The Easiest, Healthiest, Most Scrumptious Fudge Ever

It has been cold, windy and snowing this last week. That combined with Christmas coming has inspired me to post some Christmas and snow worthy recipes. This fudge recipe fits the bill nicely. Later I will be sharing a recipe for Roasted Chestnuts soon, so stay tuned!

Seven Reasons I Love This Fudge

    1-It tastes divine
    2-It uses all nourishing ingredients
    3-You get the benefits of coconut oil when eating it
    4-It contains no refined sugar, or other icky products
    5-I usually have all of the ingredients on hand, so there is no need to go to the store
    6- It is extremely easy and fast to make (think, instant gratification!)
    7-It’s guilt free (for all of the reasons above)

This recipe is based off of one of Sally Fallon’s recipes (she has some brilliant recipe ideas in Nourishing Traditions, by the way). Her original recipe called for equal amounts of carob, honey and butter.

I have adapted it to use coconut oil, cocoa powder, and the low glycemic, oh-so-yummy coconut/palm sugar (though honey works great too!). The result is a wonderfully rich fudge. We enjoy this fudge with raw honey as well, but the coconut/palm sugar (the paste like kind) is even more of a favorite as it gives it a wonderful texture without an overpowering flavor.

This truly is one of the easiest recipes to make, and it truly is richly delicious.

The Easiest, Healthiest, Most Scrumptious Fudge Ever

By the way, you can easily substitute with this recipe. Coconut oil works very well, but those less inclined to this oil could also use butter for a more traditional taste. Raw honey works very well ( though I find it almost a bit too sweet, so you may want to reduce the amount a little), and I bet you could use other forms of palm/coconut sugar (like the granulated form). I use a food processor, but I am sure that you could also use a stand or hand mixer.
You can also easily double this recipe.

    1/2 cup of virgin coconut oil
    1/2 cup of cocoa powder
    1/2 cup of coconut/palm sugar (the paste like kind)
    dash of sea salt
    1/2 teaspoon vanilla

1-In a heat resistant, glass measuring cup (pyrex), place the coconut oil. Fill a small saucepan with a few inches of water, and place the glass measuring cup in it. Heat on the stove top until the coconut oil is mostly melted (the coconut oil should be room temperature, not hot. This will protect it’s raw benefits).

2-In a food processor using the regular blade, add the melted coconut oil and the rest of the ingredients and mix until well combined.

3-Place enough plastic wrap or parchment paper in a loaf pan to cover the bottom and sides of the pan. Scrape your fudge “dough” into the loaf pan, and fold the plastic wrap or parchment paper over the top of the fudge. Gently press down, to even out the thickness of the fudge (you want it to be about 1/2 inch thick, it will cover probably about 1/2 of the bottom of your loaf pan). Take out the fudge, carefully wrapped up, and place in the freezer or refrigerator until it has set up. In the freezer it only takes about 20- to 30 minutes.

4-Cut into small squares, and enjoy!

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  1. Genevieve says

    Just wanted to say thank you for this recipe, the only way my daughter will take her fermented cod liver oil is if I blend some of the chocolate cream flavored kind into this fudge.

  2. Joy says

    Hi, your site is just wonderful. Thank you for this great recipe I am making it today. I cannot have soy or dairy so it rules out normal chocolate. I have the hard kind of coconut/palm sugar, will that be hard to combine and melt into the fudge? Thanks again. 🙂

  3. Melanie Mahady says

    This is such a tasty recipe! I was in the mood for chocolate and just made this fudge in seconds! So yummy and healthy! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!I am passing this website on to everyone I know!

  4. Amy says

    Hi! This recipe sounds delicious. I’m planning on making this for everybody for Christmas. Do you think it would ship okay, or melt?

    Thanks! Amy

  5. says

    I just tried making these and used part honey and part granulated palm sugar. When I mixed it in my Cuisinart, after a bit the mixture started to separate. I had clumps and a real watery liquid. Have you had this happen? My honey is raw and in a semi-solid (but smooth) state and the cocoa powder came from the freezer so it was cold. Might that have been the cause? Thanks!

    • Michele says

      Yes, this happens unfortunately with honey in chocolate fudge and chocolate candy recipes I have made. The honey separates itself. Not sure why, but it has happened to me enough times now that I won’t forget again!

  6. Suzanne says

    Kimi, could you please tell me where you get your coconut/palm sugar? I’ve never heard of that. I’ll look forward to trying this fudge. I was wishing for a healthy version of this Christmas-time treat. Thanks!

  7. Jennifer says

    It all looks delicious and I can’t wait to try making the fudge and popcorn for gifts. I was wondering if you could recommend adjustments to the fudge recipe to make a peanut butter version??

