Maca Diaries: Week Five

As I mentioned, our maca trial got slightly postponed last week as we were waiting to get back from my parents one of the maca powders, so we weren’t taking it for about a week. I did start noticing a difference in my energy levels (they were dropping) and it really seemed to effect my husband as well. He had a really busy weekend, and the busy schedule made him get fairly tired. It demonstrated to us how much maca had been helping us before. While it wasn’t as if we turned into zombies without it, we just didn’t have quite the same endurance as we did with it.

This week we were trying out our last brand, which was Mountain Rose Herb’s Organic raw maca powder. Both Joel and I felt a difference once we started up again with the maca powder. It really does seem to make a difference in our energy levels and endurance. This was the brand, by the way, that helped my dad’s energy start to improve.

MRH’s maca powder wasn’t particularly strong in taste, and was in fact, similar to many of the other brands we have tried. So many weeks have passed now that I don’t really feel that I can be accurante in comparing brands. So, this upcoming week we will be (finally!) doing the flavor comparsion of the different brands of maca back to back. This will give me more accurate information to share with you all.

As this part of the maca trial ends, I find myself grateful to have tried it because it does really seem to help us. I think that maca has the potential to be very helpful to many people for various reasons. Read about some of it’s advantages in my post, The Power of Maca. I also appreciate that maca is a cost effective, whole food supplement (“cost effective” and “whole food” don’t often go together).

Overall, I have been more than pleased with the maca trial, and stay tuned for the taste comparison coming up!

To follow some of my other entries about maca go here. (Just to confuse you, there are two week threes. Oops! A typo! One is week four)
Thanks Mountain Rose Herbs, for the lovely sample of maca!

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  1. Tiffany says

    Hi Kimi,
    What are your thoughts of taking Maca while nursing? I took it before I got pregnant with our son, who is 10 months old now and am thinking about wanting to take it again. Have you found any side effects or possible precautions of taking this while nursing or pregnant? Thanks for all of your great information!

  2. Valonda says

    I am currently taking Maca capsules. It’s now my second week and I have read that on your fourth week you lessen your dosage or stop taking them completely for a week and then start back again. Have you done this? If so does it affect your energy and should I use a cleasing or alternative herb to take it’s place?

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