Our Spring Break Mini Trip


Last night, Joel and I got back from a nice little trip made during his Spring break. It was my first time being away a night from Elena, our two and a half year old, but she had a splendid time with her Grandparents, so she did just fine.

It was a wonderful and refreshing time.

Joel and I have both been pretty busy this last year, him being in school and working, me working on this blog, teaching piano and working on other projects. So it was nice to just be together and relax! We both left our computers behind (which is why I took so long in replying to your questions about the biscuit recipe!), and we brought along some books to read together.

On our way to the lodge where we were staying, we stopped to take a short hike and see one of the local natural beauties in our area, Multnomah Falls (pictured above). This little trip was a bit of a stretch on our current budget, so we made sure to bring a long a lunch so we wouldn’t have to buy it out.


I made the Garlicky White Beans with Greens (leaving out the greens because we didn’t have any) and some homemade whole wheat bread.  We ate this in the brisk fresh air, balancing our disposable bowls on our knees. I think food tastes better outside somehow, especially a hot soup on a chilly day. Anyway, it was a very nice lunch, peasant style.

After we finished, we took a short, brisk walk (about half of a mile uphill, so it got our heart rate up!) and then continued our journey.


We laughed and talked, read and ate. We had a lovely dinner, with some refreshing salads, a delicious savory Gorgonzola Cheesecake (I am so much better now that very occasionally I will indulge in dairy with no problems), and some wonderful sides. We ended up not ordering a main dish, but just enjoying some starters, salads and sides. It fit better in our budget and we got nice and full feasting on delicious food.

I am glad to be home now, ready to roll up my sleeves and start getting some more recipes ready to share with you all. And of course, I am happy to be back with Elena.

It’s good to get back to our routine, after a relaxing, though short, rest.

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  1. KimiHarris says

    Teresa- Isn’t it! I just love it. It’s so pretty.

    Laryssa-That’s very true. Sometimes a short trip is all it takes to get a bit of rest. 🙂

  2. Yasemin Zafarya says

    Dear Kimi!

    I have been enjoying reading your website. Thank you very much for all the time and effort you invest in it.
    It was interesting to see a picture of the Multonomah Falls.
    I am from Portland and I go there with my familiy, too every once in a while.

  3. says

    Oh, I’ll bet the Gorge is lovely in spring. We lived in Oregon (I consider it home) and made that drive in summer and fall, but never spring. I remember the falls. Hubby and the kids hiked up to the second bridge while I stayed on the lower path. What an amazing view. I’m sure that lunch tasted SO good in the fresh air!

  4. says

    A short break is just whats needed when u have a hectic life 🙂 How do u manage with a husband who is a student and working? Doesn’t he burn out? I worry because my husband is going back to school this year and will try to keep working. I still work, but plan to stop once we start having kids. Not sure how to manage though… So thought you might have some tips. 🙂

  5. Julie says

    Oh, that beautiful Multnomah Falls! I grew up in Eastern Oregon and on our way to Portland on I-84 we would stop at the falls. Now we are on the east coast. I miss Oregon. Thanks for the picture (it’s worth a thousand words!)

  6. says

    Welcome back–it is important to take those days when you can!!! It is very needed just like the delish healthy foods you are helping my family with everyday. I so enjoy your blog.

    KH: Thanks so much for the comment! 🙂 So glad that you enjoy my blog and recipes!

  7. says

    It is always good to get away alone as a couple. My husband and I took the hike up to the top of Multnoma falls on a trip for our tenth wedding anniversary. It is so beautiful around there! We were there in the fall and really enjoyed stopping at many fruit stands along our drive to the falls and discovering and sampling apples that we had never heard of and cannot get here in Texas! Oh, and those beans are on my list of “to make” recipes. I even bought all the ingredients (minus the greens – which is why it is still on my list and not in my belly!)

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