  8. Trish says

    Could you offer a variation or option that doesn’t require a paste sugar? I have a specific sugar I use but it’s a granular type.

    • says

      Put the granular in a clean coffee grind and pulse for a big to make more powdery. Then My guess is that you could add a tsp or less of hot water to the palm sugar and let it set for a bit. It should melt it down enough to use without the crunchy texture.

  9. Lauren says

    My daughter says it is too rich for her so I cut carob into the chocolate. I too have granulated palm sugar so I replaced a bit of it with honey and a touch of filtered water and made my own paste. I also used half pastured butter and half coconut oil to please her palate. Thanks for your great recipes!

  10. olivia says

    These are delicious!!! and I agree, great way to increase coconut oil intake. I want to try them using butter or 50/50 butter/coconut oil as coconut oil is much more expensive than butter I can’t afford it all the time. If using butter, is it best to melt the butter first or could you just use room temperature soft butter in the food processor?
    I wonder what Sally Fallon did in her butter/carob/honey recipe?

  11. jacquelyn says

    When I first read this I thought to myself, “how could it possibly be the best fudge ever with such simple ingredients.” BUT it was!!! SO wonderfully nutritious and simple, loved it!

  12. Robin says

    I wonder if you could use part Stevia for the sugar? I’d love to make this, but I’m really trying hard to cut back on sugars.

  13. Atlanta Teltoe says

    I made mine with palm sugar and butter, and it did not taste that great. I also tried it with honey and it really was too sweet.

  14. Cath says

    Just made some of this for Valentines weekend. I used half butter/coconut oil, two tablespoons rapadura and a tablespoon of honey. It tastes great!

  15. says

    I simple cannot get enough of this fudge! (I used about 3/4 of the sugar called for, so it was very bittersweet, which I love.) Thank you so, so very much for posting this!!

  16. moises says

    The whole point of this fudge is to increase the consumption of coconut oil, why would you use butter? Might as well make a regular junk fudge. I’ve made this fudge with a low GI syrup and it’s just as good.

    • KimiHarris says


      Grass fed butter has many good for you properties. 🙂 As a traditional food blogger, I have no problem using butter in this recipe. I just love coconut oil!

  17. says

    I just made this today departing from the original recipe with these ingredients: raw cacao powder, 1/4 c. fig syrup + 3 T. raw honey. Absolutely delish!! The coconut oil, with a great flavor itself, carries the flavor of all the ingredients really smoothly. I’m trying hard not to scarf ’em all down 😉

  18. samara says

    w.o.w. I have been leery of this recipe because I used Sally Fallon’s recipe and it just didn’t taste good, and this one looked like that one 🙂 But this one is INCREDIBLE.

    Thanks again Kimi 🙂

    • samara says

      btw, I used raw orange blossom honey instead of palm sugar, and raw cocoa powder. I reduced the amount of honey by about 25% since it is sweeter than palm sugar.
      This made a very easy all-raw fudge!

  19. HayleyRR says

    I just made this fudge it was amazing! I used 1/4 cup honey and 1&1/2 t stevia powder
    after I put the “dough” in a pan, I topped it with wild picked – fresh cracked – raw black walnuts pieces and a sprinkle of celtic sea salt!!!

  20. Rosy says

    Hmmm. I tried this EXACTLY as it’s written but it turned out grainy and some of the coconut oil is pooling on top… (I found the paste at the Asian store!) Yours doesn’t LOOK grainy, have any idea what’s up?

  21. Tanya says

    Did you melt the coconut oil to make the fudge in the picture? I did, and I had the same graininess (and separating oil) problems that a couple other people had, but my friend just emailed that her fudge turned out great–and she didn’t melt her coconut oil.

    It seems like melting the coconut oil makes it more likely that the oil will separate? (If you only partially melted your CO, maybe your kitchen is colder than mine and it returned close to 76* with the addition of the other ingredients?)

    I’ll need to try this again with solid CO.

  22. Caroline says

    What a great treat! I’ve made a couple of batches now. With the most recent batch I froze the fudge in one of our plastic ice cube trays. It worked out perfectly, just the right treat size and they slide right out when you are ready to have a piece.

    • says

      This information is in dispute, apparently. Tropical Traditions may or may not have the whole story here. I’ve been told my someone knowledgeable that this is just not true. There is a thriving demand for coconut products and no reason to think that’s going to change.

  23. says

    Very interesting article Sarah Butcher thanks for sharing. I like Tropical Traditions very much, buy all my coconut oil from them. I am sure they are telling the truth on a very important issue.

