Plum Applesauce

A simple and delicious Fall, fruit based dessert is plum applesauce, served with a creamy sauce or whipped cream. It’s such a vibrant, beautiful color. It looks wonderful when served in small glass bowls or a colorful serving bowl.

This recipe is so easy to make. You don’t even have to peel your fruit-a plus for busy Fall days. I especially like this recipe served hot. It’s so warming on a cool night.

I like to keep the plum applesauce a bit tart for a contrast to a creamy counterpart, but definitely sweeten to taste, if desired. Honey or maple syrup are both great choices.

And speaking of Fall recipes, I would love to have you share your nourishing, Fall recipes in the upcoming carnival. Check it out!

Plum Applesauce

You can use whatever amounts you want. Depending on how sweet/tart your apples and plums are can change what ratio you want to use for apples to plums. Usually equal amounts or a bit more apples to plums work well. I’ve done both with good success.

1 pound apples, cored and cubed (Fuji, or a similar apple works well. But really use the type of cooking apple you like best!)
1 pound of black or red plums, pitted (cut the plum in half, and remove pit, then quarter)
1/4-1/2 cup of water
Sweetener of choice, optional

Place in a heavy, large soup pot and bring to a simmer. Turn down low and simmer for about 30-40 minutes until both types of fruit are very soft.

Either put through a food mill (I do it on the coarse setting, to keep a nice texture), leaving the skins behind, or gently stir through a fine sieve with a wooden spoon.

Serve hot, or chill and serve cold

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  1. Alison @ Wholesome Goodness says

    I love this idea! And I just read a tip over at Simply Recipes about making applesauce with a few pieces of lemon peel during the cooking. She says it heightens the flavors. Doesn’t that sound fabulous? I can taste it now with the apples and plums. Mmmm…

  2. sarena says

    Cool, I just made some “compote” on Monday with leftover apples, plums and pears before my new market day. Didnt use the food mill or sieve though…..

  3. Kimi Harris says

    The additions of pears sound delicious!


    I actually made a coconut milk “cream” sauce to go with this, which was really nice. I just didn’t put it on my blog because I need to tweak it a little. It made a nice substitution for a dairy sauce. 🙂

  4. Jessica says

    Hmmm, I make a “harvest” applesauce with apples, cranberries and maple syrup. My DH loves plums,though, so will have to give this a try 🙂

  5. Kathleen says


    Perfect timing. We had plums, apples that were ready for saucing, and whipping cream. I made a batch for supper today, using our hand blender to puree it, and served it warm with a dollop of organic cream. It was a hit.


  6. says

    I want to blend up some apples past their prime and make applesauce and freeze it. Can I use glass jars? How much room should I leave for expansion so they don’t break? I wasn’t planning on doing any actual “canning method” – just screwing lids down tight – this is okay?

  7. Rebecca says

    Amazing! I made this tonight with some Asian pears (rather than apples) that never seemed to get soft enough and some too soft plums. It was absolutely delicious with no sweetener, even! We at it warm with plain whipped cream on top. Thanks Kimi!

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