My New Project: Maca Powder

I was planning on waiting until this project was all the way done before I told you any of the details. But I was so excited about it, I wanted to give you a heads up!

Through recent circumstances and research I have become interested in Maca powder. It’s a root related to turnips that has been eaten for a long time in Peru. In recent years, it has become a subject of many studies because of the incredible properties is has for a wide variety of conditions (including balancing hormones, overcoming infertility, thyroid and adrenal and sexual problems, and for better energy and mental clarity). Who would have though a common root vegetable could be so potent? I became personally interested in it for it’s ability to help balance hormones (I have several signs of having an imbalance). It is also very high in vitamins and minerals. I won’t give you all of the wonderful details of this root right now, because I am still wading through reading medical research papers about it. But I did want you to know about the project.

As I looked into buying maca powder, I soon became frustrated because there were so many brands all selling “the best” maca powder, and, from reading on forums, I understood that maca products can vary in taste and effect. Where to buy from? I became stifled with too many unknowns and too many choices.

Enter, this project.

The following companies have graciously agreed to allow me, and other “testers” to test out their products. We will be taking a week’s worth of each brand. We will then report back to you, the readers, what the different products were like, how the taste compared, and how effective each product was. We just started this part of the project today.

We are hoping that this serves you in two ways. First I will be posting next month about maca, and the current research about this whole food supplement. Maca may be helpful to you, and hopefully my posts will give you enough information to start your own research. Secondly, I hope that those of you who do decide to try out maca will be served by our project of comparing different companies.

I am still waiting to hear back from one company who contacted me about joining as well, but the following companies have all donated some of their high quality maca powder.

Pacific Botanicals

Earth Family Food

The Root of the Matter

So stay tuned for the results of this project and my posts regarding the benefits of Maca powder. And thanks to all of the companies who donated their maca powder!

Meanwhile, has anyone used Maca before? If so, what results have you had? What brand(s) do you like? (Please keep comments family friendly!)

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  1. Michele says

    I’m looking forward to hearing your results! 🙂 We haven’t tried it yet, but did notice quite a selection of maca at the local Asian market.

    Michele 🙂

  2. Erica says


    I don’t have any input on Maca powder, but I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog. I have become interested in eating and feeding my family truly heathful foods and your blog inspires me to search out new foods and techniques that I have not tried. I also wanted to let you know that I made your coconut “mounds” bars and WOW -they are SO yummy! oh, and I also tried out your pasta sauce (the one you make with canned salmon) -also very yummy.

    Thanks for your blog!

  3. Alison @ Wholesome Goodness says

    I’m really looking forward to hearing more about this! I’ve never heard much about maca before.

  4. Kimi Harris says

    I haven’t found any source for the root whole, so we are using maca root powder (which is dried maca, ground into a powder).

    Wow! Really? What type of products did they have? That’s very interesting!

    Thank you so much for the comment! That is so encouraging to me. 🙂 I am so glad that you liked those two recipes. 🙂

  5. Michele says

    Hi, Kimi,
    I remember seeing maca in the form of teas, but I think there were also some in “supplement form” as well. 🙂


  6. Suzie says

    I’ve been experimenting with maca powder both cooked and raw – trying to find ways to disguise the taste!!

    I’m hoping that it will help boost my adrenal function as I’ve got adrenal fatigue, but to be honest because I don’t like the taste I’m only eating it every now and again. So I need to find a way of fitting it into my daily diet – using as a replacement for flour in very spicy ginger biscuits is my next experiment!

    Whilst you’re doing your research could you look into whether cooking with the powder will affect its adaptogenic properties?



  7. Marc says

    Hi Kimi,

    Have you ever heard of Dr. Wong?

    Take a look at what he offers and also look at his website. He has some good articles on maca.
    I think this is one of the best and purest maca around.
    I will let you further investigate, but I will tell you this; it is some UNBELIEVABLE stuff.
    Keep up the good work on your blog! I really enjoy it.


  8. sarena says

    weird, cuz I wrote a reply last night and it got lost in cyberspace. Anyway, here goes again:
    I use/d maca over the last year some. Started when I read it can have good effects with the peri menopause stuff. Didnt notice a significant effect though. I still use it when I have a “shake” though. I like these:
    (obviously the one with maca I refer to)
    The aforementioned company also has a combo product I like to use for smoothies. I think it has hemp, flax and maca root!