  24. Bobbi says

    Kimi –
    You and your website are such a blessing to our family! I used this recipe (minus the coconut/palm sugar) to make chocolate candies for our Easter baskets. After 15 mins in the freezer, the candy slid right out of the molds. I kept the little treasures in the fridge overnight, because I wasn’t sure what they would do at room temp all night long, but boy were my kids over the moon in the morning. It had been years since they’d had chocolate candy and they were a huge hit. Thanks again for all you do and your willingness to share with the rest of us!!

  25. NutriMom says

    Could you tell me, please, how long these keep (either refrigerated or out, if they don’t require refrigeration.) Thanks!

  26. Belovedkang says

    I just made this and it was delicious. I cut the amount of raw honey in half and used coconut oil and dark chocolate cocoa powder. I used another person’s suggestion and put them in an ice cube tray, but before I poured the “batter” in, I put some chopped walnuts in the tray. Yum!

    • KimiHarris says

      You need to refrigerate it in some sort of pan to mold it. 🙂 It will harden once refrigerated. then you can cut it into pieces.

  27. says

    I came across this recipe 2 days ago and i’ve just been too busy to make it. Finally made it today and I couldn’t stop eating it! I used dark cocoa and I had just under the 1/2 cup of coconut palm sugar (granulated), so I added a bit of agave. Delish! My husband hates coconut, so I didn’t think he’d like it. He didn’t even taste the coconut!!!!

  28. Kelsey says

    While these don’t taste like real fudge (I didn’t expect them to), they were very tasty and satisfied my fudge craving anyway. My only qualm with them is how messy they are, since the coconut oil starts melting as soon as you touch them. But what a yummy way to get more coconut oil into your diet!

  29. Rosy says

    What do you do when your paste goes hard (and is pretty crystallized). Can you still use it for this? The one batch I did try, the sugar was crunchy…? I’m afraid to heat it because I know sugar often crystallizes in heat like that…

  30. Juliet says

    Did you know that there isn’t such a thing as ‘virgin’ coconut oil? Unlike olives, coconut are processed in a different manner. Virgin means the first cold pressed oil in the olive oil industry. There is no such thing as that in coconut oil production.

    • says

      speaking of olive oil…

      I didn’t have any coconut oil, but had light olive oil and coconut milk, so I decided to improvise:

      I only made 1/2 recipe in case it didn’t come out, changing it all to 1/4 cup.

      I didn’t heat anything, I just mixed 1/8 cup thick coconut milk (from the can bottom) and 1/8 cup light olive oil, to make the 1/4 cup of “oil”.

      Then I cut the cocoa to 1/8 cup as I don’t like too much chocolate, and added 1/4 tsp cinnamon and a pinch of ground sea salt.

      For the sweetness I just stirred in honey for taste and thickness; it was probably a few Tbsp.

      I mixed it with a fork till smooth, and put a little light olive oil in a container to grease it, poured in the fudge and froze it till firm. Not even 5 minutes and NO cooking!

      If it’s too soft, you can drop a little ball onto finely chopped nuts or coconut flakes and roll into little balls to make bonbons. You can drop a marachino cherry or nut inside the soft fudge before you roll it.

      You may have to keep in refrig or freezer so they’ll keep their shape–I don’t know because so far they haven’t lasted that long

      You can also spread it on graham crackers for “smores” if you want to add a little marshmallow or thickened coconut milk

      It’s also a base for no-cook oatmeal choco drops

      and of course if you add a little more liquid or oil you can make it as a fudge sauce

      Since I’ve been mixing coconut milk with cocoa, honey, and cinnamon I have totally stopped buying candy bars at the store, a life long addiction!

      I also stir in instant coffee sometimes or a touch of cherry juice

      and sometimes I mix in some yogurt for fake chocolate ice cream

  31. Nan says

    I made this using powdered Swerve for the sweetener, and it was perfect! I didn’t even use the mixer, hand stirring worked fine.

  32. Karen says

    Loved this recipe added 1 scoop vanilla protein powder in place of vanilla extract. Set up
    9 baking cups in a muffin pan. 3 almonds and 1 tsp of coconut flakes. I combined ingredients and gently heated to combine on low. Mixture was not hot. Then divided into the 9 baking cups. Really great. Going to replace some if the cocoa powder with chocolate protein to boost the protein next time. Very sweet. One satisfies with coffee

  33. Amanda says

    I am so confused by your use of the phrase “coconut sugar (the paste like kind)”? Do you mean coconut nectar?

  34. Deborah Gessell says

    Hello and thank you for the recipe for fudge. I don’t have access to an Asian market and amazon only has the paste form with really bad reviews saying it is not the real deal. Can you recommend a substitute?
    Thank you.
    Deb G.


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