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Today, for the Nourished Start carnival I am hosting, I thought I would do something a little different. Rather then sharing just one recipe, I would like to share 16 different breakfast ideas. I am sharing plenty of links and lot of ideas. Some are simple, some are fancy.  Some you’ve heard before, some you probably haven’t. And I also can’t wait to hear your ideas! Meanwhile, here are 16 ideas to get us started.

1)  Eggs and More Eggs.

I think it’s fitting to start with eggs, even if it’s an obvious choice.  They are a powerhouse of nutrition and delicious, and so are a great way to start the day.In fact throughout this post I will be showing pictures of a simple baked egg recipe. A yummy favorite.

I also love to make scrambles with sauteed red pepper, onions, potatoes, or zucchini and tomatoes, and other delectable vegetables. You can make them as simple or as fancy as you want.

A few tips: I find that stirring my scrambled eggs with a fork keeps the egg scrambles small with a very nice texture. Don’t overcook your eggs as they will be too dry. Another favorite is poached eggs (though fried eggs, in ghee or bacon grease is mighty nice too).


Slice a generous slice of tomato…..

2)Italian Breakfast Skewers

I LOVED this idea of making a breakfast friendly skewer and definitely plan on trying it sometime. Breakfast sausage, pineapple, pancetta ,and red pepper are combined on a skewer and cooked in the oven. How delicious is that! I am sure there are endless possibilities to this idea!

3) A Traditional Breakfast: Biscuits, Eggs and Bacon/Sausage

I have been getting some great responses on my Fluffy Whole Wheat Biscuits. One thing that many of us found was that they stay moist way longer than most biscuits do. This means that you can make up a double batch and have them on hand. All you need to do is scramble up some eggs, and fry up some bacon or apple sausages and you will have a full meal deal. You can also make biscuit sandwiches for a delicious, portable breakfast.


The all time favorite of both children and mothers. The great thing about smoothies is how many nutritious foods you can hide in them. yogurt, kefir, or coconut milk can serve as the liquid. Add nutrient dense berries, and sweet frozen bananas and you have a smoothie that is dessert worthy in this household! You can also hide “green” things in your smoothies, but watch out, many greens, like spinach, are better cooked for everyday use as they contain thyroid suppressors.

You can also try something new like these vanilla date smoothies (just use whole fat milk products instead of low or non fat).


Place sliced tomato on the bottom of a lightly oiled ramekin. Break two eggs on top of that…..

5)Fruit Based Breakfast: Fruit Salads

Many people like to eat fruit in the morning as they feel it’s easier to digest then. Start with a simple bowl of cut up fruit, fully ripe and sweet. Then later, you can have a heavier mini meal.

I personally always loved to make a simple “fruit salad” for breakfast in my “dairy days.” I would cut up apples, bananas, strawberries, or whatever else we had on hand, and then I would top it with yogurt and granola. So delicious! It was the perfect, energizing meal.

Here is a lovely fruit salad recipe that uses a honey and lime sweetened yogurt. I’ve made it in the past with great results, and you can vary the fruit.

6)Soaked Granola

Since you’ve heard about soaking grains, you may think that granola is out of the picture, but not so! In Eat Fat, Lose Fat, Sally Fallon shares a recipe for granola that sounds divine! You can get the recipe here. And here is a modified version of it that sounds wonderful too!

Like I  mentioned already, I love granola sprinkled on top of fruit salad, but it’s great with just yogurt or milk too (nut milk seems like it would work well for a dairy free alternative).

7)Soaked Oatmeal: Regular and Baked

You can’t talk about breakfast without mentioning oatmeal! We personally love hot cereal and now that I have discovered a soaked oatmeal that we like a lot, it’s been a frequent breakfast around here!

Kelly also shared a wonderful sounding baked oatmeal too.


Sprinkle with sea salt, pepper and herb of choice (I used basil)

8)Pancakes, Waffles, and French Toast

For special treats, pancakes, waffles and french toast is always a welcome change.

