How to (De)seed a Cucumber

I have realized how helpful it has been to me personally to have real life demonstrations how to do certain techniques in the kitchen. While this blog cannot take the place of real life examples, I thought I could do the next best thing, by sometimes having pictorial instructions. Today, I will go through the simple procedure of deseeding a cucumber.

I have explained in several recipes how to deseed cucumbers, but I realized that the instructions were incomplete without photos. I wanted to remedy that with this post. I will often deseed cucumbers because the seeds can add an undesirable texture to the dish I am preparing. I find that when the cucumbers are small, I don’t always need too. But at this time of year, I am seeing some pretty large cucumbers, and their seeds can be especially undesirable.

So let’s get started. You will need:

A peeler (if you are peeling your cucumbers)
A large kitchen knife
A spoon
A cutting board

To begin with, if desired, peel your cucumber.

Then, cut off the end on each side of the cucumber.

You are now ready to cut your cucumber in half lengthwise. A large kitchen knife is helpful for this part especially.

You now have two choices in how to wield your spoon against the cucumber seeds. The first is to place the spoon at one end of the cucumber. Then, simply run the spoon down the length of the cucumber, allowing the gentle curve of the spoon to remove all of the seeds as you go. The second, which is sometimes needed for certain cucumbers, is to use the spoon to scoop the seeds out, as shown below.

Do the same to the other half, and you are done!

You can now slice of dice for the recipe of your choice! This week I will be sharing one of my new favorite cucumber recipes. Meanwhile, another favorite recipe already listed on my site, is Yoghurt Cucumber Sauce. Enjoy your cucumbers, because they are in season right now!

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  1. Jenn says

    call me weird, but I like to leave some of the seeds in! if its not a particularly ‘seedy’ cucumber sometimes I don’t bother de-seeding it.

  2. JustPixelz says

    I found a different technique.

    After peeling the cuke and cutting off the ends (as in the second photo), I cut it in half across the circumference making two cylinders. Then I use a tomato knife to bore out the seeds. The result is a cucumber tube. From there you can slice into disks or sticks or other shapes.

  3. kristen nace says

    Thanks- this was very helpful. I was reading a smoothie recipe that called for deseeded cukes and was puzzling over it, found your post and pic and had an “Oh Yeah!” moment. =)

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