  9. jill says

    ive been using maca for a while now but never on a regular basis. i just use it as a super-food, not for anything specific.

    anyway i really like the taste so im not trying to cover it up but ive found that it goes really well with chocolate. i put it chocolate smoothies all the time. heres a link to the rcipe on my blog:

    ive also put it in raw bars using lara bars as a prototype but i dont have a recipe for that.
    good luck with the research, cant wait to hear more.

    i just found your blog and i love it!

  10. says

    Have used Maca for menopause hot flush symptoms, found it got rid of them completely now trying them on daughter aged 13 who has recently been diagnosed with PCOS
    Happy researching

  11. Tammy says

    My husband & I started taking 100% pure Organic Raw Maca powder from Navitas naturals 2 days ago. It is very intriguing. Definately notice the energy boost but not like people are used to from other stimulants. It is very natural feeling- no jitters or anxiety. You just feel normal, awake and ready to take on the day.

    I will note that it seems to last about 10-12 hours- with the 1st 2-5 having the biggest surge- if you can even call it that- it is very level really. I took around noon the 1st day and was tempted by the treadmill at 9pm!! Unheard of for me! Able to go to sleep just fine at 11- 11:30pm.

    I too have suspected hormonal imbalances, and always wondered if my thyroid was out of whack but just haven’t got around to testingun… that & the energy were the draw for me. Anyway- I noticed being warmer too… maybe even flushed just a bit once or twice, but I have to add that I have randomly flushed when not taking Maca or anything else- so I am not ready to say it is or is not from the Maca. Since it is a whole food product I tend to believe the flushing is my own internal issue- time will tell.

    I have to add that my husband who seems to have no thyroid or hormone issues did not flush or feel warm at all. Just energized.

  12. Joy says

    Hi there!

    I was just curious if you all ever discovered, or noticed, whether it mattered whether the maca was raw or cooked? Some people selling maca just swear it’s no good if it is raw. What do you think?


  13. caroline says

    I have just discovered Maca Powder from Dr.Wongs suggestion and find that I am less grumpy and more energetic!

  14. Kristy says

    Discovered Maca root when I moved to the mountains two years ago. My trainer told me to take it to adjust to the altitude. Not only a phenomenal adaptogen, it also increases physical stamina for intense cardio work (skiing, for instance). It hugely helped me combat the altitude issues – having come from sea level. When my muscles were not responding to what I wanted them to do after a couple of hours of training, I could make them respond where I wasn’t able to without or before Maca. Maca works better if it isn’t used constantly. I use it when I need it. Then, when I’m doing well, I don’t use it until my muscles aren’t doing what I want. Ditto with hot flashes. (It also totally eliminated hot flashes and other major menopause symptoms like fatigue and mood swings).

  15. Christy says

    I have been using Maca Powder for years and it has helped me tremenously in stamina, energy and for my PMS symptoms. It is now helping me minimize hot flashes from the perimenopause. I have always purcased my Maca from I have found their products to be consistently good quality. I have used the maca extreme, the red maca and the regular maca. I haven’t really seen much difference amongh the various varieties.

  16. says

    Maca is the real deal that’s for sure. Besides its sexual effects it suppresses estrogen which is very important at keeping cancers at bay. It is the feel good suppliment that I can’t live without. The thing is if you don’t have a good maca source it won’t work. I have tried a lot of brands and am more than happy with maca pro- elite which i get from natures best superfoods. I think everyone should be taking maca especially after 30. I’m a huge maca fan and proud of it 🙂

  17. Donovan says

    The only Maca in the U.S. worth buying is Sol Raiz Organics. Single Plantation sourced, certified organic, environmentally and socially conscious. Best taste hands down.

  18. Shirlee says

    So, where are the recipes, I can’t find many ways to use it. People talk about using it in recipes and smoothies….but can someone please give the details of ‘how’ they are taking it. I bought a small jar of it and need ways to use it. I think it tastes pretty bad. So, if anyone knows of a way to disguise the taste it would be great. Also, if you use it in cooking how would you know how much to put in a recipe?

  19. Terry says

    Great topic! I have been familiar with maca for over 10 years. First recommended to me by a friend who worked in a holistic clinic. She referred me to Whole World Botanicals. I started out taking the capsules according to the recommended dosage. Increasing amounts up to around 2-3 tsps/day with breaks in usage from time to time. Benefits experienced: Within a very slight period of time, stopped my hot flashes, which were probably the singularly most annoying and irritating symptom ever. Dramatically reduced, irritability in short order, thus improved mood. Continued used keeps edginess and irritability at bay. Improves energy levels. Better sleep. My seasonal allergies disappeared (in conjunction with use of Uña de Gato). Lower blood pressure. These are just what I am aware of.