I have two recipes, one for sourdough pancakes, and Basic soaked whole wheat pancakes (which are super fluffy by the way). They freeze well for great last minute breakfasts (as do waffles).

For french toast, we simply use a sourdough or sprouted bread dipped in an egg based batter with delicious results.

Serve with real butter, real maple syrup or an easy to make berry sauce.

9) Soup

Yes, that’s right, soup. We often think of breakfast as needing to be sweet, right? Well I am here to say, it doesn’t have to be! Some breakfast items aren’t sweet (like eggs), so why not branch out a little? We have often found a rich, salted, chicken broth very warming and nourishing on a cold morning. And  yes, Elena and I have eaten soup for breakfast many a day. However, I would say that we like to stay away from super rich or spicy soups in the morning. Gentle, mild ones are best.

10)Baked Goods

There is nothing like a perfectly baked good in the morning. These are also great frozen, so make double batches and save yourself some trouble! Muffins, scones, and even Irish Soda Bread, make great choices. One person had good results making my fluffy biscuits into scones. A great idea!

11) Vegetable Based Breakfast

It’s actually surprising how many veggies you can fit into a breakfast meal, something it usually sadly lacks.  A side of roasted asparagas is very delicious and appropriate for a nice brunch. (Actually it’s good anytime!.) Grilled zucchinis are wonderful too, surprisingly. You can easily make these more of the “main course” for a light breakfast, if you include plenty of it. It goes very naturally with simply prepared eggs, or homemade sausages.

I find that fruit is great raw in the morning, but not vegetables. I like mine cooked. I do have to say that one time I tried a salad for breakfast, and it wasn’t a great success (I was on the BED diet at the time and was desperate). It just didn’t seem right at all. So, keep it cooked.

And like I mentioned before eggs scrambled with plenty of veggies is very delicious too.

ng_bakedegg1Bake in a hot oven (450 to 500 degrees F) until almost done. Yolks are best a little runny. Takes about 8 to 12 minutes.

12) Savory Bread Puddings

These aren’t dairy intolerant friendly, but they are sure good! It would be easy to make them a bit healthier too by using high quality bread, butter, milk and eggs. Check out these two Emeril recipes for inspiration. Savory Bread Pudding and Creole Breakfast Bread Pudding.

13)Breakfast Burritos

These can be as simple or as fancy as you want. Common combination include black beans, eggs, salsa, cheese, sour cream and avocado. Or more simple, cheesy scrambled eggs and sausage. You can use sprouted flour tortillas for a healthy wrap. Here is an example of a breakfast burrito to get you started.

14)Crockpot Whole Grain Breakfast Grains

For an super easy breakfast, soak grains during the day, and stick them in the crockpot overnight. You will wake up to a yummy porridge that’s delicious! You can serve it with many types of toppings.

15) Potato Breakfasts

Potatoes make a lovely, savory addition to breakfast too, of course! Hashbrowns are a natural choice. Here is a yummy example.  I also like my Mexican Roasted Potatoes. They would be a great side with salsa and cheese topped scrambled eggs.

Another favorite family recipe is roasted potatoes, cubed, with red pepper and red onion, in a little olive oil and a splash or two of balsamic vinegar. Yummy!

16) Grain Free Breakfast Ideas

There are some very natural grain free breakfasts, like eggs, fruit salads, soups, and smoothies. Here are a few more options for you. Carrie had a great post awhile back with some grain free breakfast ideas. At Grain Free Foodies, there was recently posted a coconut flour, Banana Caramel Sticky Buns that look amazing. I find her banana pancakes intriguing too! And of course, there is always baked eggs, like the one below.

ng_laststepEat and Enjoy!

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I love beautiful and simple food that is nourishing to the body and the soul. I wrote Fresh: Nourishing Salads for All Seasons and Ladled: Nourishing Soups for All Seasons as another outlet of sharing this love of mine. I also love sharing practical tips on how to make a real food diet work on a real life budget. Find me online elsewhere by clicking on the icons below!

