Good reads and good eats 1

Good Reads and Good Eats 12/20

We have a busy Christmas weekend ahead of us. But still, I am finding quiet moments (made better with a cup of Coconut Ginger Apple Cider!) to read. Here are some of the things I am reading this week! Everything from recipes for pumpkin fudge, to interesting research on whether the glycemic index is really… 

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Ginger Coconut Apple Cider

Coconut Ginger Apple Cider

Sweet and creamy with a lot of fresh ginger jazz, this unique apple cider is perfect for a cold day as it warms you to your toes. Or, if you are fighting off a cold, this ginger spiked apple cider is perfect for soothing away the aches and sniffles. Yesterday, my dad, my four-year-old and… 

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Salted Dark Chocolate Caramel Cups Feature

Salted Dark Chocolate Caramel Cups (Refined Sugar-free)

By Katie Mae Stanley, Contributing Writer Bittersweet chocolate surrounds delicious gooey caramel with a touch of salt in this homemade candy recipe. This is a healthier treat without the use of refined sugars, and the use of dark, antioxidant rich chocolate! It is a perfect treat this time of year. Plus, if you don’t eat… 

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Pennywise platter

Pennywise Platter Thursday 12/18

It’s time to share your frugal and nourishing tips and recipes! Where do you shop for quality food at a lower price? What recipe saves a penny? How do you balance a budget with nourishing food? Share here. Please read through the three simple rules for those participating. This helps keep the quality of our… 

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Homemade herbed seasoning salt

Homemade Herbed Garlic Salt with Lemon

This beautiful homemade seasoning salt is overflowing with fresh herbs, flavorful garlic, and zesty lemon peel. You can use this homemade seasoning salt in so many delicious ways, or give it away as a lovely food gift. Sprinkle it over vegetables or chicken to be roasted, or season pan fried salmon with it, for example…. 

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Good reads and good eats 2

Good Eats and Good Reads 12/13

Good Reads Chemical Phthalates in Food Packaging Linked to Lower IQ Kids  “Kids whose moms had the highest levels of certain chemicals in their bodies during pregnancy had markedly lower IQs at age 7, researchers said Wednesday. It’s the latest in a series of studies linking the chemicals, called phthalates, with health effects ranging from… 

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Mint Chocolate Fudge (dairy and gluten free) cover

Easy Mint Chocolate Fudge (Dairy and Gluten free)

By April Swiger, Contributing Writer Velvety smooth fudge, rich in chocolate, mingled with refreshing peppermint is a must-try this season. This mint chocolate fudge is the perfect way to satisfy a craving, or finish off a hearty meal this holiday season. Even better it’s surprisingly quick to make, and can be boxed up easily to… 

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