    As to the taste, while everyone has their own preferences, I would say that from my own experience in sharing maca with others, if you are buying the best quality, you will likely enjoy the taste. To me, it has a nutty flavor; so I joy it in anything I might use nuts in. Great with chocolate – makes a wonderful Brownie ingredient. Smoothies, Cookies, Bread ,and even savory dishes. I have been using maca from Navitas for the last 2 years and noticed no difference in taste, quality or results from the much more expensive Whole World Botanicals products. The published list of benefits from maca is so extensive, I intend to continue it as long as I am able to obtain it.

    Kudos for educating people on this excellent food.

  20. Marge says

    I am interested in what you find on the quality of the different sources of the powder.
    There is such a range in the cost. I’ve found some in bulk for 3.51 per 100 grams to buying it at our local organic store for 38.00 for 180 grams. I am wondering if the difference is just in the taste or also in the results. Looking forward to the results of your research.

  21. cori jones white says

    I would love to trial another Maca Product! I just learned about it via Trim Healthy Mama book and am so impressed ….I am healing from fibromyalgia and adrenal fatique and a third hard pregnancy delivery in my forties, so I got online to Piping and got me some. I am taking 1-2 tsp daily in my THM drinks and feeling amazing! I am told that I look and act 10 years younger! I would be willing to trial other companies and give you feed back as I am so intrigued by this endocrine system nourishing SUPER FOOD! I have spent hundreds on Bioidentical Hormone Therapy which is great, but this takes the cake because it addresses the underlying malnourishment of the endocrine system thus balancing the hormones from the core. I am fascinated and totally into it recommending it to all my mama girlfriends and single girlfriends too! Because I drink it in drinks, I am particularly interested in trying other brands as well. I am on facebook THANK YOU for doing this!!!!

  22. cori jones white says

    I was recently introduced to Maca Root Powder through the book Trim Healthy Mama….I am so excited to discover this amazing endocrine system nourishing, hormone balancing SUPER FOOD! I am using currently the organic powder from Piping Rock company as they were the least expensive for the quality I was looking for. I am an “older” mother in my forties with three toddlers under 4 years old, so staying healthy hormonally is important and though I have had bioidentical hormone therapy in the past and wanted to MAINTAIN that healthy hormone balance and minimize any pre or para menopausal symptoms I may have in my forties. It is AMAZING and I feel like an “energizer bunny” plus it steadies out the libido very nicely too. I am using Life-way Estriol cream for facial cream now and minimal topical supplementation for Pro-gest cream and literally am losing the excessive baby weight almost effortlessly (no intentional exercise) and am 50% more active and energized to keep up with my little pack of “monkees.”

    I would love to try other brands and give feedback as I am taking 1-2 tsp daily in my special “Trim Healthy Mama” drinks such as bulletproof coffee, chai oolong tea and morning frappe….. so flavor is important to me as well as quality, organic sourcing and assimilation! 😉 I am willing to pay more for “tasty” and “healthier” results as well.

    I was so excited to see you feature this super food…because I have had such great results with it that I am recommending it to my single girlfriends and mama girlfriends….even my mother who is in her 70’s is now taking it! I can’t say for sure…but we think my sister’s blood sugars have even been affected (insulin is hormone created!) and she has been able to come off her Metformin because of it! Yeah….it is astounding stuff! It is helping to heal women with thyroid issues as well!

    There is no telling how groundbreaking this stuff is for women’s health and I just found out through some more research that it is the ONLY accessible plant source of vitamin B12 there is!!!!! Which can also help reverse the epidemic of B12 deficiency in our country particularly women for the eight B’s that are water soluable.

    SIGN ME UP or whatever, because I’m already a MEGA FAN of the stuff and I’ve only just started on it in the past three months…so I’m sure I’ve got lots more to learn and experiment. 🙂

  23. ej says

    i buy maca root whole. been juicing it. might make some tea out of it. i want to know the traditional preparation for it though. should i boil it and mash it?

  24. Rob says

    I have been taking this Organic Maca Powder for the past few months and absolutely love it! The Chinese have just come along and bought up half the worlds supply of Peruvian maca, the only TRUE Maca. Be sure when buying, to pick a Peruvian Maca not a chinese one.


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