Dairy (and Soy) Free Sour Cream

(Yes, the bottom bowl really is dairy free sour cream!)

I have adjusted to being dairy free fairly well at this point. Since I was buying raw milk for my family, I decided to try a bit and see if it bothered me or not. I was excited to find that the raw milk doesn’t really seem to bother me, at least very much. Pasturized, on the other hand, definitely still does. Since I am only allowing myself very small amounts at this point, I still do almost all of my cooking dairy free. But you know, there are just some meals that need that creamy component and that’s hard to accomplish without dairy. If you have strict dietary needs for raw dairy, store bought sour cream is ruled out as well.

I don’t use soy products (except for soy sauce and miso), so all of those tofu sour creams and such are not an option for my household. But I have recently began to become interested in some of the nut based cheese options that many raw foodist use. As long as the nuts are soaked, I think they can be very nourishing options. My first experiment in this direction was making a very simple cashew sour cream. The ingredients are few (cashews, salt, lemon juice, water), and the procedure very simple.

The end result? It does taste like….cashews (what-do-yah-know), but when used on top of a taco or other mexican dish it really does add that creamy taste and texture that I was missing. My husband and sister, who do still have real sour cream, thought it was quite tasty too. I will definitely be making this again!

Check out the recipe at Happy Foody. It’s the last recipe on this post.

This post is part of Kitchen Tip Tuesday.

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  1. Heather says

    Thanks for sharing this idea…I have needed an alternative for awhile and since we have never minded trying to get substitutes to be exactly like the original, this would totally work for us.

    Thanks for sharing all the results of your hard work. I appreciate it.

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