Maca Diaries: Week Two

As I mentioned in my last post on maca, we have finished our second week in the maca project. My husband and I were trying Earth Family Food’s maca powder. This company was actually one of the first first to respond to the maca project and were the first ones to get their product to me, which I greatly appreciate.

I would say that it has a bit of a stronger taste, so we didn’t use it as much in smoothies (the taste was more predominant in it), but tried taking it in water. I found it really hard to get down at first (it was mostly mental). But I am finding it easier and easier as I think I am finally getting used to the taste.

This week results went about the same. My husband and I continued to notice increased energy. I am still warmer, and have better blood sugar stability. My mother, who was testing The Root of the Matter’s raw maca powder, started thinking she was feeling more energy from using it. My Dad, however, still doesn’t feel like it has made any difference. I am still surprised at how varied our results have been.

Onward to Week Three! (Joel and I are starting Maca Magic’s Products this week!)

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  1. ~M says

    Hi Nourishing Gourmet,

    I am really interested in the maca for it’s warming properties. I always “run cold” and have horrible circulation, especially in my extremities. Which brand of maca would you recommend? Which one is most easily incorporated/hidden in your diet? What’s the best way to incorporate the maca?

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