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  1. says

    Breakfast is by far my favorite meal! There are some great ideas here. I really need to get back to making nutritious meals for my family and myself. I was going really good for a while, but have totally slacked to dismal eating habits lately. A nutritious breakfast is the perfect way to start the day!

  2. says

    Great ideas and great post! I can’t wait until it’s a teensy bit warmer . . . . early summer and I make a big fruit salad and snack on it all day long!


  3. says

    Breakfast is my favorite meal! I mostly eat eggs now (current blog topic is just that!), or a green smoothie (peeled/seeded lemon, half an English cuke, avocado, & raw pastured soy-free eggs) or Bee’s egg smoothie (raw eggs, coconut oil, grassfed butter, spices, stevia, & hot water).

  4. Leesie says

    Thank you for the carnival ride. I did find some new ideas here. My local supermarket puts together a beautiful melange of veges for like $2.00 and I stir fry them up quickly in the morning and add them to my scrambled eggs – so yummy! I also love adding a drizzle of olive oil for the healthy fat on my Italian bread toast or english muffin. I love oatmeal all over again, too – only now with a drizzle of maple syrup ;o) Looking forward to reading and learning more.

  5. says

    Hi, Kimi! Great idea for a blog topic! I am looking forward to trying some of the ideas posted in your Nourishing Carnival.

    We eat a soaked muesli quite often. Here is the recipe I follow:

    We also enjoy this sweet potato cereal:

    And this is our stand-by nourishing 4-grain breakfast cereal, a family favorite, using the grains millet, quinoa, amaranth and teff and many yummy garnishes:

    Your biscuits look especially yummy. Since I sprout all our gluten grains for the sake of my gluten-sensitive daughter, I plan to try them with sprouted spelt flour.

    Love, Wardeh
    from gnowfglins.com

  6. says

    Kimi, These are wonderful breakfast ideas. Thank you.

    I wonder if you have a recipe for breakfast bars or energy bars made with soaked steelcut oats.

  7. says

    I love green smoothies and fresh all-fruit smoothies for breakfast. Major energy and yum!!! I’m also a fan of having a nice cup of organic miso soup for breakfast. Nourishing and delicious. Mmmmmm!


  8. Lynne says

    Being a shift worker I eat at odd times. Basically, I try to have a “breakfast” meal, a “lunch” meal, and a “dinner” meal within a 24 hour period. These recipes look scrummy and would be perfect for whenever I have my “breakfast” be it at the traditional morning time or prior to going to work on nightshift.

  9. Sarah says

    Love all the ideas, although I have to disagree on one point. We live in the Middle East, and the standard breakfast over here includes all kinds of salads and raw veggies! It is very much a dairy meal too, with lots of cheese and yogurt and sometimes bread. It took me a while, but lately I have been craving salads and cheese in the morning! Add in some yogurt, and I’m good to go for quite a while!

    I have been reading your website for a while now and it has taught me alot, especially about the NT way of doing things. Thanks so much for all the work you put into it.

  10. says

    Thanks for all the great ideas!

    I don’t have these recipes posted on my blog because I just do it how I feel led, but we do a couple different versions of “sweet eggs.” It’s basically a sweet version of scrambled eggs by adding fruit (either stir-fried chopped apples or overripe mashed bananas), cinnamon, nutmeg and a little bit of agave nectar. They taste like gluten/carb free apple fritters or banana bread. It’s great for adding variety to the eggs we eat everyday.

  11. says

    Sarah — you’re bringing up memories for me! Being of a Middle Eastern background myself (but not growing up in the ME), I can remember many breakfasts, when I was growing up, which we shared with extended family in the US. The table would be full of fresh veggies and fruit, pickled foods, homemade goat cheese, eggs, bread, yogurt, fish… Ahh…

    Love, Wardeh

  12. Angelita says

    Hey, I’ve made some granola last week, which lasted 2 weeks since only my husband and I eat it. I’m wondering if the coconut oil and butter in the granola become rancid by being out for so long. Do you have any information on that?


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