Maca Diaries: Week Four (and a delicious smoothie recipe)

We have now all finished our fourth week in our maca project. I continue to find it helpful. I have taken a day break here and there throughout, just to give my body a rest from it, and it does seem like I have less energy on those days. It does make a difference!

This week my husband and I were trying The Root of the Matter’s maca powder.*. I was interested in trying his products because he specifically says that it is black maca powder, which has been the only brand to do so thus far. If you remember from my post about maca, many of the studies found that different types of maca have different results. Those wanting the results that only black maca provides should note this brand.

Interestingly, it also tasted a lot differently than the other types we have tried so far. It doesn’t have as much bitterness, but is sweeter. I am curious to see how much difference we notice when we do our blind taste test. I think this one is a little easier to take. My mother started feeling a difference when she took his raw powder. We are taking his gelatinized maca powder and find it nice.

Today I wanted to share our favorite way to take maca powder, blackberry smoothies. Blackberry smoothies are just delicious, and it’s deep flavor seems to really mask a lot of the maca taste (at least for most brands). If I could, I would have a blackberry smoothie every day to take my maca in!

Blackberry Smoothie (with Maca), Serves Two

1 cup of coconut milk tonic, milk, or liquid of choice
1 – 1 1/2 cups of frozen blackberries
1 banana (we like it frozen)
maca powder (we usually use about 1 tablespoon or less)

Blend until well combined in a blender

*Just a note, this company’s selling point for maca is centered on it’s sexually enhancing aspects. Be forewarned!

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  1. Anita says


    I’m planning to purchase some Maca. I appreciate that you are doing this for those of us who know nothing about the stuff.

    Thanks for sharing the shake mix. I look forward to trying it when I get some Maca 🙂

  2. Sarah says

    How in the world can you afford all that coconut milk. It’s expensive up here in New England. I really want to switch to coconut oil and milk, I just don’t know how to fit it into the budget.

  3. Jessica says

    Hi Kimi,

    I just found out that I am pregnant for the fourth time… but I only have one baby. I seem to have a harder time sustaining pregancies, so I was VERY interested in this posting. Do you have any conclusions on which product you like best? Also, is the dosage the same for everyone? I am hoping to pick up some maca really soon, but I wanted to hear your opinions first. Oh yeah, one other thing, with the different colors of maca, is there one specific color that is better for prego’s and hormone balancing? Thanks so much!!!

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