowl, and wipe saucepan clean. Drizzle a bit of olive oil in a large saucepan, and heat over medium high heat. Add the onions when hot. sprinkle a little salt over it, and saute (stirring) until soft. Add chopped garlic and tomatoes and cook, stirring until the tomatoes are starting to fall apart into the sauce.

    Add the broth and wine and the cooked sausage. Cook down into desired consistency, and salt and pepper to taste and add the parsley for about one minute at the end of cooking time.

    4-Meanwhile, cook pasta according to directions. Drain, and then toss all of the ingredients together: Pasta, sauce, and grilled veggies. Adjust with salt and pepper if needed, and serve.

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  1. says

    This is a beautiful and nutritious dish! You’re right in that it would take a little extra time, but that’s what weekend meals are all about for us – doing some family bonding over chopping, cooking, grilling, eating! I’m a huge pasta lover and always looking for different twists. Thank you for adding to my recipe repertoire.

  2. says

    Mmm sounds delicious! We just did something similar (although we didn’t do the soaked noodles 😉 ) for lunch today. It was fantastic! Garden fresh zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, and onions… I smashed garlic cloves in the pan before I sauteed anything, and it added such a nice taste! 🙂 I keep promising myself that I’ll make your noodles one of these days… they look so pretty! 🙂

  3. Leesie says

    WOW! I’m drooling already…thanks so much for this healthy recipe and for the BeaUtiFuL picture.

    Shucks, if I lived nearby I would definitely have taken you up on your Friday class! Good luck with it.

  4. Karen says

    I have been enjoying your cooking classes! After a tiring week at work, (I teach high school special education), I come and am refreshed by the orderly and cheerful way Kimi and her sister work together to demonstrate meal preparation. Just like a TV cooking show, each course has multiple stages to view, including the finished product that we get to eat!! That’s a real treat!! Kimi has the gift of hospitality and she gives us historical, culinary tips throughout. This is a “don’t miss it” opportunity. This is the last class!! Pasta, yum!

  5. says

    I ment to say Wish not Widh…lol… And I have a question.. Do you put your veggies straight on the grill or do you put them in foil?

  6. Wanda says

    Just stumbled upon your site….am enjoying it very much. I don’t know if you are aware of this but with my particular browser (Firefox – Macintosh) the ads on the left side cut into the text of your blog making it difficult to read. I thought you might want to know about it.

  7. Val says


    This doesn’t have to do with this post, but I was looking at a previous post -Raspberry Poppyseed Muffins and I was wondering: Do you have to soak poppyseeds? I have looked all over and can’t figure it out.

    Thanks a bunch!

  8. michellega says

    I love this kind of dish. So easy. I was REALLY surprised to see TYSON ad on your blog. Did they go organic and I missed it ?

  9. says

    Hi Kimi, your updates don’t show up on my blogger sidebar. Not sure how to fix it, which makes me sad since I want my readers to be able to see updates to your site! Any suggestions?

    Pasta salad looks lovely! *stares wistfully* Alas, if I could only eat grains… 🙂

  10. Ruth says

    Looks yummy! Where do you get wine that doesn’t have sulfites? I haven’t used wine in cooking for a while because I don’t know where to look!

  11. Emily says

    I make my own soaked pasta too, but I ordered some durum wheat that I use for this purpose. I bought mine from Walton Feed. The noodles hold together really well with the durum wheat. Cookillustrated.com has a great recipe for homemade durum wheat flour pasta. They suggest letting it sit for 4 hours, but I just let mine sit overnight.

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